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  1. All the .exe files are has the same name, i wonder if they are exactly the same. Normally they would have EN, or what ever languages short form on the exe but none of them has it. Apart from IE9, are there any difference? And what happen if i dont install the proper languages?
  2. So anyone can comment which one is better? I haven't touch this lite things since XP days. Unlike nlite which was a great and only tools to choose from, now there are much more.
  3. Somehow, my Windows 7 ( I think it was a bug ) explorer windows, had no explorer bar and search bar displayed. I notice something was different, it was clean, but i dont know what it was, until next time i rebooted my computer. How could i get rid of the search bar and Explorer bar?
  4. Both nLite and vlite has no development for over a year now. Just Wondering if nuhi has stopped working on it.
  5. Is it possible to somehow Modify the Windows 7 upgrade disc with my pre activated XP OEMBIOS files, so that i could do a clean install of Windows 7 without Installing XP then upgrade to it?
  6. The idea is to Strip XP to absolute minimum, and then "Upgrade" ( The same as Clean Install ) to Windows 7. However i only have a XP recovery CD from manufacture. Therefore nlite wont work on an Already Installed OS. Any idea how to create a super small XP activated image file?
  7. @Nuhi, Not asking about Release date, but if you are still working on vlite? You know the sudden drop of .dll and no news of next beta may scare some like me. That Microsoft is sending stupid letters around.
  8. I am wondering what is the general opinion on Vista now. I have been switching between for the past months. Sometime i feel XP is better sometimes i feel Vista is great and smooth. So What do you think?
  9. Could someone make an separate installer for the files needed from WAIK for Vlite instead of us downloading 1.3G....
  10. Just wondering what are the new numbers on the smallest Vista Install after installation? By looking at the changelog i shouldn't expect much at all?? And if the unsigned drivers warning is still there? Having to click 50 times when i reinstall Vista isn't so much fun ><
  11. I think Avira is a much better AV if you dont mind the annoying pop up. That is why i use AVG 8.0 for now. Linkscanner is a good product. And it doesn't / shouldn't slow down your Internet much at all. However its AV Engine is now much heavier then previous version therefore system slow down is expected.
  12. Not asking for release date. Just what Nuhi has been up to with Vlite
  13. i want to know too. Anyone knows? If ATI Mobility drivers from Modded ATI Catalyst are included in the driver pack? no , but if you have it please upload it so we can add it Well here is the Link to driver Modder. It is a few clicks operation. http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool.php If you still want me to upload the Modded drivers please PM me address to upload.
  14. iwod

    Removing Languages

    Basically, I want all the languages to show up properly on my computer even if i dont understand them. Coz i dont like the idea of having ????? in folders or files. I think for every language there are two parts. The font part for display. And input for text input such as keyboard layout or special input method for Arabic, Chinese or Korean. Now i want to remove ALL the Input part of the languages but keep the fonts part. I hope that makes sense.
  15. i want to know too. Anyone knows? If ATI Mobility drivers from Modded ATI Catalyst are included in the driver pack?

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