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  1. "Only" 400 MB? In XP I use 89 MB. Anyway, seems like there's a huge difference between nLited and vLited ISOs. Either this is the true face of Vista, or vLite hasn't yet discovered what's removable. After all, nLite has been around much longer. I guess it's a combination of both, although I know zero about Vista. LA
  2. Thanks. Finally I did succeed to make a full XP SP3 ISO, by grabbing all needed files and then make a bootable CD (which I later nLited, making it just 127 MB including SP3 and extra hotfixes until June!). Furthermore, Windows product activation of the XP OEM version went fine with the serial number under my machine. Though Microsoft only allowed one online activation, which I expended when trying the new ISO. I didn't want to keep the full XP installtion, thus I nLited it, installed again and then I had to phone Microsoft to activate once more. That went fine too. LA
  3. OK. I'm currently on an excellent working XP Home installation, from an nLited ISO of 127 MB (including SP3 and hotfixes until June). I guess that won't happen with Vista. Anyway, one day I'll probably end up vLiting insanely, I'll check back then. LA
  4. Update: As I was tweaking my XP (full, not the nLited), I managed to reproduce the problem with tests and a bit of luck. Here's the thing: I couldn't start the DHCP Client service. The following message was returned: "Could not start the DHCP Client service on Local Computer. Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start." I found out (probably no secret...) that it depends on NetBios over Tcpip. However, I've always had this service disabled, so why didn't DHCP Client start? The answer, or rather the solution, lies in Windows Worms Doors Cleaner 1.4.1. See attached image: chose
  5. Thanks for your reply. So have you set your IP manually ? Or do you have no IP at all ? Is the network card correctly installed ? Can you ping anything ? I never do anything to set my IP. After a fresh install, I install a software firewall, plug in the network cable and then the connection works. My IP is always the same. I did remove some drivers, but none of them seem to be network related (well, ISDN and Modems are, but I've always removed the previously, without problems): ;# Drivers # Cameras and Camcorders Display Adapters IBM PS/2 TrackPoint IBM ThinkPad ISDN Logitech WingMan Microso
  6. My latest XP Home SP3 nLite CD seems to work fine except that I can't connect to the internet. I've removed a bunch of functions and services, but I can't figure out which one that causes this problem. Besides, I'm not skilled in networking issues. All I know regarding my own connection is that my computer connects directly to a network, and the only Windows service I should need running for internet, is DHCP Client (I usually run only 7-8 services). I've connected on other Windows setups with this service only. Now, DHCP Client is set to Automatic but it refuses to start. What could it possib
  7. Thanks a lot, I'll check those links! That's what I thought too, my guess was that SP3 only should modify the very C:\Windows folder. Yet there is a file called sp3.cab in i386, from 2008-04-14, whilst almost all other files - including sp2.cab - are from 2004-08-04. BTW I installed XP SP2 from recovery CDs at late as the day before yesterday, and then the first thing I did was to install SP3. Then we'll see what it means to have an Acer computer... LA
  8. I'm using an OEM version of Windows XP Home SP2, on which I've installed SP3 (no slipstreaming). Now, I'd like to make my own bootable Windows XP installation CD (since I only have recovery-CDs), out of the folder C:\i386. I've already followed a guide (it's in Swedish so I guess it's not use to post the link, but I'll do it if you suggest so), but it was aimed towards Windows installations without service packs. I tried it but I didn't succeed. Does anyone know how to do this? Or a proper guide for it? Another concern is that I suspect my i386 folder to have SP3 files in it. From the beginnin
  9. Thanks for the info. Any other opinions of the vLited ISO size? LA
  10. I'm using XP SP3 which I've nLited. I do not plan to switch to Vista, mostly because it's so bloated to me. Thus I'm interested in hearing how much you've reduced your Vista ISO files. To compare; my complete XP SP3 nLite CD is 200 MB (no other integrations like IE7 or WMP) and I estimate that I can reduce it even more, to about 180 MB, without problems. Would you consider it an easy thing to get it on a CD - 700 MB? LA
  11. I've found out that not clearing cache(s) in Windows makes the Explorer window stay in place. A bit annoying, I think it should be centered by default when the cache is cleared... (it's centered in Ubuntu as far as I can remember ).
  12. Haven't found out what's wrong really, but I still have problems connecting other USB devices than my own. Tried to insert a friend's external HDD, but Windows was unable to install it. I've looked carefully in my nLite session. Sure, I don't fully understand all features, but I really can't find a clue to something I've possibly removed to cause USB problems? Is it actually that I've removed DRIVER.CAB and SP3.CAB? Really want to make a new nLite CD, slightly improved, but I wish I could get rid of the USB problem. Thanks. LA
  13. A while ago I saw something on nliteos.com to replace .NET. I'm interested in trying this instead of installing .NET, but now I can't find where to download these files? LA
  14. Thanks for your reply. In my typical minimalistic manner, I've deleted the files in Windows\Driver Cache. Don't remember if I did that before or after the USB event. Independent of that, I think it's strange that the first attempt of inserting a USB stick required the CD, but the second and the third stick did not require the CD... I do have more USB items which I can try to connect and see what happens. However, those are a camera and a phone, which haven't ever worked without their specific CDs. So those items may not be representative for this problem. I would have to try with a fourth USB
  15. I've just installed a very fine XP SP3 CD (only 214 MB including SP3 and drivers, I'm amazed ). The only problem I have is a USB problem. As I inserted one of my USB sticks, Windows asked for the XP setup CD. This was surprising since that USB stick has always worked without any XP setup CD. So, I inserted the CD (the nLited one) and then the USB stick worked fine. After that I tried two more USB sticks, and they both worked without the XP setup CD. The only potential problem I can see here, would be if a friend came to me with a new USB stick. Probably it would work (according to my two stic
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