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  1. To get the msi, just extract it from the .exe or launch it and pick it up from %temp% folder of if already installed from your ProgramData\kaspersky\setup folder Kis/KAV 7 and version TR 8 We can use this command line to install KIS/KAV 7 silently :start /wait Kaspersky\kis.en.msi /qb /norestart. but no way to remove some component KIS/KAV 6 We can use this command line to install KIS/KAV 6 silently :start /wait Kaspersky\kis.en.msi /qb /norestart Create a setup.ini file in the same folder of Kaspersky with the following. (1= install / 0=Don't install) Setup] Reboot=no SelfProtection=no [Com
  2. It's totally impossible to install logmein silently. You can check on the logmein forum
  3. You should read the others post.
  4. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "HungAppTimeout"="1000" "WaitToKillAppTimeout"="2000" This part have no effect in windows Vista
  5. It looks like you made a bare bone OS!! You didn't remove the welcome center and sidebar that why...
  6. I don't know neither how it's possible but the key I enter in vlite is not the same that appears in the unattend file. After that I made some tests and even without enter a key I still have a key in the unattend file and always the same. Just like if some settings was loaded every time I rebuild the ISO. I have this error since vlite 1.1
  7. Yes, it's a clean install and reliable iso. Not a registry hack.
  8. I have just installed vista SP1 (6001.18000.080118-1840_x86fre_Client_en-us-FRMCFRE_EN_DVD.iso), of course a vlite version. And I just want to tell to everybody that everything went fine. Don't be afraid if you have any doubt, you can do it - Just one thing for Nuhi. The product key that I entered in vlite doesn't match with the one inside the unattend file. I always have to change it manually in the file. I installed from an usb flash key and even with the user Account configured I was prompt to enter my name. That's it, the rest is ok! Last_Session.ini
  9. oskingen

    Vista SP1 leak

    Soure ARN Pirates get the new operating systems, but paying customers don't. Paying customers may not get their hands on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) for weeks, but pirates can download the brand-new code today, according to searches at several BitTorrent trackers. The RTM, or release to manufacturing, versions of both operating systems can easily be found on BitTorrent tracker sites such as Pirate Bay, which has made them available since yesterday. One torrent of Microsoft's newest server operating system, Windows Server 2008, lists 42 "seeders," the term for a c
  10. Hi guys, I would like to know if it's possible to insert the framework 3.5 (size 192mo) in the new iso ? And same for other applications like ccleaner, firefox ... and other point : if I remove some services useless for me like Application experience.., do you think I'll get some error installing SP1 when it will be available on windows update ?
  11. Thanks guy for your answers. This is my new hobbie and now i'm looking for silent install for other software. I think we can do something great! Also, good work for the Vlite team, I love this product.
  12. Hi, Everyone. I'm new in this and i tried vlite rc1. The part for the unattend file is completely not working. I have set my keyboard, serial, language.. but this part is not working at all and I tried 2 times. I installed vista from a external HDD. What is the cause? I was thinking about silent install for other programs. Is that possible for the next release ? Last_Session.ini
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