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  1. Now I feel a little regretful when I jumped off the bandwagon too early!
  2. Sorry guys, I've just restored Windows to 8.1. It took less than 10 minutes to have back the old OS. A customed theme with windows borders, the old Start Menu, lower usage of RAM, the charm bar, and no more ugly looking notifications... these all make me feel so good (although I enable the charm bar just to see the time and day in an easier way. Don't like to look at it on the system tray!) Ah, I did try Classic Shell on Win TP before the restore. It removed all the items I pinned on the left of Start Menu. This didn't happen when I tried it on Win 8.1. So, I uninstalled it too. Thanks all for replying and giving information and advice here. Glad to know many others try Win 10 too.
  3. Sometimes it silly displays a folder I've already deleted. OK, I found this interesting link: http://www.ghacks.net/2014/10/15/remove-favorites-frequent-folders-or-recent-files-in-windows-10-explorer/ Too bad, I decided to stop trying Win10 and returned to 8.1 for good.
  4. Win TP worked fine on my computer for 2 weeks then there was something wrong 2 days ago. Memory usage becomes higher than it used to be, about 15% or more. And I really don't know the reason why it is so. One thing I don't like about this Windows is that the new Start Menu keeps shrinking itself after I close a game that I have run in full screen. It's easy to drag Start Menu to change the size back, or if I just ignore it, it will automatically resizes itself after a reboot or signing out/in. But I still hope we have a choice to lock it just like we can lock the taskbar. When I installed this Win TP, I thought I would use it until it expired in April 2015. Now I change my mind! Perhaps I must return to Win 8.1 sooner.
  5. I don't like it either. Always have to double click on This PC on the desktop to avoid that Home!
  6. Start Is Back is a suitable name when we use it for Win 8/8.1, which doesn't have the start menu. As for Win TP, Tihiy will probably give it another name; Start10, or Start7for10, or even Tihiy's Start! And if SIB has to be written new for Win 10, then it should be charged too when it is used on Win 10.
  7. Well, I said wrong thing about the new start menu. It couldn't choose the correct color because I tried applying theme Aero RP at that time. I notice as now I use the default theme, it displays the color perfectly along with the wallpaper I change to.
  8. I get used to the default theme just after 2 days! Still don't like that every time I open File Explorer, it always goes to Home first. Not know a way change it to This PC.
  9. I click on that link and have this (I am using Maxthon): While the About Windows shows the version as 6.4. Edit: remove image
  10. The new Start Menu of Windows is not transparent and I hate the way it picks its color when I change the wallpaper. I always choose Automatic in Color and Appearance, but have to choose other colors sometimes before the Start Menu can displays a matching color. It often appears dark gray while the theme has very different colors. Hope there will be an update for SIB+ so that I can use it again. But take it easy, Tihiy!
  11. I forgot to talk about Avira. I had to do the following steps to have it work properly: first uninstall the current Avira, and restart Windows, then turn off Windows Defender, and finally install Avira back. Now Action Center recognises it and no longer asks me to install any other anti virus for Windows.
  12. It took 15 minutes to install this new Windows and then another 30 minutes to apply all the settings, and it restarted several times! All the applications on the desktop continue to work OK. Some applications on the metro have to be reinstalled from the store to run well. I hope to find a working patch so that I can use other themes instead of the default. It looks awful because all the windows now have zero borders! It seems that this Windows isn't Windows 10 at all. Going to the below page says that my operating system is still windows 8. http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html PS. Thanks for moving this thread to the right place. Edit: spelling
  13. All the items on Start Menu work fine when I click on them. However, there is something wrong with the next page of Start Menu. The font on the left side doesn't display properly. It looks broken and dim. Not sure if this happens to anyone else or not. But again, the applications all work fine when I run them there. I temporarily disable SIB now.
  14. Hi, everyone. I've got W10 from this page: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows/preview-iso I intend to install it onto my current 8.1. Of course, I will backup the whole system before starting the installation. Is anyone here, who already had W10, interested in sharing your opinions about this new OS? I'd like to have a place to talk and ask about any incoming problems of W10, so I created this topic. Thank you all for reading and replying.
  15. How about this Windows Classic theme? It looks quite simple. http://xxinightxx.deviantart.com/art/Windows-Classic-Vs-8-1-Update-1-457573957
  16. I think this theme is pretty good for those who like dark themes: http://liveordietm.deviantart.com/art/AeroByDesign-For-Windows-8-1-Update-1-401771941
  17. I got an email reminding to use the free key before it expired on Jan 31, 2013. I added WMC pack to Windows the day I had the key, but removed it a few weeks later.
  18. Thanks for the update. But there's something I can't help asking about! You say "Windowblinds support", but why advise not to use it? Why bother installing Start8 when already have SIB+ in hand? The last question is not a question at all! That theme on the screenshot is cool, but SIB+ doesn't have it!!!
  19. High contrast themes of Windows can change the background color of the file explorer. But I guess you will be depressed by the ugliness of these themes!
  20. Maxthon also works fine with the links.
  21. I don't hope to accomplish anything marvellous. Just want to make sure whether it is bad or not if I disable the automatic maintenance. I installed Auslogics Disk Defrag long time ago and like to run it manually like once a month to defrag the disks. I don't want this job to be done so regularly by Windows itself, so I turn it off, and that's all. Btw, I understand this thread just as it was stated in the topic and think my question is somewhat related so I asked. Isn't it that turning off something running in the background will make Windows run faster?
  22. Like Jaclaz's reply a lot! Tihiy, Why I don't see "pin to Start Screen" on the context menu anymore?
  23. Er... I mean I thank you for answering but I am using another theme now. And FYI, I don't even use Tihiy's OldNewExplorer! Glad that you were glad thinking I got it working!
  24. Then they really bring back the start menu in Win 9? What about the aero glass?

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