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  1. Its actually a good thing they block the ports. It increases the security of THEIR network.
  2. Vmware 6 can allow virtual machines to access USB devices.
  3. You get what you pay for. But currently you can download the beta of VMware workstation for free. It is pretty stable. Jim
  4. They arent worried about hacking into your ftp server. Would be too easy. They are looking for all the other vulnerabilties. If you have slimmed down that much, then you have more than likely broke alot of functionality of Windows. You wouldnt have to do all this if you would do the one thing that is easy to do and prevents most bad things from happening, run as a limited user account. The one easy thing to do is use a router $20 and provides a lot of security even with defaut settings. Most routers will not allow a packet in if it is not in response to an outgoing request or forwarded. Forwarding ALL ports to your PC is just plain not smart. My 2 cents. Jim
  5. It wont record keystokes, but it will automate them. AutoIT. vbscript can also do this. Jim
  6. I cant get the .Net Framework 3.0 redistributable package to be recognized by Windows update. I can do a silent install with dotnetfx3_64.exe /q /norestart and the installation completes sucessfully. This is being run on a 64 bit system running Windows XP Pro x64 SP2. I install 2.0 before hand and it is recognized by WU. I have also tried not doing the silent install and just clicking on the exe and following the prompts and rebooting after, to achieve the same result. Any suggestions? Jim
  7. What programs do you use that dont work with 64 bit windows? Your key is tied to 32bit windows.
  8. I dont know how you can do it at that screen but you can have startup scripts assigned via group policy. Jim
  9. jondercik


    What issues are you expecting? If you have questions I can help you. Jim
  10. Ghost doesnt know anything about the multiple drives and you can image it fine. To ghost it just looks like one single disk. Jim
  11. What is the exact size of the file you downloaded? The exact size is: 145,250,463 dotnet123x64_addon.cab
  12. This really isnt how DHCP works. Machines not connecting to the network unless they are authenticated is beyond the scope of DHCP and domain controllers. To accomplish this I believe you would have to set up 802.x authentication. The DNS problem is easy you just have to set that option in the DHCP scope.
  13. Tap3AH, I downloaded your file and tried using it and it does not work. Upon trying to extract the files with 7zip it reports that all files except 1.exe are broken. Can you repost it somewhere? Jim
  14. That would seem like a disk subsystem problem to me, not a processor one.
  15. I believe you can also use the long name in quotes. A better solution for you may be to write your own tool that will do things the way you want to.
  16. try using the fqdn of the server. Just a thought. Jim
  17. My advice would to either enable sharing of the document in Excel itself, or convert it to a database. Jim
  18. No, if your company wanted you to be able to install software they would have given your account the rights to do it. Jim
  19. I dont think you will. NT 4.0 kinda sucked at managing hardware. It is also so old that no one is developing for it anymore. Jim
  20. Network neighborhood never has been a reliable way to see machines, if you dont like typing the commands out each time to see shares make a batch file to do it. Jim
  21. If you know what files are duplicates of what other files, you can write a script to make links to those files using the "fsutil hardlink create" command. This command will create another file name that points at the same data as the other one. One of the lesser know features of versions of Windows XP and higher. Jim

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