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  1. I turn it off because of this: (http://www.helpwithwindows.com/Windows8/Disable-Windows8-Automatic-Maintenance.html) I think turning it off will stop modern applications from updating automatically. I also don't like it if it keeps defragmenting the disks everyday! Just don't know if this turning off will cause any harm though. Thanks for replying.
  2. Hi Jaclaz, That's a long article so I changed my mind, not reading it! However, I clicked on the link you posted and then typed "U turn", and then got this:http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/U+turn?s=t Wondering what's wrong with your dictionary, dear?
  3. OK, will read it later. And no need to quote my post because I know you are talking to me!
  4. Thanks, but I changed the theme back to Aero RP recently.
  5. Is it good or bad if I turn off the auto maintenance? Actually, I already turned it off!
  6. Then anything special about this update, do you know? It's quite a long time there is no any update of SIB+, so I hope Tihiy will release one!
  7. Huh, don't notice that there is a Like button on every post! Will re-read some topics and try this feature now!
  8. Just tried AdwCleaner, and think it's rather good. Won't run it for the second time in the future, though! Generally, I don't like applications that force users to restart Windows without a choice to cancel it!
  9. Why it's not Tihiy announcing the update any more? Who will answer the questions to solve the problems from now on? Or people will have to rely upon themselves?
  10. OK, then this option must be added into SIB+ recently because I didn't see it before. Or it must have been there before but I didn't notice at all!
  11. Er... the text on the title bar is aligned to the left only on File Explorer! With every other windows open, the text is always in the center. Sorry I didn't check it carefully! Find it acceptable. Decided to use this theme from now on! Thanks again for updating it.
  12. DoubleSAnimations, Thank you for updating Aero X theme. But could you make the text on the title bar appear in the middle? I think the text looks nicer in the center. Thanks again for sharing your themes!
  13. After installing SIB Plus, you can right click on Start Menu > Properties > About, then enter the key there. Btw, can someone make Ei8htOrb_v2 a little bigger, please? The current one looks small on the display of 125%.
  14. Um, they look almost the same to me! Even I find the CP theme posted by Night much alike the theme RP you posted. The refresh button on the address box and the notification area on the taskbar look just the same.
  15. Funny, they have ripped off the Start Menu from Win 8 for 3 years and then decided to bring it back. And it's still called Win 8! Why don't they put it back on a completely new OS and call it Win 9 or something else not relating to 8 at all? I would rather they bring back the aero glass than the start menu!
  16. Don't they look the same, Andre? Night,I followed your link and tried this theme in the gallery: http://double-rainbow-ei8ht.deviantart.com/art/Aero-X-for-Windows-8-1-ver-4-19-14-448032677Find it nearly perfect. Just don't know why on my desktop there is blur on the right part of Start Menu which I don't see on the screenshot posted there. It doesn't happen to any other themes I apply. Do you know how to fix this?
  17. Wonder if Tihiy can stand it or not! SIB+ has to release a new version everytime Windows has new updates!
  18. Any good news about the fix you mentioned before, Tihiy? And thank you for the update. Thought that 1.6 was the last release!
  19. Wmn, The context menu on the tiles works fine if you use the default theme. It was already said in this post: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/171424-windows-81-spring-update-1-observations/?p=1073197 I've tried this theme and it works OK too:http://froggz19.deviantart.com/art/8-Plus-for-Windows-8-1-402231766 Tihiy,I'm afraid the theme I like can't be updated, it's old and was made for Win 8 only!!!Could you publish a separate .reg file that can enable the context menu of the tiles, whether the theme is default or not? Much appreciate it!
  20. Asked it in another topic but it seems that the guy has left the forum! Anyone knows about the setting related to the context menu of the tiles on Start Screen? I can find it nowhere.
  21. Could you tell what this setting of StartIsBack is? I'd like to keep the context menu when applying a theme different from the default one. Thanks in advance.
  22. Already installed update 1. Like it and like Tihiy, too! Well, I mean SIB+ . Classic Shell is a very good application. But I find its configuration so complex. I was a little confused at that time when I went through all the options.
  23. Still more people become interested in using Win 8/8.1.

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