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  1. I've just downloaded your new release and will tell you about it tomorrow night. It's too late now at my place.
  2. This is for desktop enhancement. - Emi Clock 5.0.2 (A cute desktop clock): http://www003.upp.so-net.ne.jp/motosoft/ - Aurora, Mystify, Ribbons, and Bubbles screensaver: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhan...ted-to-XP.shtml Among the four screensavers, I like Bubbles the best. I have it on both XP and 98. It runs very nice.
  3. Thanks for the link to 7-Zip, Dblake1. I don't know why WinRar couldn't extract you file while it can be associated with 7-Zip. I installed your theme. I like all these buttons: Minimize, Maximize, Close, and Help. They are great. Start button and Taskbar look nice too although I don't like grey much. Such buttons as OK, Apply, Cancel are so strange and not beautiful to me. Maybe I don't have a good taste to give comments on your theme, just some of my own ideas of what I like and don't like. And one more thing, Dblake1. Inactive windows have a little pink at their round Titlebar corners. Active Titlebar looks just fine. Does this happen to you? Or it just happens to my lame computer, I wonder?
  4. To Bleeder I had this problem once on XP. I fixed it by this: in Taskbar Properties - Turn off the option "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows" - Apply it - After that, turn it on - Apply it again This worked for me. If it didn't work, then you could try to do the same with the option "Auto-hide the Taskbar". I know you have this problem not on XP. I am not sure if it works on 98 or not. Just give it a try, Bleeder. PS. Texts are a little differrent on Win 98: just "Always on top" and "Auto hide".
  5. Hello Dblake1 I downloaded your two files but I couldn't extracted them with WinRar. I got these error messages: ! D:\screenshot.zip: Unknown method in screenshot.bmp ! D:\screenshot.zip: No files to extract ! D:\Longhorn_release_3.zip: Unknown method in Longhorn_release_3.exe ! D:\Longhorn_release_3.zip: No files to extract Too bad I can't give your theme a try!

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