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  1. i kinda understand what has been explained. In that, a: i can create my unattended cd/dvd with no issues b: i have downloaded and insatlled pebuilder c: i have created my diskpart file however, i cannot from the instructions picture the folder layout i require. SO, can somebody just clarify this for me before i go bonkers thank you
  2. there is a hotfix for this available on the MS site. am using cd at moment but will update with the KB number when pc finished building [edit] Heres that info: KB900485 ; Error message in Windows XP Service Pack 2: "Stop 0x7E" [/edit]
  3. i agree with T_D on that. i've noticed that MS drivers are more out of date - but this may be due to them testing more vigourisly fro WHQL standard than anything else.
  4. i just the /S /v/qn and can't see the gain from doing it different other that extracting the msi and using /passive or hacking away at it. why for you not want to use traditional methods?
  5. noticed same things as x-centric, and using Yzöwl would more than surfice, though i'd a carriage return between each section for easier reading
  6. i've only ever used lowecase for filenames, but then again don't use the -d flag, but well spotted as i'm sure that'll happen to somebody else. P.S: any way we can add this nugget to the unattended.msfn.org site??
  7. i just use msnmsgs.msi /quiet /norestart and works a tried through runonceex.cmd file
  8. taken a while but i got there. If i do the above for 8.0.24 version of flash, it generates the icfgnt.dll error, downside is acrobat recomend this version as supposed to be bug free, (well more so that 8.0.22). So back to drawing board and probably use the swicthless installers i saw that were kindly made by somebody whos name escapes me.
  9. and i'm neil though also referred to as "the oldest man in the worlds dad", by my mates
  10. also your unattended="yes is missing the second "
  11. DAV55, welcome along, what do you mean by "it not good?" i mean, what problem are you having? if your wanting to use $OEM$ then your oempreintsall is incorrect, it should be yes not no. if your wanting to manually set partition size, it's looks good. if not you need to change autopartition form 0 to 1 other than that i'm guessing. p.s please use code tags - as stated in forum rules p.p.s please use a nice description for your issue, what you have doesn't really help anyone - again, stated in forum rules
  12. You can do this, but you need to implement either BartPE or WinPE to do this and using a MS tool called diskpart.exe. I'm not aware of any other method to do this, other than using a bootable floppy disk that does diskpart and then calls winnt.exe with appropriate switches.
  13. for nlite to run, you must have .net framework v2, (i believe) installed otherwise it doesn't work - as for a silent install, not sure. place a topic in the nlite section and see what response you get for nero 7, there are quite a few other topics talking about this and even some methods on shrinking the install size what do you mean by "(installing apps that dont have installers?)" all programs ahve an installer of sorts or they wouldn't get installed and registered on the pc to be used
  14. and again, it is et-up in same way as mine and they don't get installed here. Is your components section last in your winnt.sif? thoug i don't think that the order of sections makes a difference, it may be worth a try placing at end
  15. yes you need to check that oempreinstall=yes is in your winnt.sif file and the $OEM$ is parallel to i386 not inside it (mods - can you delete the same topic in the windows xp section, save duplication)
  16. ok, hello and welcome to the site. 1st - a lot of people may be narked at you not placing in the correct are, Unattended Windows, and using the search function. 2nd - you need to add OEMPreinstall=yes to you unattended section of the winnt.sif 3rd - teh $OEM$ is supposed to be level with the 1386 folder, not inside it 4th - as your nearly there, this site may not be required, but ou never know, http://unattended.msfn.org enjoy
  17. i don't have anything like that in my guirunonce, it is called from winnit.sif, and just runs as is to install apps yes, i did know that it ran after guirunonceex, i believe it to be normal behaviour
  18. see if open in a seperate process is ticked: open explorer click tools click folder options click view see the tick box "Launch folder windows in seperate process" - think that is what your after.
  19. i have a file similar to yours, and it works. 2 things to check: 1. make sure you don't have a file called svcpack.in_ in your 1386 folder, also try this site for guidance: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/24/ 2. i've neve done anything to dosnet.inf for this to work - maybe undo those changes and see how you get on
  20. no, well yes you can do that, but need to use either winpe or bartpe along with diskpart to do this.
  21. i've jsut been to nvidia site and they have some drivers on their for Windows Vista x32 & x64 for versions at this url: http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvista_x86_87.45.htmldoe sthat help, i'm not using vista so just guessing it may be of some use
  22. do the latest version of the drivers work: i've just looked and they are on 84.21. might or might not fix issue - just thought i'd throw it in to pot.
  23. tested url - is broken so deleted the /xp/office2003.htm then used the links to get this: [url="http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/46/"]http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/46/[/url] and that will do as you ask.
  24. generally it does slatz, yes. however if you add the line rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcessat the end it will load the keys into registy and then run them, otherwise it wll run at first logon.
  25. it means what it says. you have two (2) or more computers with the same name. Find one and change it to something else. Is it serious, not really, but very annoying for the uses of said computers.
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