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  1. Did you ever do more on your Reduce memory project , last version was 1.2? It still does wonders.

    email me at angelico.q(at)gmail(dot -com)

  2. I decided on Win 2008 EE 32-bit. It uses all 4 GB of RAM (from task manager). It looks like you can evaluate it for up to 240 days. Hopefully by then, Windows 7 (or a release candidate) will be in usable shape. -John
  3. I am thinking about trying out Win 2008 Standard 32 bit on my Dell Vostro 220s desktop that also has a 256 MB ATI graphics card. Will this OS be able to see all 4 GB of RAM? Or do I need to go with Win 2008 64 bit? The reason I ask is that I my Dell Optiplex 755 desktop which has 4 GB and runs XP 32 bit, winver.exe only reports 3,143,208 KB available. Is anyone running 2008 Server Standard 32 bit with 4 GB? How much total memory does the OS report? Thanks, -John
  4. Try: nslookup wiki s1 nslookup wiki s2 and make sure they are both returning the same IP addresses. I would still also open up the DNS management tool on both DCs and double-check that they are publishing the correct IP address. Another option would be to delete the entry out of both DNS servers and then add it back in again. -John
  5. How can I change the scope for file & print sharing on Windows 2008 server? Our local subnet is 10.0.1.x and our offsite network that we use for backups uses a VPN and has a network of 10.0.2.x. (and also edit the properties) Thanks, -John
  6. We have Windows Active Directory running on 3 Windows 2000 servers DCs. Can we upgrade straight to 2008 AD? Or must we migrate to 2003 first and then to 2008? Thanks, -John
  7. crahak, Very nice list! We use VMWare Server (on top of 2003) to host 5 guest Win2003/2000 server OSs. We will be migrating to ESX 3.5 very soon. -John
  8. I was just wondering what other mid-sized organizations with 200-500 computers are planning on doing with SP3. We are using WSUS to manage our monthly updates to our client XP systems. We may approve & push out SP3 when is becomes available through the WSUS channel. If you run SP2 + all of the patches, what is the rush to get to XP3? I can see using it for a new Ghost image or somethin similar, but I just don't see us cranking this out any time soon. So am very curious as to what other IT managers will be doing with SP3. Thanks, -John
  9. Now you can: - Receive product updates easily using the enhanced Product Updater Will this work if the person logged on only has user level credentials and not power user nor administrator? -John
  10. I wrote an AutoIt v3 script to do this, see www.autoitscript.com. You can compile the wh.au3 into a stand-alone .exe file. -John ; ; wh.au3 -- winhide ; -John Taylor ; Oct-12-2006 ; ; I use this to hide svchost cmd windows that are ; launched from a Scheduled Task ; ; 1st cmd-line arg : partial window title ; 2nd cmd-line arg : optional, always should be "1", shows a windows ; instead of hiding one ; #notrayicon Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1) Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) Const $max = 4 Dim $rv, $i if 0 == $CmdLine[0] then MsgBox(16, "Error", "You must give a partial window title on the command-line.") exit endif if 1 == $CmdLine[0] then for $i=1 to $max $rv = WinSetState ( $CmdLine[1], "", @SW_HIDE ) next endif if 2 == $CmdLine[0] then if "1" == $CmdLine[2] then for $i=1 to $max $rv = WinSetState ( $CmdLine[1], "", @SW_SHOW ) next endif endif ; ; end of script
  11. Nice tip. Is there a web page that discusses these type of features in depth? Thanks, -John
  12. set datemonth=%date:~4,2% I did not know that you could extract part of an environment variable with :~x,y. This will be really useful. Also, I did not know about %date% nor %time%, either. For example, I noticed that echo %logonserver:~2% returns the server name, without the two backslashes. Very interesting! -John
  13. See these threads too: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=637342 -John
  14. I have to agree about RAID-10. I think most businesses are now going to either RAID-10 or RAID-6 on new installations. If possible, I would get another drive and either do one RAID-10 or two RAID-1s. -John
  15. My first choice would be an Intel based NIC. You could also try Broadcom, too. -John
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