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  1. Thanks Guys! Im currently doing the avast! install which meant I had to obtain Avast Pro, Once I've confirmed thats working I'll try VmWare again. Hey, rick, Why do you say x86 Only? VMWare works fine on x64, Is it something to do with your packaging that restricts it to x86?
  2. Hey Lads, I've been on this for a long time now, I can't find out how to get Avast to silently install, so help on that would be great! And After following VMWares 'offical' how-to to silently install VMWare Workstation and VMWare Server, I was unable to get it to work. The installers seem to run, but never install. Is someone able to provide me with their silent install switches for these programs aswell? Much Appriciated Guys!
  3. So all I do is type in the greyed condition box... ConnectedToInternet(False) ? Is there like a guide or something on these things? And no, the help with WPI doesn't have it
  4. I read the latest WPI has the ability to check for an internet connection. I would like to implement this into all the installs that download things such as updates (Spybot for example) How do I go about creating a greyed condition for if there is no internet connection. I can't seem to find many/any tutorials on conditions for applications. Further, Can you add a condition to a registry add? Such as "Registry After" is dependent on if the program it is intended for was installed. How can I do both these things?
  5. Thats what I've been using, but it doesn't work with OEM versions (Aka, my Dell Version) Doesn't matter I suppose, just annoying
  6. Only programs I use is Waik, and vLite to build the ISO.
  7. Hey I've made using lots of other examples as guides (even using the same answer file a few times) an autounattend.xml for my OEM Dell Vista x64 install. I've made the changes I want and have it all setup, however no matter what I do, no matter what my answerfile is like, OOBE does not skip and wpi.hta doesn't lauch, nor do the cmd files I have setup using the sync commands. Even though other peoples answer files are identical to mine. I've read somewhere that its possible that its because its an OEM release. What do I need to do, to answer and skip the OOBE and run the command files at first logon? Can I moddify the OEMs original "sysprep", do I moddify the "oobe.xml" file in the Sources\Scripts directory I refer to this... What is that answer file called? Where does it go? I've been able to work around my original issue of using a cmd file, to copy WPI from Sources\Scripts\WPI to %systemdrive%\WPI Applications, then delete the original copy in Scripts\WPI then launch WPI.hta from the directory copied to (%systemdrive%) However the cmd file never launches, which means WPI never gets initiated and neither do a few other important scripts Any Help Much Appriciated
  8. Joining a workgroup would be great to, as well as first logon options
  9. I used search for "Answer File" I found 1 guide, the one I used, the others were "This won't work" type threads There is a difference between time consuming, and just straight out not working when its a copy/paste with a few numbers changed
  10. Just taking a stab in the dark but going to say its because vLite doesn't create an autounattended.xml file Atleast didn't for me... I have to learn xml, and Answer Files to unattended my installation, all vLite did for me was intergrate SP1 and creates/splits the ISOs
  11. I've only found 1 answer file so far, and that one didn't work once I added my things into it. I've used vLite to change what I want, but I want to create my own Answer File because vLites only unattends like 2 dialogs. I want to achive the following... Boot from CD>Enter partitions>Change DVD 3 times>PC Boots to desktop>Script runs at first logon PC ready to use. I can get the changing DVDs down pat, and booting from the CD. Other then that, unattended just doesn't want to work, comparing my answerfile to others, there is nothing wrong with it, it just doesn't answer anything. Is there a certain order things need to go in, within the answer file. Is there a program, other then WAIK (Maybe one that works?) that can generate a Vista SP1 answer file Is there more to unattended then just the answer file? I've searched for guides, but they all use WAIK, and WAIK hates me and won't load the wim file
  12. I installed WAIK finally, and I get the following error/error code when trying to create the catagory file... I would use the "workaround described here" on this guide, but there is no "here" it doesn't actually provided where that workaround is So my answer file doesn't work due to lack of documentation, my thread didn't get answered, waik doesn't work and the workaround doesn't exist, vlite isn't finished so I can't use that, and WPI people can't help me with what I want to do, even though others have done it Am I not mean't to UA Vista?! lol
  13. Nah, only about 20 lol. But I have like, everything so I turn my system on and I can write an essay or work from home. This includes MS Office 07, 3D Mark. Keep in mind that Vista install alone is 1DVD Vista + WPI with JUST 3D Mark is 2DVDs So with Office and anti virus and other various apps it stretchs onto 3DVDs by about 1GB Ah, I just installed 1.6, then 2.0 Is there somewhere (or some kind person ) that I can get the WIM checker, I'd imagine that tool alone to check through the answer file is remarkable smaller then the entire WAIK kit?
  14. Ok, I'll give that a go, setting the sync command to run the batch script. I'll post back what happens
  15. Sure have, believe it or not I'm making the entire process easier. WPI won't launch from the disk, and the people in the WPI forums are stumpped as to why. So its turned out easier to copy the contents to disk first, then launching the installer that way. So back to my question, which script is post UA? I'm assuming first.cmd?

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