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  1. The Store still didn't work after a reboot. But I have decided to restore the whole Windows.
  2. Seems that so many people like Plain8 with round user account picture! There is no overlap on other styles.
  3. NoelC, I tried these two commands on that page: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:c:\test\mount\windows /LimitAccess After they finished, the Store still doesn't work. Trying "sfc /scannow" now!
  4. Sorry, the issue related to closing modern apps I said in the previous post seemingly was caused by Windows Update. Found that it only occurred when Windows updated something and then I happened to restart the computer some time after that.
  5. I don't know what's wrong with these folders inside WindowsApps. They let me remove anything I feel like without warning and then don't let me restore anything from the recycle bin afterwards. And even when I could return WinStore.Mobile.exe back to its folder, the Store still didn't work at all. System Restore was turned off since I installed W8. I always make a full backup of any Windows at the very beginning in case there is a severe damage; cannot boot into Windows, for example. But now I won't restore the whole system just because I delete a very small file. Okay, to hell with this Store on W10, I'm able to use it anyway while booting into W8.1!
  6. The new version works fine for me. Just one thing I notice that every time after Windows restarts, I'll have to apply "Terminate modern apps with close button" again although this setting is always ticked. Not very important, but it would be nice if the start button orbs changed to their smaller sizes when I choose not to use larger taskbar icons. Only the default start button can change its size atm. Many thanks for updating SIB++ again.
  7. OK, will read that thread when I have time! Thank you.
  8. Hell, before I saw the above posts, I deleted it and cannot open the Store any more! It's in the Recycle Bin but I cannot restore it either! I'll try to fix this tomorrow when I boot into W8.1. No one try this silly thing please or else you can't use the Store any more!
  9. Er... don't you ever see it on your computer? I just end it and it's OK. I mean nothing happened when I ended it. But not sure if it is safe to remove this .exe or not because it seems to be a system file.
  10. I happened to see "WinStore.Mobile.exe" running in Task Manager today. Is it safe to end it, or can I even remove it?
  11. I take back my words! I tried turning off Windows Defender today and then installing Avira again. It's working fine now. I'm glad it works because any time I can right-click on a file or folder and then scan it with Avira. I cannot do this if I use Windows Defender.
  12. Wow, it's nearly the end of the day, July 29. Just in case there is an update of SIB++, I'm on W10 now ready to install something new!
  13. I upgraded W8.1 to W10 and found that Avira, which was running well on W8.1 before, was deactivated. Had to remove it and use the well known anti virus available with W10, Windows Defender!
  14. OK, then the advice is so obvious. I'd better leave those drive letters alone; Windows should always be on C. Thank you all for replying.
  15. JorgeA, But I also remember when I had earlier build, perhaps 10041, when I booted into W10 it was still drive X just like I named it. And W8.1 remained as drive C. W10 worked fine at that moment but because I don't like it much, I don't boot into it often. Thanks for replying.
  16. Avira doesn't work on W10 so I removed it. Windows Defender is the only anti virus I have and it can find nothing. Anyone else can confirm this security alert by Zocor? I have no ideas at all. Um, wonder if there is a slight chance that Plain8 with round user account picture can be ported to SIB+ for W8.1? It's kind of cute! Like it a lot and wish to have it on W8.1 too.
  17. Hi guys, I remember when I fresh installed build 10162, I chose to have it on drive X; drive C is where I have W8.1. W10 automatically made itself C: and changed the drive with W8.1 into something else afterwards. I wonder if anyone here finds this annoying and tries to change the drive letter names back to their original names? Thanks for any replies to advice and share opinions.
  18. OK, I edited my post too. Btw, how come they made such a default theme that no one wants to use at all?
  19. It's not an official ISO file.
  20. Managed to have 10240 but not sure if it is RTM yet. Tried new version of SIB as well and like it as always! Thanks for updating it Tihiy, but don't do it too often please because that means I'll have to boot into W10 often too! One question, when did SIB have round user account picture? I just found this today to apply it. One more question, why only Plain8 has round user picture? Gosh... I find myself so picky sometimes!
  21. Hello everyone, Here is how I got build 10240. I cloned my current W8.1 onto another partition and then upgraded it to W10 build 10240 with an ISO file. I notice that it is activated and the key is just the same as that when I upgraded 10162 to 10240. How strange! Well, it's an upgrade so I can use almost all the applications running well on W8.1. It lets me choose IE11 as the default browser rather than MS Edge. The old Windows Photo Viewer works too but not in the proper way. When I set a picture as desktop background, it doesn't display the images in full screen at all although it has the same resolution as the monitior. Um, here is my opinion after two days: When I first used Win 7 I found that I preferred it to Win XP. When I first used W8 I found that I preferred it to W7. Then, when I first used W10 I found that I preferred W8.1! PS. I use the local account most of the time. Log in my MS account only when I need to get and try something from the store.
  22. Sorry, it doesn't work any more! Don't know when it has been changed to another link!
  23. Many thanks. Feel happy now although I haven't got RTM yet! Guess more people will choose to use W10 if they know about SIB++.
  24. Devdevadev, I'm afraid you have to post an image or describe a little more about the crash so that people can help you. Tihiy, Sorry I don't know that issue is a new behavior of W10. Then, can you make "Display Start screen shortcut" work please? I'll be happy to open Start screen with the mouse clicking instead of pressing Ctrl+Win. Thanks in advance.
  25. That's an old link but it still works. I got 10162 from there.Hope you'll find something interesting about W10 and tell us here!

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