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  1. Same way you would if they were physical servers.
  2. @Nois13 That is incorrect. When moving folders, no new folders are created. There is no copying involved, the location of the directory is updated in the filesystem table.
  3. Look for the following option in the security policy: Access this computer from the network Jim
  4. What type of remote login? If you are talking about remote desktop you can do that as part of a security policy.
  5. Acronis kicks the crap out of ghost
  6. no. It does not support teaming of the two.
  7. there needss to be a FAT partition on the drive when starting setup in this manner.
  8. same problem here too, same motherboard so probably a chipset compatibility issue.
  9. What the heck is an ethernet modem?
  10. huh? What do you mean? Ethernet modem and high speed?
  11. you could write a logon script that will add domain admins back to the local admin group on logon. This would work because the local user already has admin rights so the group addition would work. Jim
  12. I use Acronis. It is much better. 100x easier to write to network and USB drives. Jim
  13. When you restore them are you putting them in the same order?
  14. Are you putting the installations in the same partitions?
  15. When are you trying to install it?

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