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  1. helllo my 2nd vlited vista x64 try and again whenever i use windows update i get update configuing something 0% then reboot and a loop it never ends why? what should i keep to stop this from happening?
  2. hello i have Vista ultimate and i intergrated x64 SP1 into it and it takes about an hour or more to do it.. is dual/quad core supported in Vlite? or at least the future release? it takes a huge a mount of time removing the components also nothing els for now thank you for this wonderful program peace
  3. hello in Nlite i can combine the drivers into a single .cab to speed installations also reduce comperssion to make the unpacking faster and i can disable SFC which speed windows during installations .. why no such functions in Vlite? that's all and thank you for this wonderful program best of lucks peace
  4. i slipstreamed SP1 into vista and it takes more than half an hour is there away to speed it up? with nlite and XP just few minutes what if i screw things up the first time and i need to make a new Vlite vista pls a fix to this problem
  5. hello i bought vista ultimate and am scared to install it because i run games and last i checked it's slower with old games than XP i have few questions - is there a way to speed SP1 slipstream? like removing the languages packs then slipstreaming? i need English & Arabic only - is there a way to get the latest vista patches in one pack for vlite after SP1? - in Ultimate retail box. i have two DVDs " 32+64bit " if i install 32bit can i later install 64bit? or upgrade to 64bit but using same product key? and last i bought ultimate a month or more and i heared that MS going to release another windows called 7 in a year or two... why? a retail ultimate box cost no less than 300 USD " without discount or special offers " and am sick of paying crazy amount of money to MS they should at least let vista last 5 to 6 years more and improve it a little bit more to make it worth the money thank you sorry for the bad engrish peace
  6. Vista Ultimate here is $200 too, not 300 (home premium is only 117$) where? are you talking about retail boxed version? OEM is limited to only one computer.. once you install your liecense will be fixed to that computer and you can't move it later if you upgrade .. check the EULA.. retail you can move it as much as you want also where i can buy the 200USD ultimate? mine comes with a big box and two DVDs 32/64bit + manual and alot of useless papers
  7. hello i bought vista ulimate and it's very expensive OS and i wonder why MS relasing such expensive product to be replaced by windows 7 in a year or two they should give more attention to vista and make it worth a while for at least 6 more years am sick of paying MS too much money .. at least they should give us who bought ulimate a free windows 7 copy a 300USD OS is crazy amount of money :realmad: :realmad: :realmad: sorry for the bad engirish
  8. last i heared even when disabling the aero it still run in the background and takes some memory the only thing change is the GUI.. you get the old one with alot of 3d features disabled am not sure if this is right but i don't want anything useless to be part of my OS i liked how nlite cleaned my XP from alot of services and useless programs and i want the same with vista if possible thanks again for the wonderful program.. thanking you alone is not enough you just made millions of users around the world happy god bless you
  9. hello am wondering if removing the whole aero engine from vista is possible am sorry but i don't own it right now and i didnt try your program am a gamer and i want the full power going to games i don't want anything wasted on the GUI thank you very much for the wonderful program the best ever java script:emoticon('', 'smid_2')

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