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  1. I got the opposite experience with the most recent VLC. It crashed when loading regular local files without giving me a reason or a log. I got it in attempt to play MPD (dash) streams from the BBC, but it didn't even do that. That's a common issue with multiplatform software: it doesn't work smooth on windows and you have to research the command-line and cfg files. Open With is more flexible: you can send a link to multiple media players as well as other browsers when it doesn't work in our primary browser.
  2. Maybe it doesn't work inside a virtual machine because there isn't a proper OpenGL video driver. It can be tough to find out the cause. See what files it loads before it fails using FileMon. It should show a black window with a logo and accept files with drag and drop. On a real (not virtual), slow computer MPC-HC would be better than Linux players because MPC-HC can take advantage of hardware acceleration, and those cannot.
  3. The last version of MPV that works is dated 2015-10-29. I don't remember where I obtained it from. http://j7n.sytes.net/temp/mpv-i686-20151029.7z I experienced slow startup with this program. It had something to do with its fonts.conf not existing in the expected directory.
  4. I've never seen those adapters, because I got my phones used. A barrel connector seems to be a more conventional and safe choice, and is used in power supplies for other kinds of devices. USB is primarily a data port. I wouldn't want somebody plugging random, possibly faulty devices into my computer just to get power. The BL-5C battery is also quite universal. Instead of changing the plug to USB, the European government should have standardized batteries across all phone manufacturers.
  5. With a very limited system you can't play video in a browser. The HTML and JavaScript take too much processing power. You need to use a video player which can extract the video, and then switch to a blank tab in the browser. Use SMPlayer+Youtube-DL+old-MPV or use 3DYD Youtube Source with a DirectShow player. The startup times are long with these programs because they will download the video beforehand. And you need to update or reconfigure them when YouTube changes its formats. Add the browser extension Open With by Geoff Lankow to Firefox, to quickly call up a media player for a link. In a virtual machine you probably don't have hardware access for output like OpenGL or Overlay Mixer, which further decreases performance. Players may outright crash if they don't see a normal GPU. In SMPlayer there are several output options possible.
  6. Thank you for the offer! But I had an unrelated accident with an online order and I'm broke now. Nokia power supply is heavy with a transformer inside. The simple round plugs were largely interchangeable for many models.
  7. Sorting of bookmarks is indeed affected by Windows Regional Settings under Windows NT 5.2. The first dropdown list which changes the number formats. I only found 3 locales that behave oddly. Restart of New Moon is needed to effect the changes. Estonian: S->Z->T Latvian, Lithuanian: H->Y->I->Y-G I don't understand the rationale for this. The letter Y does not exist in the official alphabet. Putting it in the middle doesn't make it correct and incompatible with names and brands from other languages. Apparently, in Unicode there are tables for every or most locales because they do in fact sort letters with diacritics differently (with the parent letter, immediately after, or at the end). The solution is simply to switch to English (United States) and adjust the currency and separator symbols as needed.
  8. I have a basic Nokia 3100. The plastic case has broken and the rubber cover on the power button melted. But a replacement can't be found anymore. I am used to the keyboard layout. In cold weather I must be able to type before the screen reacts to display the letters. This phone seems to be unable to receive intelligible voice from some callers, as if they rely on encoding with more dynamic or bitrate. I also have a Samsung flip phone that is newer, but I don't use it much. And a Nokia 1680c-2 with a compatible keyboard, but more slugish software and smaller size.
  9. Maybe the captcha has been replaced with telephone verification because I didn't see a captcha at all. I've heard all about the lack of tolerance on the Pale Moon forum, and am not even registered there. I can login, but it takes a long time on a slower processor. It seems to do a lot of "cosmetic" drawing onto the screen. When I alt-tab back to the program, I see the screen redrawing slowly in small regions as the waiting animation spins. The GUI is not only slow, but also small and can't be used to move/delete mail in bulk. I have to wait on every letter to delete it. Now that you mention it: hCAPTCHA doesn't come up on other sites in New Moon 28. But it works in Serpent. Surprisingly, it also works in Opera 12. I thought it was a "good" captcha because of this, and becasue it is not owned by Google.
  10. Proton Mail is the favorite of security conscious people (despite that it requires a phone number on registration and looks business-oriented). The web interface is incredibly slow when doing anything in old Firefox. Enter something in the login box, and it will use up one Conroe cpu core. Same when browsing the folders, until it finishes churning through something. The usability is worse than Facebook and YouTube. Is there something in particular that can be en/disabled to speed it up?
  11. I chose Pale Moon over Firefox ESR because of conventional compact GUI in the preferences, title bar and status bar, multimedia codecs, less hassle with adding extensions, and less stuff to that needed to be disabled out of the box. Although both programs should be the same under the hood, Pale Moon seemed significantly slower with heavy websites.
  12. I thought that YouTube might have an invisible control character at the start. So I made a new list of bookmarks with alphabet typed by hand. They sorted incorrectly as I showed. I updated to New Mooon 28.10.4a1 (32-bit). Also checked on a second computer and the flaw was present. But both comps have similar software installed by me. The sorting is probably handled interally by International Components for Unicode which is whopping 11 MB, and maybe too smart for its own good. Very nice: new checkboxes in the Preferences in the new version. Everything else seems the same. Are you able to type a comment on FaceBook using New Moon? I can only type 1 character since recently, and have to copy & paste.
  13. The system locale is set to Germany. I don't know if any of it is read in by Firefox, which is quite independent. The browser is set to request pages in en-us. The letter Y seems crazy. Sometimes it is sorted above I, sometimes below, without an apparent logic. Other letters behave normally. Windows Explorer sorts normally. It doesn't practically matter that much; I can drag a few bookmarks by hand.
  14. I observed an oddity with bookmark sorting. Letter Y sorts between H and I. I can't explain it with any regional settings.
  15. I see now that I can sort when right-clicking on a folder. I tried right-clicking on one of the links inside as if it was the Windows Start menu, and didn't find the option there. No, I don't use NoScript. When a New Tab is added, it doesn't have a script in it.
  16. Every once in a while I get a page added at the bottom of the Bookmarks menu in Pale Moon. Usually a blank tab but sometimes a page I've visited. How can this happen? I can't do it on purpose because clicking on the Star adds it to Unsorted category. The method for creating a bookmark is too convoluted. A better system would be to invoke a command in a bookmarks directory, which would pop up a dialog with its name, address and comment and place the bookmark in that folder without opening the huge Library. I would never go there to look through Unsorted bookmarks. Also there appears to be no way to sort them alphabetically without dragging each item. I occasionally drag items by accident, and would prefer a static, alphabetic menu as in normal software or Opera.
  17. LatencyMon appears to be very sensitive. I've never used it before, and don't know what to expect from it. Even with the PC idle, when no problems are observed, it reports that my system is "having difficulty" in black text. Of course, if I load the CPU, the interrupt to process latency goes into the red. My expectation is for sound to be handled "first" as it was on Windows XP and earlier, even if the system is loaded. With the same set of other drivers loaded (whatever their deficiencies might be), I can play sound in Cockos Reaper at 10ms latency, as long as Reaper's priority is greater than other processes. This localizes the fault into a Windows process. The task of mixing sound is lightweight for Vista-class computer, and I don't see why it wouldn't have unlimited priority. Microsoft has apparently reinvented the wheel priority system with the "MMCSS" service, and it is no longer straightforward. Loading a dual-core CPU is harder. It takes two processes to make the system unresponsive. I might as well leave the situation as it is now. LatencyMon - Idle LatencyMon - cpugrab Reaper Playing at Nearly Full Loaded CPU
  18. I have upgraded the processor on my computer from Conroe-L to Conroe E6600 on 965G chipset. The only fan I could install is a used one for a Pentium 4. It has an aluminum core, and 4 pins with PWM. This fan spins between 2000 and 2800 RPM at light load and is very loud, and sensitive to load spikes. It sounds like a ball bearing rattling, or a vacuum cleaner with a bicycle wheel, just as I remember it sounding with the horrible P4. What puzzles me is that the internally reported temperatures for either core with the new CPU are quite low, between 37 and 53 degrees at 27° ambient. The frequency multiplier switches between 6x and 8x, does not ever reach 9x (not even when it is cool). The Conroe-L single core CPU reached 55-58°C (as reported by itself), but the fan stayed at 900 RPM the whole time. Its original half height heatsink also allowed to reach these temps before revving up. Could the thermal contact be poor? The CPU never goes above 53 degrees at full load though. I thoroughly wiped the old thermal paste. Is there a fundamental difference between stock Intel LGA 775 fans? What could explain the fan being driven harder with the same or lower temperatures? Is the logic for that inside the CPU? Can the temperatures be read wrong? I tried SpeedFan software. The computer appears to function fine with the fan at 900 RPM, which unexpectedly corresponds to PWM 60 % (3000 RPM is 100%). I'm not happy to rely on a software because it could fail with the fan stopped. Fitting an aftermarket HSF on this board is difficult because of the tall northbridge heatsink.
  19. Ramin Djawadi - Game of Thrones soundtrack Do not look up anything related to this brutally epic film, no covers, no music titles, if you've not watched it. Spoilers are everywhere. In fantasy computer games armies and heroes also fall like flies, but it never feels so visceral that I have to look away. Another good film set in a fantasy world is "The Witcher" (2019). Do you actually listen / watch music from YouTube? I find it a chore to find acceptable quality uploads that do justice to the piece for forum threads like these. Even if I had a modern computer I wouldn't rely on a heavy website.
  20. The driver has some unused baggage from Creative Labs consumer products with too many DLL files. But the positive aspects outnumber the flaws. The sound mixing service seems strongly "decoupled" from Windows, and can be recognifigured and restarted, as is sometimes needed when games eat up all the channels, it patches into the basic "Wave" sound well to allow for 22-24-bit accuracy (at 48000 Hz), loopback in the mixer can be lossless, sound streaming is ultra stable with zero glitches. The driver package works much better than M-Audio on XP/2003. Before E-MU dissolved and the people went to Universal Audio, they released a fixed "beta" driver that works around WinNT6 quirks, and made it compatible with x64 with more than 4 GB of RAM.
  21. Is the information entirely encoded on the EU certificate itself because the barcode area is so large, or just a serial number for searching in a database as it is with various smartcards? Well, politics, medical advice and personal difficulties are off-topic on a technology forum. Such debates could quickly overwhelm the forum, make it look "unprofessional" and cause division among members.
  22. The disk still gets corrupted, and shows up as a 5 GB unformatted volume. This happens after a cold boot, when it should be as blank as possible. As far as I understand nothing gets carried over from the previous session anyway. Rebooting does not bring it back to normal. I can't access it as a physical disk to check what is written on it when it is broken. I had an NTFS volume with a dozen directories and a blank swap file. If I get rid of Image in registry, the disk seems to work. A swap file gets created on it. From the instructions I understood that I must prepare it in advance, but apparently not.
  23. Yes, but setting it to the audiodg process or the parent service doesn't improve the sound unlike what I expected. It should already be acceptable because the default priority is 15.
  24. Some people think the ban is on specific keywords, others think it is on the amount of text, and others still think that it is caused by not watching the video (downloading it externally). Tomorrow the rules might be different, and trying to comply with them is a waste of time. Apparently this has been happening for a year or so; there are Reddit posts and videos on the site itself. If YouTube wanted posts to be more concise, they could have reinstated a limit on symbol count. Recently a couple short comments I made went through. In a sense, interaction with YouTube feels "human", which I do not appreciate on a computer. "It" senses certain characteristics of me, forms an opinion, but does not say everything he thinks, avoids or rejects me, and leaves me guessing. Do anyone of you have a channel where I can post and know where the comments end up, spam box, or nowhere at all?
  25. I am able to kill the process. Attempts to start audiodg.exe does nothing, it does not run. It is normally started by AudioSrv.dll under Local Service account. Turns out the process has a protection related to some kind of unneeded DRM! Setting HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Audio\DisableProtectedAudioDG =1 allows to change the priority. I can see it increasing from 15 to 24 in Process Explorer, but it does not appreciably affect the reliability of sound output. On the other hand, E-MU 0404 functions well under x64 with 8 GB of RAM! (Driver 2.3 "Beta", PatchMix 2.2.) It did not work under x86 PAE. ASIO is reliable and bypasses Windows. Still I would like to have the "Wave" playback working for common programs.

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