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  1. Hi all, I'm new to IIS (beyond the basics necessary to set it up) but have a bit of a problem... I have IIS installed on a W2K3 AD server, acting as a DC, and it is used to host WSUS (no other websites). It is set up in the default (ie connect to port 80 etc). yesterday when I tried to access the admin console to check up on WSUS i got the old dns error page, and can't access anything on the server. There are no errors in the IIS logs, but when I try to telnet to port 80 it just severs the connection immediately. Not really sure where to start looking with this, tried uninstalling WSUS and IIS and reinstalling yesterday, but problem still persists...is it possibly a rights issue, or something screwed up in the metabase??
  2. W2K3 SP2 Upgrade Probs

    Hi all, I upgraded our test box with SP2 yesterday, and all appears to have gone well..just a couple of niggling problems: 1. help and support has vanished: I have remerged the registry key, but it is a little worrying. I need to have a trawl through and see if anything else has gotten screwed; I'm hoping it was coincidental to the SP2 upgrade 2. SP2 installs Outlook Express by default, and , as far as I can see initially, it is missing from the windows components for removal (we don't install it on our systems). I'm only just starting a full eval, but thought I could start a thread for everyone to post problems/solutions I'm hoping to test the new RIS upgrade in the next few days.
  3. Symantec 10 event log issues

    Hi, and thanks for your reply. I might be missing something here, but in the event viewer mmc I can select to filter events to show only certain types (ie errors, warnings etc) or events from a specific source/application, but I cannot exclude events from view individually?!? and in any case, this would only filter the view, and not the actual logging....and my event logs are getting huge! in the first 32 pages of the application log, only about 20-30 entries are of any use...the rest are all symantec telling me the clients have/haven't checked in for x days.
  4. Hi, not sure if this is the right topic to post in (if not feel free to move me) but I was wondering if anyone new how to restrict the event log entries for Symantec Enterprise 10.0 on a W2K3 box? the event logs on our servers are flooded with events reporting the success/failure of clients to check into the Symantec Sytem Centre, and to be honest I am getting fed up of it!
  5. Blocking IE7 through Group Policy

    OK, just had another look through the release notes for IE7 amd found this: "Automatic Updates will only offer Internet Explorer 7 to users with local administrator accounts. Automatic Updates will notify all such users (including those with Automatic Updates configured to automatically download and install updates) when Internet Explorer 7 has been downloaded and is ready to install. The notification and installation process will not start unless and until a user who is a local administrator logs on to the machine. Users who are not local administrators will not be prompted to install the update and will thus continue using Internet Explorer 6." Now, our policy is to add all laptop users as local admins by default, so I wonder if it isn't being offered to them, and the desktops have started to receive it when a local admin (either an engineer or IT delegate) logs in; I'm starting to suspect that the GPO has actually failed, and IE7 has been there all along, just waiting to be offered. When I had tested the GPO in the workshop, i had used our "test user" account, who is a member of domain users, but not local admins. grrrrr!!!
  6. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place for this question (if not please feel free to move it) but here goes: We had identified some issues arising between IE7 and some other apps that we run on our networks and domains (we host and manage several here) and so used the M$ IE7 blocking to prevent it being offered to users through automatic updates. This seemed to work for a time, but then we started having reports of it slipping through. Initially it was on a handfull of laptops, so I thought it might have been users connecting at home, off the network, and it getting through like that; now, however, it is cropping up more and more frequently, and started appearing on desktop machines, which obviously never leave the LAN. When I tested it on a client here in the workshop, the blocking worked fine, and it seems that the GPO is still in place; has anyone else had any experience of this? and if so, have they managed to resolve the issue (how is it getting through!!!)
  7. tiscali modem setup

    Hi all, I bought my sister in law a modem/router bundle for xmas to replace the usb modem she was given by tiscali, and just wondered if anybody knew off-hand the configuration for tiscali broadband before I go over and try and configure it? I'm presuming its PPoA, but just wanted to get the rest of the gubbins if anyone knew? the router/modem is a zylex prestige 660hw-t1, if that helps??!?! tia
  8. routing through a cisco router

    Sweet, thanks!
  9. DHCP Client PC's won't PING

    could you not script something into Group Policy to allow it through as an exception on the firewall???
  10. school network

    Perhaps you could suggest they create a new OU in active directory, which will allow you a little more autonomy? However, if its just the internet you are wanting access to and the sysadmins are using filtering software on the network you may have a hard time. If thats the case, suggest a few sites that they could add to their filters as safe?!?
  11. shutdown several pc on a network

    oh come on guys, someone asks for help and everyone tells them to sod off and *read the manual* if that where the case, we could tell everyone to sod off, and never share any info....give me a break
  12. Hi all, I have a cisco 1700 series router, and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for routing remote desktop requests from outside into my home pc? At the moment I have two pc's and a laptoip behind the router, NAT'ed to my public facing IP, and the only way I can connect to my home machine when I'm at work is to use the corporate VPN connection, however if I'm working on something at home and need to reboot I lose the VPN, or if I want to test something from my home pc (perhaps becasue the network users are complaining they are unable to access a resource over the vpn) I can't do it. What I'm looking for is the configuration commands to allow a remote desktop to my IP (say to be routed automatically to my PC rather than the kids or the good ladies (so straight to rather than any other). Any help is appreciated! oh, and please don't tell me to "google" it, because I'm far too lazy lol
  13. shutdown several pc on a network

    Hi Mad Dog, The windows administrators automation toolkit has some really handy scripts for performing tasks such as this for the network administrator, including one to shutdown or restart computers. If you like, drop me a pm, and i can send you the script over for you to cut/paste and modify
  14. MCE - optimal setup

    I don't know, thats why i'm asking on here lol. Would that be a better use of resources? bearing in mind that I had to re-overclock my machine recently to play some of the hi-def stuff, and its running at 95% handling it
  15. Hi all, I'm going to set up MCE as part of a dual boot system, and my plan is as follows: I'm basically wanting to have two pc's, my XP-pro setup for gaming, surfing the net, and general mulling about, and then have my second boot as MCE so that I can optimize my system for movies, in much the same way as I have done for gaming already. It means that I can ditch a whole shedload of services, hardware and applications on my MCE boot disk, and hopefully really focus in on my cinema experience. Does anyone have any experience of having done this, and give some advice on what I could do without/with for the perfect balance of form and functionality? If this works out well, I'm considering having a triple-boot system with another xp-pro OS disk for gaming, to try and get the most out of my machine.