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  1. Do you use any other compression tools alongside 7zip? also winrar. but i never had this problem before using the final release 1.2, maybe because of an update.
  2. To install kaspersky silently, grab the msi file and run it with this switch /qb /norestart. Put your key in the same folder of the msi file, it will be automatically added. for your config file, unfortunately the latest release do not update your config during the installation. you have to export it manually.
  3. I'm not sure about this but when i installed 7-zip silently my pc freezed and i had to force the shutdown. I had this problem with two images with the same config ini file.
  4. Yeah, i did it like you told me and it works now. thank
  5. Did you install tuneup utilties 2008? If you did, then go to "solve problems>tuneup repair wizard" There you will have all the display problems fix which options in tune wizard can fix this problem ?
  6. I just get this one. I'm also unable to get the 'Uninstall a program' windows. when i click on it nothing happens.
  7. Hi guys, I never had this problem before but now i'm getting The page failed to load when i'm trying to display my system properties. i don't know if this because some change in vlite but i usually use the same ini file, except for this one i just had some services to remove you can check. Last_Session.ini
  8. keep Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and event log
  9. vlite is not design for server but you'll see some topics about this
  10. give it a try with the final release instead of the beta version
  11. This release will make people happy
  12. What do you want ? a bare bone computer or a working computer ? i think you are smart enough to see what you have to keep
  13. you can download it here http://cid-5f1d3f5fca38bf7d.skydrive.live....%7C_Imaging.rar
  14. When i install from external HDD I also have this problem but when i use my usb flash drive everything is fine
  15. we can't help you if you do not have your ini file. i won't say components in random
  16. if you update your drivers you'll see index unavailable, you have to run the test again
  17. I have the same problem on vista and server but i didn't search deeply for this. I also tried to integrate it in custom vlite but it show up again on windows update
  18. keep windows event log, update your drivers
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