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  1. Grasped it, and still waiting for update 1! The external link he posted works OK this time!
  2. Hey, how are you Warrior? Glad that you confirmed it or else Tihiy will think I am messing up his topic!
  3. Weird! If I follow these steps: going to startisback.com > Support > General community forum, then I can read all the questions and replies there without any problems. But when I try clicking on the link I posted above, there will be a box asking me to join or log in. Why is it so strange? It's exactly the same link I copied from the address bar.
  4. OK, just installed it. But I'll have to wait for another week to have and use the new features for the spring update. Love it if I don't have to press Alt+F4 any more to close a modern application! Btw Tihiy, are you the guy answering as startisback on this site: https://moot.it/startisback I find him a little bit nicer than you are here! Anyone can ask and reply there, right?
  5. OK, perhaps these two searching results are good enough for me: http://www.howtogeek.com/184152/screenshot-tour-whats-new-in-windows-8.1-update-1/ http://www.neowin.net/news/latest-windows-81-update-1-screenshots-show-changes-to-start-screen I am more interested in updates related to Windows appearance.
  6. Xpclient, Thank you for sharing your observation. Is there any special screenshots of the update that you can share too? It would be nice if you could post some.
  7. If you don't install or apply any other icon packs then all the icons on your Windows are default icons!
  8. Wow, Tihiy must be blushing while reading the above thanks and comments! Something I like most about SIB is that when it is installed, it restarts the explorer without closing any running applications. I can install all the new/beta versions to try and then if I don't like it, I have no trouble reinstalling the old one.
  9. Ok, just tried it but it seems to be a different version. It doesn't have the outmost glass border like the one on your picture link anymore. I got it here: http://carborunda.deviantart.com/art/Snowy8-for-Windows-8-8-1-409788674
  10. Ace2, are you using Snowy 3.0? Btw, Aero 8.1 update looks really nice!
  11. I don't find it useless at all. I do use it, not very often though.
  12. How about temporarily turning off System Restore? When I did it on Win 8, all the restore points were deleted! Of course you can always turn it on again after that and create new restore points.
  13. Ok, then it is totally a misunderstanding. I'll edit my post for the last time. Sorry for my angry words. No hard feelings at all.
  14. OK, BP if you say so, then I'll consider this a misunderstanding and remove those screenshots from my post. But I really hate it when he said people asking for help on the forum wasted his time. Hope zjxls can find a solution for his problem.
  15. That's the key I received from MS. When I knew they offered MCP key for free I registered to get one. I'll edit my previous post to remove the screenshot! Thank you for a quick reply.
  16. I prefer to come here sometimes to check for an update instead of letting it notify me! Thanks for your hard work, Tihiy.
  17. You ordered me to do it as if you were an officer!
  18. In this case, I think refreshing the content in the Store should do the trick. My Windows was (accidentally!) activated by a free key of W8 Media Center Pack. And I could still upgrade it from 8 to 8.1 through the store. I guess people will call it a warez version though!
  19. Hi Bentree, Thank you for the answer. It's always good to know more about the hardware and take care of the hard drives. Mine came with the computer when I bought it 3 years ago. It's quite a long time so I am somewhat afraid that it will fail to work suddenly! I feel a little bit at ease now! Ah, and I said the power consumption was not important in this case because it is a desktop I am using, not a laptop.
  20. Well, it also happens to me once in a while. Posting a problem and waiting. Then the problem is gone before anyone comes to give an answer! Find it silly sometimes!
  21. Thanks for replying, Andre. But now, I want to know if it is a bad idea when we don't let the hard disk sleep or rest at all! Will the disablement of the power reduce the durability of a hard disk? Power consumption is less important to me btw.

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