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  1. hmm wrong forum I think ... but there still isn't an BDD/WDS forum only a RIS one ....
  2. I install several machines with BDD/WDS but with the dc7700p from HP the first part takes AGES! After you press F12 the screen with "Windows is loading files" takes around 15 minutes. On some laptops and older pc's it takes 2 minutes from the same server. So that proves to me it's not the network. I tried several drivers for the Intel 82566DM. Any idea's where to look?
  3. then why when I remove computername does the empty time zone statement work? Also there is an option in WAIK to write an empty string. Which causes the xml to be empty. If this doesn't work MS wouldn't have put this in I think Imho it's a bug cause it only happens at <computername>
  4. Oke when I add a [space] in <computername> </computername> it works :S
  5. Oke I am having some issues with my LiteTouch vista installation. I have everything automated EXCEPT .... When I make a default Vista build in BDD and deploy that it stops with an error during the "completing installation" that Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass [ specialize ] component [Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup] Which I think is weird for an unattend.xml I haven't altered at all. It's just the default on created with the workbench. <ComputerName></ComputerName> <ProductKey>bunch of chars</ProductKey> <RegisteredOrganization>Company</RegisteredOrganization> <RegisteredOwner>Helpdesk</RegisteredOwner> <TimeZone></TimeZone> <DoNotCleanTaskBar>true</DoNotCleanTaskBar> This is all it says in the xml. Nothing weird imho. I found out that when I remove <ComputerName></ComputerName> it continues with the setup BUT during the OOBE it now prompt me for computername and windows background. While the computername is the only screen from the Litetouch Wizard I have not automated and I entered during the first stage of the LiteTouch process. Any idea's?
  6. I even tried the sample SIF wich is in the AutoRIS download ....
  7. [Discontinued] AutoRIS V2.10

    wow .... *@$#%& Wow /cheer
  8. I am doing it manually ... I just prepare my RIS source locally ... run the BTS driverpack and then after is place the OEM\Bin files in $OEM$\$1 and edit some of the scripts. I add the dps cmd file into my RunOnceEx.cmd batch. Make a $OEM$\$1\D and put WatshDSP and DevPath in here. make sure to edit presetup.cmd as well with the new paths. Copy all of the dp*.7z into the $1 directory. good luck
  9. Unattended RIS install

    Have you even read this? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=12566
  10. Thats allready in there .... I copied and pasted yours just to be sure .... I think you mean OEMPreinstall = Yes RISTNDRD.SIF
  11. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...44entry520344 continued from there ... So I have a fully updated Windows 2003 RIS server and trying to build an unattended install for Windows XP sp2. Everything works untill the cmdlines.txt. Does not do anything from there ... My dir looks like this .. $OEM$ -$$ --system32 -$1 --D I386 cmdlines.txt RunOnceEx.cmd It does everything fine ... the Presetup.cmd works and the extraction of the driverpack etc. All drivers are found and the autologon works. Only the RunOnceEx is not executed.... Even when I put a simple copy command in the cmdlines.txt it does not work. Any idea's? I have run the AutoRis v2.0 now and the script works without any errors. Still when I try to install a machine I dont see the RunOnceEx ....
  12. RIS cmdlines.txt

    I am gonna continue this in RIS forums cause I think its something else ... I tried AutoRis now ... with Ryan update and Roguespear addons... Script runs error less and still it does not parse the cmdlines.txt .......
  13. RIS cmdlines.txt

    rofl no .. I always turn the **** " hide known extentions " thing of. Like everyone I think ...
  14. RIS cmdlines.txt

    My structure is like this $OEM$ |-$1 |-$$ |--System32 I386 cmdlines.txt RunOnceEx.cmd File inside $1 and inside $$ get copied fine. Only I have some registry settings, applications and cleanup scripts in RunOnceEx but this wont run. I have no CLUE why tho... I do that same at home on a DVD and works fine but now with this RIS install it does not. No I have not copied the DVD installation I started over but just as illustration I know how it works.
  15. RIS cmdlines.txt

    Yes Yes Yes and Yes I have not used NLite or anything. Only tried the methods I linked in my post. So one is doing everything manually. The other is using the latest Driverpacks.