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  1. try this link: http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df...x?DwnldID=10733 got there by going to intel.com click on teh drivers & support link click on the INF Update Utility underthe heading Popular downloads it includes the 865 family chipset OR click on the download center link on the left seelct chipsets on the left select chipset software or desktop chipsets select desired option they do appear to be only 1mb big for the 865 family
  2. are they really version 10.4, as i could only 10.3 for RIS and that was using info given by Intel themselves.
  3. always ad-aware and never had problem with it. clean easy and understandable - no false/positives either
  4. and just as i've been having issues with my pro/1000 MT i discoverednot only your advice, will try later in betwen watching the footy i noticed this on Intel website all by accident: Cannot Load PRO/100 or PRO/1000 Network Adapters Using RIS Installation http://support.intel.com/support/network/sb/cs-000023.htm which gives specific details of what to use and where, why do these people make things so hard for us
  5. i install it at t-12 called via runonceex.cmd and works a treat along with the other apps
  6. with .msi installers you can specify the location you wish to install to using the installpath= variable.
  7. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;830051 = Event ID 32 and Event ID 51 appear repeatedly in the system log in Windows 2000 SP4 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;EN-US;q135404 = Troubleshooting browser Event ID 8021 and 8032 on master browsers Found these on the Microsoft website by doing a search for Event ID: <number>
  8. plus.net - fantastic, never had downtime or issues with line 8mb line, 2gb cap at £14.99 a month. each excess gb is £1.50, but they are quite good on this as have gone over a never been charged
  9. i've just encountered this issue while doing RIS builds and is annoyingteh hell out of me and my time as used to work fine. It appears to be something in my .sif file or my pro/1000 MT nic using a clean .sif with no mods seems ok, but need to add oempnpdriverspath=drivers\pro1000 & oempreinstall=yes and driversigningpolicy=ignore and that's when it also fails yet pro/100+ with no mods is all ok with one.sif and fails with another .sif so, it is either .sif file not liking additions or dodgy nic - testing later but time isn't great of course any helpful suggestions are always grateful
  10. Can somebody please show me there folder structure so i can see where mine is wrong as really would like to understand how this all works. As stated i can do a CD & RIS and have installed bartpe and created diskpart files. Thank you
  11. ok, stupid thing then. Has cmdlines.txt got any other extension to it? by accident so it is actually cmdlines.txt.txt in which case it may not get read correctly guess you know how to check for that
  12. ok, is $OEM$ inside your i386 or parallel because it makes a diff. can't remeber but think it needs to be parallel [edit] if you have $$\system32 created and place a file in there, does that get copied during your install? just trying out different things [/edit]
  13. do the same Zilexa, though also every month for MS patches and when remember for programs
  14. ok, so do you have your $OEM$ folder created> do you have cmdlines.txt located within the $OEM$ folder do you have your runonceex.cmd located within the $OEM$ folder do you have oempreinstall=yes in yout .sif file if no, do if yes, not sure - but try doing with out adding "extras" like driver packs or nlite'ing etc
  15. that is one way another would to make sure you have the regtweaks.reg file also located in the $OEM$ folder
  16. i think you need the oemskipwelcome=1 in the correct section of your .sif file. read the ref.chm file found in the deploy.cab file that contained your setupmgr.exe file taht you may or maynot have used to generate your .sif file
  17. it is - believe it uses xml files as opposed to .sif this url should help: http://www.msfn.org/comments.php?shownews=17174
  18. terrible not to update when should - but yes that reg key did solve my issues with installation of applications
  19. try removing the word start from your reg_add.bat - for some reason this can be weird in action - i had similar issue other day and noticed it all worked with no start action. also is it all one long line as codebox may be breaking it ni display - just wanted to check
  20. though if your going to rename and disable it, i would recommend you create a duplicate with different name so you can stuff do admin tasks, unless you have another admin account created
  21. was gonna say i use a vb script for this, though looks different to yours cluberti was wriiten by somebody here on the forum and works a treat everytime from runonceex. no i don't remeber who he is though it looks like this On Error Resume Next set ws = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") start = "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet" 'classGUID = GUID for all Network Connection Class classGUID = ws.RegRead(start & "\Enum\Root\MS_NDISWANIP\0000\ClassGUID") 'netIDxx = UID for each member of the Network Connection Class containing specific network adapters netID01 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0001\NetCfgInstanceID") netID02 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0002\NetCfgInstanceID") netID03 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0003\NetCfgInstanceID") netID04 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0004\NetCfgInstanceID") netID05 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0005\NetCfgInstanceID") netID06 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0006\NetCfgInstanceID") netID07 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0007\NetCfgInstanceID") netID08 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0008\NetCfgInstanceID") netID09 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0009\NetCfgInstanceID") netID10 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0010\NetCfgInstanceID") netID11 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0011\NetCfgInstanceID") netID12 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0012\NetCfgInstanceID") netID13 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0013\NetCfgInstanceID") netID14 = ws.RegRead(start & "\Control\Class\" & classGUID & "\0014\NetCfgInstanceID") ' setIcon recieves location of current network connections and also flag (1) to turn on showIcons setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID01 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID02 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID03 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID04 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID05 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID06 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID07 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID08 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID09 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID10 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID11 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID12 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID13 & "\Connection\", 1 setIcon start & "\Control\Network\" & classGUID & "\" & netID14 & "\Connection\", 1 'MsgBox "Show icon in Notification Area when connected is set.", 4096,"Finished" '******************************************************** ' Subroutine setIcon(nicID as String, flag as Binary) ' strName = Registry Value of "Name" in Current nicID. Network connections with Icons also contain a "Name" Registry setting ' Will not effect 1394 Connection through string comparison with strName ' flag is used to turn to set ShowIcon registry setting Sub setIcon(nicID,flag) strName = ws.RegRead( nicID & "Name") If strName = "" Then else if InStr(strName, "1394") = 0 then ' MsgBox strName ws.RegWrite nicID & "ShowIcon", flag, "REG_DWORD" end if end if End Sub
  22. i just exported that key and noticer that the sourcepath looks like this: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 "SourcePath"="C:" notice i have the \\ missing. So i would suggest checking find the key, export and delete what you don't want from it. It won't import and incorrect key
  23. have you set that partition to be active. Also, Can you show me the folder structure you used as i'm struggling with BartPE layout.
  24. correct, as $oem$\$1\install is c:\install it would be same for other applications as they would all be under Applications folder
  25. if you follow the guide here: http://unattended.msfn.org it will take you through the process of adding applications and how to install them silently using teh correct switches, of which 99% can be found here by doing a search. if that isn't what your after, what are you after?
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