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  1. OK thanks heaps, i will post back asap when my friend contacts me again to finish off setting up the ubuntu box. Shouldn't be to long a couple of hours maybe. Thanks. Paul
  2. A friend is helping me setup the ubuntu side of things. As you said here: How would i make the windows box join the domain and connect to it? Thanks, Paul. P.s Nice riddle had me going for a while lol
  3. Ok so i am currently in the process of setting up a samber server on Ubuntu 7.04, am also setting up the network accounts thingy so i can login to it over a network, now i need some help on the windows side of things. I want it to be like the setup they use at the schools and businesses, you know how you have to press alt, ctrl, del and put your details in then when you login and it gets all your files from the main serve (ubuntu) and stuff like that, how do i set it up in xp? thanks, paul
  4. It does not detect it because it connects to the comm port, there is a little red light on the ir-receiver device that is always on aswell. Edit: How can i start the install new hardware wizard in windows xp home?
  5. Hi and happy new year. i hope someone can help. i got this ir-receiver from my friend but has no drivers, i have searched the net but found nothting i have googled it and been to www.driverguide.com and also found nothing i really need these drivers please help! thx for reading
  6. Thanks Tarun it worked like a charm and it is all working and back to normal, i cant thank you enough i have tryied so hard for the last 3 weeks to fix this problem! Thanks to Tarun my pc is working w/o errors or problems, i am very happy.
  7. No Sp2 was in the package of windows home that i bort. i will try Dial-a-fix thanks for addvice Tarun! i will let you know how it all went.
  8. Not shore because i scanned for viruses with avg 7, mcafee 2006. then scanned for spyware with, bazooka, Ad-Aware SE Personal, Spybot - Search & Destroy, ewido 4.0, and also done a cleanup with ccleaner! they only found a few bugs but nothing seriuos so i'm not shore realy?
  9. What do u mean install window xp all together, wudent i just beable to download sp2 and install it? when i try to access the firewall via security center it gives me this message: Due to and unidentified programe, windows cannot display windows firewall settings Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) i cant find this.
  10. No the cd key will be rejected and wont install, your best hope is if the windows home is still installed on the pc get a cd key grabber from the net and and will work, if it doesent work try a crack or serial site. but be carfull those kind of sites contain viruses and spyware if your going to go to one i recomend to update your anti-virus and have your firewall set to high! I do not take any responsability for viruses or spyware.
  11. Hey is it possible to reinstall sp2, the reason is that the firewall cant open and it won't let me change settings.
  12. Some time in 2004 I got my hands on a office pc specs were, 128 ram, 1.2 GHz Intel, 20gig hdd, don’t remember the mother bored( the mother board had died) the Hdd had no branding on it and the serial code is just zero's and it's really heavy and feels solid, no hdd programmes can get a clear name from the hdd and it has never had data corruption nor loss and has never crashed oh yeah did I mention it is pretty dam quiet even when scanning with an a.v, it sits in my old pc in my room that I use every now and then. P.s had bad luck with WD and only ever owned 1 Maxtor that also died within the first month owning it.
  13. Yes i have had bad luck with maxtor and wd i have at least 10 wd's sitting in my cubbord ( all arround 40 gig) and there all screwed! so i just stay right a way from them i have on ever had one maxtor hd and it crashed in the first month so i backed up and replaced imeaditly!
  14. LOL no i wasent just seeing what you would say, thx for understanding. any way i have only ever used another forum once, and i understand about people thinking people use the comunity instead of being a part of it. thx for your help anyways!

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