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  1. Some people think the ban is on specific keywords, others think it is on the amount of text, and others still think that it is caused by not watching the video (downloading it externally). Tomorrow the rules might be different, and trying to comply with them is a waste of time. Apparently this has been happening for a year or so; there are Reddit posts and videos on the site itself. If YouTube wanted posts to be more concise, they could have reinstated a limit on symbol count. Recently a couple short comments I made went through. In a sense, interaction with YouTube feels "human", which I do not appreciate on a computer. "It" senses certain characteristics of me, forms an opinion, but does not say everything he thinks, avoids or rejects me, and leaves me guessing. Do anyone of you have a channel where I can post and know where the comments end up, spam box, or nowhere at all?
  2. I am able to kill the process. Attempts to start audiodg.exe does nothing, it does not run. It is normally started by AudioSrv.dll under Local Service account. Turns out the process has a protection related to some kind of unneeded DRM! Setting HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Audio\DisableProtectedAudioDG =1 allows to change the priority. I can see it increasing from 15 to 24 in Process Explorer, but it does not appreciably affect the reliability of sound output. On the other hand, E-MU 0404 functions well under x64 with 8 GB of RAM! (Driver 2.3 "Beta", PatchMix 2.2.) It did not work under x86 PAE. ASIO is reliable and bypasses Windows. Still I would like to have the "Wave" playback working for common programs.
  3. I am experiencing unstable sound under NT6.1 x64. If I open a process that causes a high load or runs at high priority (such as Task Manager), the sound drops out. I'm not surprised because it also happened on another PC. Apparently sound is no longer processed in a driver but in a normal process. I want to try to increase the priotity of audiodg.exe which is how I always approached sound issues in the past. If I try that, I get an error "Access denied". I don't like that I don't have access to things on my computer. How to fix it? I am logged in as Administrator, no UAC. Perhaps I can give more permissions to the Administrator account? I found some reports of other users increasing the priority, but they didn't mention any additional steps.
  4. Every Direct3D game uses 100% CPU with V-Sync, which is necessary for good visual quality. They are not necessarily "old" games relative to the age of WinXP. This leads to inability to run any background tasks on single core without stuttering or crackling sound. OpenGL works correctly. Some older games even run at high priority, which makes the problem worse, to an unresponsive keyboard. Those games need to be patched. The current layout of YouTube uses CPU whenever its tab is in the foreground. It's but one example of a bloated site. Often I find Opera browser with its slower JS engine grinding to halt while displaying seemingly plain looking flat design site. Inefficiency has been increasing for as long as computers have existed. The majority software has been described as bloated at some point, and this is sometimes used as an argument why software bloat is not real. Software is like a gas. It expands to fill the container. I'm surprised that people pay money to use heavy "streaming" websites. Viewing media in a browser is always uncomfortable.
  5. If it's a router, then it should allocate a range of addresses to choose from for the internal network. You wouldn't use a low power Win98 PC as the sole computer connected to a modem, or accept a random address that makes locating the computer for file transfer or other services difficult. You could always add a good router behind the Chinese device.
  6. I found that the reason BBC World Service wouldn't play was because I had disabled media.autoplay.enabled to prevent an assault of advertisements. Does Roytam do any development on New Moon, adding useful functions, or only transplants patches that others have made?
  7. Does this audio stream work for you in New Moon? I see it getting chunks of MOV files for a while, but nothing is played. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_world_service
  8. I installed the system ok. The original C: drive didn't get a letter, but luckily the registry still uses the familiar format of DosDevices, so I could add it. For some reason, the BCD boot data wasn't created: it gave a cryptic error that I failed to print-screen. I also found that a boot.ini from an entirely different disk got copied to the boot drive. The BCD command-line utilities that I installed were from Windows 7. The "ADK" that gets downloaded automatically has utilities incompatible with WinXP. If I already have new Windows running that can run the new "ADK", I'd be less likely to need to setup another copy of new Windows. The requirements of a tool like this should be minimal. I understand you want to dance around licenses with the ADK download...
  9. I could format it, but the format was always "Quick". I needed to blank the entire disk to create the tiny image. After boot it contained some data.
  10. I have two keyboard layouts that allow me to enter great many useful characters using dead keys, such as superscript, fractions, euro sign, micro sign, common diacritics and to type Russian using a conventional QWERTY layout. I discovered that on Windows 2008 R2, I need the layout as a 64-bit DLL. The layouts I have are in NT5 DLL and Win98 KBD formats, and the Tilde Keyboard Editor software supports only these formats. They apparently have never updated it for new Windows and don't offer it anymore at all. What is a good, small program without bloated frameworks that can convert these layouts to 64-bit for winNT 6.1 with minimal effort? Why is a keyboard layout a DLL in the first place instead of a data table that could be used across different OS architectures? So much stuff does not work on 64-bit. Every program with a driver inside. Jesus.
  11. They are old system, temp, swap and backup partitions. Even though I don't use some of them for the original purpose, I can't easily remove them.
  12. No other ramdisks would work, as they rely on PAE being enabled. I resolved this problem by enabling PAE and setting a memory limit at 3 GB with /MAXMEM=3072. Gavotte automatically created a 5 GB disk disregarding the size I asked for. It seems to work well so far. I followed the steps in the readme for creating a mini-image in the registry, and had to dismount the volume with chkdsk.exe T: /X L:2048 or the disk would become corrupted after reboot. Windows doesn't feel that this is a fully featured disk. It can't be opened as a physical disk and examined by most tools. FORMAT returns instantly, and something else such as WinHex is needed to zero fill it. Disk check from properties doesn't work. What is the explanation why random reads from "random access memory" still slow down dramatically? I looked at some benchmarks online and this is happens to similar degrees.
  13. Where does "drive letter preassignment" for Vista/7/2008 take the letters from? The current system? Currently I have boot drive C with NT5 on it, and B as the potential installation drive for NT6. I would like for the new system to see them swapped for better compatibility (the system should be C, and the boot should be B). I expect the boot code to reside on current C, and retain the ability to boot into NT5. Can I achieve this with WinNTSetup?
  14. You can see servers in Tools > Web Developer > Network. In Opera there was a Dragonfly component with similar functionality. To avoid connecting to localhost where there might be a webserver running, I use an address from future use range which is set to 'Prohibit' in my router. Presumably, the styles of a forum can be adjusted to anything. These particular sites prefer retro and colorful look because of the subjects they discuss.
  15. AcmImBoard/Kuribo64 appears to mostly work even in Opera 8 and perfect in Opera 12. Except that users can add any styles to their post and name that could be incompatible. I'm also not a fan of reading a thread where every post has different colors and background, making it hard to tell what is a quotebox. But maybe it fits the overall theme of drawn Japanese avatars. Last big traditional forum is Doom9. Recently they discussed updating due to spam, but nothing came out of it. Some websites in older browsers appear totally blank without any content, even in New Moon 28. And there is a forum engine that shows the user names column, but the posts have no text in them.
  16. Internet sites have consolidated into fewer platforms. Moderation on those feels like law enforcement without individual staff members being responsible for their decisions. Hidden bans are common, making it seem that the whole social medium community suddenly started hating me. With smaller forums one could more easily leave if they didn't like how the server was run. Actual regulations from governments and enforcement of copyright are ever increasing. Too many newbie users who feel the need to be policed. Failbook is too slow to spend much time on it without a computer from space. Surprisingly to me, it is the most accessible way of interacting with serious businesses who almost never run a discussion board anymore. This is the reason why I visit it. RSS was good. Opera presented this data as e-mail like messages. One could bypass the web design and user engagement research. Of course companies don't like that. I used RSS to skim over new threads at forums without the overhead of going to the site and refreshing it. Who do you think owns communications lines if not corporations? MSFN is not great anymore. It's been updated multiple times recently.
  17. I installed 8 GB of RAM on my system with Server 2003 SP2. Unfortunately I discovered that playing sound on E-MU 0404 (Creative) sound card makes the system crash and cause errors on hard disks. Curiously, playing a video with sound works. CPU-Z wouldn't work. It is really dangerous if drivers can get loaded with small system info or task manager tools. PAE is now disabled using /fastdetect /execute /NOPAE. Disappointingly, only 3 G of memory is available. To make use of the memory I installed Gavotte RAMDisk 1.0.4096.30, and configured to use 1 G in PAE memory (DiskSizeM=1024, UsePAE=1). A FAT32 volume was created after reboot. However, the Task Manager shows that Commit Charge has increased by 1 G. It seems that it has allocated normal memory. What is wrong? I do not dare to increase the size of the ramdisk.
  18. The Treacherous Platform Module is the most disturbing aspect. Corporations have been slowly stepping up security to take ownership away, and people accept it like the proverbial frog getting boiled, and even feel comforted by these innovations. SSL, signed drivers, certificates everywhere. Incompatible computers can of course continue running a suitable unsupported OS. But "Wintel" would rather send those computers to a landfill, while preaching about power savings or other green peace.
  19. I have experienced all my comments being immediately deleted for about a month, after I wasted time writing them. Before that replies were much delayed, as if they were in a spam box. But I thought it was because an army of fans reported me for coronavirus comments or something. I wrote an angry message to the feedback that was also critical of some interface conventions. Now I genuinely feel better! I tried multiple accounts, but didn't think of changing the browser. My agent version is Firefox from the future with some slogans appended. I don't like the non-transparent mechanism of moderation on that site. Somehow traditional forums were able to handle the workload of semi-manual review. On my new installation of Windows, SMPlayer is somehow able to pick up YouTube-DL. Although every once in a while the speed gets stuck at inadequate 70 KB/s.
  20. If a system boots in less time, doesn't mean it works practically works any faster. If the computer is rarely shut down at all, the boot time is a small fraction of its operating hours. I only turn off my PC because of the current heat wave in the afternoon. Also any new system will feel somewhat faster due to low fragmentation and small registry, depending on how much the previous system was used. 3x would break Nathan Myhrvold's and Wirth's laws of physics.
  21. These hard drives are still working but are relatively new. 320 AAJ was used in a plastic Gigapod enclosure in the past, and therefore has a temperature reading of 61 °C. HDD VN is "new" but shows very low power cycle and load/unload cycle count. I used HDAT2 to lock the DCO where it accidentally saved the power management setting that prevents it from parking the heads. Apparently Crystal knows how to access smart over a RAID controller where other software fails.
  22. How did you quantify the phenomenal 3x speed increase? Windows keeps growing in size, and yet every new version is reported as being faster. It is always some tricks, like delayed start of services (that still have to start) or suspend memory to disk, which was possible in older systems as well.
  23. I researched this problem some more and found a SOLUTION. It has to do with sector addresses in CHS that exist alongside LBA. The workaround is to set the end sector of the system partition to the highest possible value FE FF FF. For LBA 8388608 I had h,s,c: 42,32,522. I am not sure if the sector value was correct, or if it should have been 33. I used BootIce, which is able to commit edits to bootsectors. The speed of the flash memory has much improved. https://forum.giga-byte.co.uk/index.php?topic=8585.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error ------- - BIOS is set to AHCI native SATA Mode BIOS > Integrated Peripherals > SATA AHCI Mode = AHCI SATA Port0-1 Native Mode = Enabled - HDD is connected - the primary partition start offset is 2048 sectors, which is equal to 1.048.576 bytes (1 * 1024 * 1024), this is an alignment value normally used for SSDs to improve read / write speed - Windows 2003 Server x86 with integrated SP2 is used to install the HDD - you press F6 to choose an AHCI driver floppy disk during setup - we use the already present partition and do only a quick NTFS format or we choose "Leave the current file system intact (no changes)" if available - the OS installs and on the 1st reboot directly after the AHCI Controller device scan you read one of the following error messages: - A disk read error occurred - Unable to load operating system - Error loading operating system Solution ---------- - turn computer off - connect the HDD which caused the problem and a 2nd HDD for launching XP - turn computer on - set BIOS to IDE Legacy Mode for XP to start - in XP use a hex editor and open the PhysicalDrive of the HDD that you installed Windows Server 2003 on - in the MBR set the 3 bytes starting at offset 0x1C3 to FE FF FF and save the changes to the PhysicalDrive - turn computer off - disconnect XP HDD - turn on computer - switch BIOS to native AHCI Mode - now Windows 2003 Server / Windows XP Setup will boot and continue - you will now have a properly aligned partition starting at sector 2048
  24. I experience an invalidation of my previous login made on the same day when I log onto the board from a second computer on the same IP address. Can this be avoided?
  25. If the system needs more than 4 GB of RAM, new processor instructions and a new motherboard with UEFI and a Treacherous Module, 64-bit makes the most sense. For compact installations or legacy hardware the newest OS is never the best choice.

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