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  1. The problems mentioned on post 13 haven't been fixed yet. I'd like to bring up Start Screen by pressing the Windows key only. However, if I choose and apply this option, I'll lose Start Menu of SIB when clicking on Start button. Btw, I can uninstall a few modern applications by using this: http://yamicsoft.com/windows10manager/index.html
  2. So far I've clean installed W10 twice and upgraded it just once. I prefer the clean install because it's much faster. I think releasing a new build of an OS for people to upgrade or reinstall it every three or four months is just fine and acceptable. But doing this every three or four days is quite weird and somewhat silly to me!
  3. It will be nice to have the round user picture on Start Menu. I'd like SIB on W10 a little bit different from SIB on W8 and 8.1. Will try this later on W10 for I am using 8.1 now. Thanks for the new version. PS. I installed Beta 2 a few days ago after installing W10 build 10162. Er... why this Plus Plus was activated when I tried entering the license key of SIB 8?
  4. Hi guys. I wonder how most people here have W10 on their computers, clean install or just upgrade it from an old version. I hardly use W10 after installing it. Don't know why there have been so many builds released since March and seemingly there will be more.
  5. Of course, I downloaded the ready-to-use theme instead of doing it manually! Thanks for posting the link. Tried this on 10162 and it works OK.
  6. There is no Scaling available in the registry so I had to create one. I chose 125 to make some modern applications look a little larger! It took effect right away, no need to restart Windows or sign out/in. Thanks again for posting this tweak.
  7. Thanks. That scaling registry seems very interesting! I'll try it tomorrow because it's late here..
  8. DosProbie, Thanks for replying. It seems that you work a lot with W10!
  9. Tihiy, Why don't you make it impossible to install SIB when it says this version of SIB is not intended for this Windows version?
  10. Interesting. Since I can see W8.1 while on W10, I can run the old calculator too. It looks a little odd but I prefer it to the new one. Edit: remove image
  11. Hi DosProbie, Just tried it but it didn't work. Got some error. Edit: remove attachment
  12. Hello guys, I decided to give it another try! This time I installed it on a different partition so that I can choose to boot between W8.1 and W10. I am still trying to explore the new features/options/properties or whatever people call them! Anyone knows what this "Closed captioning" is about? It's on Settings > Ease of Access. Edit: remove image
  13. Realtek High Definition Audio also failed to update through Windows Update on my computer. I found this: http://filehippo.com/download_realtek_high_definition_audio_vista_64/ It works because when I check in Device Manager I find the driver version is
  14. I tried the above .bat to remove OneDrive but still see it on File Explorer. Cannot access it though.
  15. Hope SIB+ will work on W10 since I hate its current search like hell! Edit: by "its current search", I meant the search of W10, not of StartIsBack!
  16. I think I like the round user picture when I sign in! I can update to 10041 by following this: https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/2193/windows-10-technical-preview-2-how-to-install-build-10041 And when I disconnected from the Microsoft account it let me sign in with a local account.
  17. Sorry, I know nothing about this error! I only know StartIsBack is installed in this location: C:\Users\(your name)\AppData\Local\ Delete folder StartIsBack if you find it there. Glad that this thread was moved here so you will get more help from the others. Maybe from Tihiy himself!
  18. What error, ma'am? Please specify it with a screenshot if you can.
  19. It seems to me that you aren't talking about StartIsBack at all! The trial time is 30 days so it couldn't ask you to buy a license (if that's what you meant) just after a couple of hours you tried it. How about installing it again and properly uninstalling it afterwards?
  20. Anyone here has W10 to see if SIB+ works well on it? I don't feel like installing and testing a new OS any more. I used to though! Wondering if the latest build of W10 stable enough and worth another try.
  21. Have you tried restarting Windows yet? And may I know the reason why you uninstalled StartIsBack? It's a cool program made by a cool person and being used by a lot of cool guys!
  22. Then this file can change its size from time to time? I'll leave it alone from now on. Thanks for posting the link too.
  23. Guess there will be Luna olive green for W8.1 too!
  24. I installed this update only after it became important. Don't know why the size of pagefile.sys reduced from 4 GB to 720 MB after rebooting Windows!
  25. Hi Tihiy, Thank you for updating SIB+. Um... you really intend to make it work on W10?

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