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  1. Had to choose Vmware Server because the correct option, VMWare ESX server wasnt listed. Currently have about 200 virtual servers running in the infrastructure.
  2. change Run('nod32.exe') to RunWait('nod32.exe')
  3. why not after the drive check, also check to make sure the file exists there as well?
  4. In a virtual machine, it doesnt see any of your actual hardware. That is why you cant install the drivers.
  5. Exchange is a separate product from Windows you must install it from the Exchange CD.
  6. you cant do this because it is the name of a device
  7. You dont just simply open ports. An application has to be listening first on the port first.
  8. Basically the format of if then else is if <condition> then <statements> else <statements> endif
  9. ESX for datacenter consolidation. It is a kick a** product when used in conjunction with SAN technology. You can drastically improve system uptime and reduce system rollout time to minutes instead of hours.
  10. Essentially yes. What I would do is promote the 3 new servers let them replicate, then one at a time demote the 2k servers.
  11. Depends on the overall layout of the network. Jim
  12. I have a feeling I know what the problem is. WPI is doing what is supposed to. It is starting a process, the 7zip extractor, waiting for it to finish, then continuing on to the next step. A way to do this is to write AutoIt scripts to run the 7zip file then run the installer.
  13. Geez if you think NTFS is a pain to support you are the one with problems. NTFS is definately not a pain to deal with.
  14. What file system is the drive formatted with?
  15. It will not be picked up automatically. And software RAID really isnt reliable. Use hardware if you want it done correctly.

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