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  1. switching between filters is no longer required. u just need to make sure when using seven imagex, waik 2.0 wim filter is in use
  2. For Step 7, GImageX is used with Seven ImageX. For Step 10, vLite is used with Vista wimfltr. Okay, I get that. Questions: For Step 8, do I have to install WAIK 1.1 (Vista) or just have to rename wimfltr2.sys? Other than that, if I want to install WAIK 1.1 (Vista), do I have to uninstall WAIK 2 (Windows 7) first? In other words, can I keep both WAIKs installed without one affecting another? u can not have both waiks installed. i recommend to install both not together though, to copy the imagex folder to another folder and then uninstall as the full waik installations are not required as in post #93
  3. if you have the ultimate msdn iso you can not use pro as a trial serial is not provided. u have to use ultimate
  4. I think this is the same problem I was having. For the last week I was using vista imagex and was removing packages get it wont install then. With seven imagex I am can't remove packages or even mount the registry. Are you doing this before or after vlite? the reg wim tweak and package removal can be done using seven imagex but it takes a long time to complete. ths must all be done before vlite. im testin now to see if this can be done with vista imagex instead ps i would recommed to install waik 1.1 and 2.0, copy over imagex then uninstall both from your system such as C:\ImageX\seven\amd64 <------ this folder is from windows aik\tools folder (waik 2.0) C:\ImageX\vista\amd64 <------- this folder is from windows aik\tools folder (waik 1.1) place a copy of gimagex into each amd64 folder where imagex resides and then test this way
  5. i may have found another way to delete files from the wim. it involves using vista imagex and seven imagex. if you use seven imagex, u cant remove files from the winsxs due to file ownership restrictions whereas if you use vista imagex, you can
  6. i used wimmount from waik 2. i dont think there is any difference between the two it seems sp1 is tightly locked down when compared to the non sp version
  7. i just did another test & no errors after vlite u could try this way: 1) ensure waik 2.0 is installed 2) in cmd prompt, go to Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64 and execute wimmountinstall /install 3) copy wimmount.sys from above folder to Program Files (x86)\vLite\wimfltr\x64 4) rename wimfltr.sys (this is the vista version) to something else such as wimfltr2.sys as you will need it later 5) rename the copied wimmount.sys to wimfltr.sys 6) right click wimfltr.inf Program Files (x86)\vLite\wimfltr\x64 folder to install 7) using gimagex or imagex, mount install.wim and then dismount wim with commit changes. this should take a while around 20 minutes depending on pc. u should only need to do this once to a wim unless u start from afresh 8) go back to the vlite wimfltr folder and rename wimfltr2.sys to wimfltr.sys (also rename wimfltr.sys back to wimmount.sys) 9) right click wimfltr.inf and install again. this will copy the vista version back to system32\drivers 10) use vlite u may need to switch between the 2 filters when using imagex and vlite
  8. my guess its the wimfilter that is corrupting the image. when you're mounting/dismounting with gimagex (or imagex), make sure the wimfilter is from waik 2.0 or win7. then u can install the vista waik wimfilter for vlite...? when dismounting, it should take around 20 minutes to complete
  9. yes thats all. u can use gimagex but make sure its the latest version
  10. ps can someone try this for me: 1) ensure u have waik 2.0 installed as u will need imagex from that 2) mount install.wim with imagex, u do not need to do anything such as add or remove files 3) unmount wim with commit changes 4) run vlite, make sure u have wimgapi.dll & wim filter from vista waik let me know the outcome
  11. i think i may have found a workaround. i successfully installed msdn sp1 x86 after vlite removal. will post details after some more testing and a nice hot bath
  12. do you have setup.exe in your sources folder?
  13. aviv00, if i may, i would like to use your winsxs removal suggestions in my next guide update for x64/r2?
  14. some updates install, some don't with winsxs removed?
  15. removing dfs along with group policy will break it...
  16. did you remove with vlite or dism? you could try with dism & then manually delete the files from the winsxs folder to see if that works?
  17. which setup.exe did you copy? the one from the root or the one from the sources folder?
  18. dead0

    Integration aborted

    you have to use DISM to integrate updates into win7
  19. are you using a vlited image or is it a customised version that you are trying to vlite?
  20. check your hardware settings in your bios. you might have to change your sata settings from ahci to ide...?
  21. testing it now but i dont think there will be a much reduction in size? plus it may cause more problems than it solves by removing component cache in vlite?
  22. unfortunately, that guide is only for 7 ultimate!
  23. dead0

    vliting on XP

    you shouldn't have any problems using vlite in xp to vlite vista! if your xp is 32bit then you could only vlite vista/7 32bit!
  24. there are 2 setup.exe in the iso, one in the root & 1 in the sources folder! you need the setup.exe from the sources folder that needs copying to the sources folder of the vlite copy

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