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  1. Show Yourself!

    You, my friend, are a /b/ tard. lol
  2. Late response but i just wanted to say that META tags play a HUGE roll in SEO. As do sitemaps.
  3. Ill do it if you pay me through paypal.
  4. I, too, have this problem and it's starting to get on my nerves.
  5. Actually, that sounds pretty interesting. Maybe we could team up and make something with all of our ideas put together? PM me if your interested.
  6. Thank you guys! Now i have some of the stuff i need. What about the icon? How would i choose what it looks like? and make all my windows re-open when i double click it?
  7. Hey, thanks for the response! In "msn messenger PLUS" theres a feature where you press ctrl+space and it hides your window in your system tray as a search icon. Thats my goal right there.
  8. 2019 a microsoft vision

    Well in a way.. he is right. I posted an article on my friends website a while back with my P4.. It was about windows 7 running perfectly on it. http://royaldez.com/go/index.php?option=co...;view=frontpage Theres the link for anyone who wants to read it. What im getting at is out of date hardware is still usable... we just PREFER to use our beautiful multicores and thousands of megabytes of ram. lol. (I HAVE 8 GIGS!!!)
  9. COOL Im gonna play around with it! EDIT: Turn it on and just stare at it for 30 seconds. You WILL die.
  10. Probably... but im definatly not paying 60 bucks for that. My book cost 18 The problem is that im not looking for anything specific... i just want to be able to, eventually, learn how to make advanced applications. EDIT: Thanks for the link mike!
  11. Free membership? Also can i add someone on msn that would help me?
  12. Hey everybody, So i just read a couple books on C++ but that only gave me the basic stuff. I wanna start getting into dlls and making programs that would be like alternatives to notepad and paint. Anyone got anywhere i can go to start learning the advanced stuff? Thanks in advance, Ozi EDIT: i just realized i said advance alot.... lol
  13. Thank you, but i guess this isn't happening for me... Anyone out there that can help me? Anyone?
  14. So what im trying to do is make a program that will minimize and rename or hide all the currently active windows on the screen. Is this even possible? I'm trying to make it using C++. Im a newbie and have only learned the basics but im a fast learner and will take all of your advice! Thanks in advance, Ozi