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  1. Still no luck this morning... oO I made sure that this .inf was the only one in the boot image to make sure I don't have any duplicate driver that might interfere. Any toughts?
  2. Yes, that's what I'm doin too. Im installing the all those inside the prowinx64. I had no issue to get this machine working with the 32bits version. From what I read and tested, it's not possible to install a 64bits Windows from a 32bits WinPE. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm currently trying to integrate in the boom.wim image the appropriate driver for a new Lenovo M90 (desktop PC) without any success. Tried the 15.5 (latest) driver and now and going to try 12.2 and now the 12.1.1 and maybe more... Is there anyone that been successfull with the driver. When my LiteTouch process is starting is says that it couldn't find the share and driver for peripheral PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_10EF&SUBSYS_305917AA&REV_06 was not installed. Thank you
  4. Been trying since yesterday to integrate this driver into my boot.wim image without any success. It still tells me that it couldn't reach the share and failed to get the device "PCI\VEN_8086&SUBSYS_305917AA&REV_06" working. I tried the NDIS61, NDIS62 from Intel Proset 15.5. What am I missing?
  5. Hi, is there a way to keep the current autoplay (which ask the user that to do when you insert a removable media) but to disable the action related to the autorun.inf. The autoplay thing isnt that bad because you can easily open the explorer when you insert a flash drive rather than opening "my computer" when you wan to access it. I'd like also to disable the autorun.inf in case a user want to browse from "my computer" and avoid to be infected with all those flash drive viruses. I've been reading a lot today on this subjet and I tried many registry tweak or gpo settings but in all case, the autoplay feature was disabled too. Thanks
  6. Hello, I've been using WDS to deploy Windows Vista for a couple month now. These last days I received some new laptop I have to add to my new installation template. I am using WDS to deploy unattended Vista installation. I'm not pushing images to workstation. So all my drivers are specified in the section: Microsoft-Windows-PnpCustomizationsNonWinPE\DriverPaths Each kind of driver has a seperate line. Everything is installing correctly, except on some model (right now a Dell E6500) for the video card that stays on VGA Generic Driver. When looking at the setup log it says for the video driver "[That driver inf file] is not a boot critical driver" and it stays like that. Anyone having the same issue? Thanks
  7. Hello, I am right now facing this problem on a Toshiba laptop. Still haven't found anything yet You might want to try that: http://portal.chrost.com/index.php?option=...6&Itemid=17 Good luck
  8. Thanks for the link. I usually prefer using retail driver on my system. Nothing again Rogue's work, but I like to make my own stuff JF
  9. Yup the one that loads the installation of Windows, those you put in i386. If you haven't had any problems with Intel, then you're a lucky guy.
  10. Delete the stuff they talk in their KB and it should work. My files are over 4k on my server too. I do beleive what whould be under 4k is the section related to what you should delete. If you look at your driver file, you'll have a section for a large amount of language. In my case, since my server are english but my client are french, I only deleted the part in french and english and it worked. Good luck!
  11. Now having another problem, i want to use the var defined in the fisrt loop to define a new var for the root of all profile <snip>COPY "%_AppPath%\SetOfficeName.vbs" "%PD_%\%%?\%_startupDir%" /Y</snip> In the COPY, still uses the %SYSTEMDRIVE% and it seems that the command COPY doesn't like it...
  12. Wow! How complicated is that batch file! Works great! I'll adjust it to use it in my script. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I'd like to create a script that drops a file in the startup dir of each profile located on the computer. So far it's working pretty good, except for the profile that has space in its name. Exemple: Default User Here is what I got so far: REM Drops all profile name in a temporary file dir "%_rootProfile%" /a:d /b > %SystemDrive%\_Profile.txt REM Read the file, line by line, then verifies if if "ALL USERS", in that case we do nothing. Then verifies if Profile name is valid (We don't want to drop in System Dir: Exemple: NetworkService). If the 2 condition are ok, drops the scripts in the startup dir. for /f %%f in (c:\_Profile.txt) do ( if not %%f=="All Users" ( if exist "%_rootProfile%\%%f\%_startupDir%" ( COPY "%_AppPath%\SetOfficeName.vbs" "%_rootProfile%\%%f\%_startupDir%"))) Works great except when %%f = Default instead of "Default User" Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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