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  1. thank you, removes the age XP is showing
  2. i think that auotupdate = 1 works with win2k3, easiest way to check is to read the deploy.chm and ref.chm for full details of what does and doesn't work
  3. thanks for those titbits, though thankfully only purchased stuff and not had issues with that
  4. you can use ghost or similar to make an image of your install, if understand you correctly.
  5. now try this: http://www.stetson.edu/~efriedma/numbers
  6. you may find the answer in the RIS section, however more details on teh actual error will help. how do you link to your applications folder?
  7. i use it on occasions as i's fits in back for work and contains files i'm working on - can't seem to let go and haven't a use for usb stick
  8. thanks mazin. apps install all ok with no issues, use runonceex & guirunonce it's just hotfixes that are a pain, i can't see any reason why some work and others don't. i've checked them in sense of installing clean xpsp2 listing all auto updates and manually downloading again adding to svcpack.inf & folder and still same issue, some do some don't install, but some don't, as auto updates wants to re-downlaond and yet they do show in add/remove programs so i'm at a total loss
  9. hate bumping, but would appreciate any assistance
  10. the floppy drive is still read, because it looks to see if a winnt.sif is in existence there. best thing for masterm to do is to have NO floppy disk in the drive and see what happens. just a general answer, i've used nlite for the basic stuff so far, and great prog nuhi. it is mentioned quite a few time in Personal Computer World magazine here in the UK
  11. this site may also be off help: http://unattended.msfn.org
  12. i use <pathtofilename>\<filename>.exe /S /v/qn and that works a treat to be silently installed
  13. the network boot option, should give you the change to press F12 after it has found a DHCP server and assigned the PC an ipaddress and subnet mask. another thing you can do, is build a pc clean manually, install the intel pro drivers set and then look amongst the various options for tab that allows you to specify boot order etc, and then try to reboot and see if that works. never used hp before so can't comment about bios set-up
  14. well done fizban2 - am trying to revise for mine. no fixed exam date, but doing at home and it's not easy to motivate with this weather
  15. anybody able to assis t me here please, becasue if this keeps happening i can't be arsed to install updates during install and will just use autoupdate please help, and thanks
  16. @takeshi - well spotted, a typo on my behalf will correct in post
  17. if your doing the START /WAIT install method, remove the START /WAIT from the begining of your line and it will install and not restart, the START /WAIT seems to confilict , though i have no idea why. It seems to happen with other apps as well. So you command would be: %systemdrive%\install\Applications\WindowsDesktopSearch\WindowsDesktopSearch-KB907371-V2-x86-ENU.exe /passive /norestart no quotes as no spaces in command
  18. so you have these three files winnt.sif - located inside i386 $OEM$ folder cretaed alongside i386 cmdlines.txt - located inside $OEM$ regtweaks.reg - located inside $OEM$ cmdlines.txt looks like this [COMMANDS] "regedit.exe /s regtweaks.reg" "runonceex.cmd" that should do you
  19. @mazin, i do use the 8.3 format for the names of the update. Yes, WMP10 does install fine and works if i open it i don't have a svcpack.in_ in teh i386 folder so that isn't conflicting glad yours is fixed Rez
  20. thanks, i'll have another go later and see how it goes
  21. i have a similar problem, some install, some don't i have checked all switches by doing /? against each one, and auto update even finds some that are installed if you check the control panel | add/remove programs i have attached my svcpack.inf, in case it helps anyone to answer the problem. svcpack.inf
  22. you may be lucky, can you provide the slipstream command you used if it is to hand i have found this to be so and it is mentioned in a few other threads that this is a side effect, though they are in teh office section
  23. also, even if you do slipstream and then run the office update it will stay they need applying
  24. do you mean IE6 or IW7 as you title is one, but your request is for another? i'm going to assume it is very similar for both and IE6 uses this to back up cookies & favourites; open ie6 clcik file click import and export follow on-screen prompts not sure you can backup the history
  25. i sometimes get that, just gives me a flashing cursor on the screen. just warm restart affected pca nd all seems ok. have no idea why. i use ontel pro/1000 mt desktop adapters in mine if that helps [edit i would suggest doing it first with no major changes to source files. when i first started i did iw with just xp with correct nic files, then dod with integrated sp2, then did woth otifies and progressed from there. This may take longer, but it helped me learn and understand it better. When you mention 88%, at waht pint? the copying froms erver or the installing of files? what error do you mean? does it give file names etc? [/edit]
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