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  1. ntbackup can do this using vss.
  2. If your computer is doing this everyday its not a good sign to the health of the drive. Jim
  3. Cant be done. Windows remembers login credentials to network resources. Jim
  4. Do you really need the Pro editions or will the express editions which are free do the job?
  5. I wouldnt use the following line, I would, and actually do the following DONT USE AbsPath = Replace(WScript.ScriptFullName, WScript.ScriptName, "") Use currentDirectory = WshShell.currentDirectory & "\" Just my two cents Jim
  6. Bah how did I miss that. I like my version better anyway
  7. I would do something different for the choice box, something like choice=MsgBox("Do you want to run diskpart now?",3,"Run diskpart?") If choice = 6 Then Call ExecuteProg(AbsPath & "diskpart ", Answer) End If
  8. What errors is the script reporting?
  9. You could always kill the process
  10. Yes, you can use vbscript to crawl through your domain and copy the file to the correct location. Or, cant you set the screensaver to use a file located on a network share? Jim
  11. Why not just use nLite to integrate the patches as well? Also, why does it file have its own directory?
  12. Let em use USB equipment only and have only the hub reachable by them?

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