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    vLite Help

    when he says update, he means install 1.2 over 1.1.6 do not uninstall the 1.1.6 version before
  2. Just do this operation when you are away. slipstream is a heavy process, it should be done when your pc is idle
  3. do that and give your last session file. I think you have removed too much components
  4. there is something i don't understand about 'AcroRd32Info.exe' maybe because of my english. I have installed the full version of Reader and I don't have AcroRd32Info.exe running on my system. it doesn't even launch itself when i start adobe reader. that's why i don't get it when you talk about this. Do you think it's because i'm on vista x64 bit ? Also shark i did not test your release yet. so far on my tweaking on AcroRead.msi of reader I have removed the 'MoveFile' table with Orca and in result I go down to 98mo on my hdd instead of 198mo by default because the setup file are not copied.
  5. Guys! Move foward vista, whatever you heard vista is great
  6. there are many post about that. not yet so far.
  7. regarding what you said, it's normally the specialize passe. but you can do thing easier with the WAIK (1go but it worth it). you'll be able to integrate the driver in offline. Check if the drivers are well installed especially for the unsigned driver
  8. i'm afraid of not. in vlite it's mentionned that if you remove the framework you won't be able to install it later. Same thing for Framework 2. for more detail, take a look at the log file.
  9. what's the difference between .cmd and .bat ?
  10. it is not big deal with this update. Just try it, if everything went fine that's good for you. if not, integrate it for your next install. this link can show you the number of file updated, for more information just google some of them and you'll see have a lite idea on which components it depends http://support.microsoft.com/kb/952709
  11. that's weird. it never happen to me and i use vs 2008
  12. you can post the solution, it can help someone else
  13. try again and good luck
  14. and there are a lot of topics about this subject
  15. why don't you follow this advice from nuhi "Yeah this "hotfix" is actually a collection of hotfixes, it updates a bunch of components, meaning it is best to consider it as micro service pack, integrate and reinstall."
  16. yeah but with all this components removed don't you think that is normal!!!!! you did a bare bone Vista
  17. i asked the same question maybe 2-3 days ago and i was told when it's done. me too i'm waiting to re install i know how you feel right now :sneaky:
  18. if you want a stable computer you won't go down to 200mb. I Think it's better that you should experience it yourself.
  19. you can use the previous version 1.1.6 if you want a stable. In my own experience 1.2 works fine for me, but it always depend on what you remove.
  20. hi, I was wondering how to integrate updates in the WIM image in one step. I only use Vista Business then every time I mount it with imagex I enter the number "1" like the following command. imagex /mountrw d:\imaging\data.wim 1 c:\mounted_images But is it possible to do it in one step for all version of Windows Vista? I never tried before. I checked the imagex help but didn't find out.
  21. That's what I did. it's better to do it this way.
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