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  1. Oh. That is interesting to hear. My DPI is indeed set to 'Smaller - 100%', although 'Medium - 125% (default)' was the default on my laptop. It however does not sound like intended behaviour for the button being unable to adapt to a 'custom' DPI setting. I hope that a developer is able to resolve your issue soon.
  2. Sure, Aloha. I have set it up to be as native as possible though, so I am afraid that you will not find anything in particular over the screenshot found on www.startisback.com. I hope it helps you with making the right decision.
  3. In case anyone is wondering, I have decided to go with SIB (StartIsBack) in the end and I am extremely satisfied with my choice. My experience has been better than with Classic Shell that had a noticeable opening lag. SIB comes as just the start menu as we have known from Windows 7, without the gimmick. This has made SIB the obvious choice for me. Unfortunately, I am unable to speak for all of the alternatives besides SIB and Classic Shell, but I am sure SIB is one of if not the best of the start menu solutions out there. I do not regret my purchase and probably will not anytime soon.
  4. That is great. Thank you for your information.
  5. The same as Classic Shell or the same as SIB++ on Windows 10?
  6. Could you tell me if SIB+ also uses less resources than Classic Shell on a Windows 8.1 machine? Is it possible to keep the original start button with SIB+? The start button seems to be a bit bigger from what I have seen on screenshots and videos while I would prefer to keep its original size.
  7. Thank you for your reply. Are you one of the StartIsBack developers?
  8. StartIsBack is said to be the best alternative to restore the start menu and least resource-intensive. StartIsBack no longer seems to be using the left-over code that is still present in Windows 8.1 however. Could someone please indicate how StartIsBack is superior to Classic Shell? My strongest concern is their resource usage as I really do not care about additional features besides a proper start menu as we have known from Windows 7. This is a legitimate question. I am not trying to badmouth either programs.

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