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  1. what operating system are you using? if you are trying to run dism for x64 in a x86 environment, then you will get that error?
  2. that would be due to the removal of media center with vlite, i believe?!
  3. i have a q6600 & 4gb ram, will that do?
  4. looks like theres a problem with netfx!
  5. windows 7x64 does "feel" snappy compared to server 2008 r2 whereas i found server 2008 more snappy than vista?
  6. have you tried running vlite with full admin rights?
  7. i just delete any remaining prn, wia,ati, nv, from driverstore, inf, winsxs & manifest! even though they're linked explorer doesn't show the actual install size correctly? ps on a side note, does windows 7 share the same core files as server 2008 r2? so besides the added server features, ultimate & server are one & the same?
  8. your batch file: del /f /s /q "%mount%\Windows\Winsxs\%cb%_prn*">nul del /f /s /q "%mount%\Windows\system32\Driverstore\FileRepository\faxc*">nul del /f /s /q "%mount%\Windows\Winsxs\%cb%_faxc*">nul del /f /s /q "%mount%\Windows\system32\Driverstore\FileRepository\wia*">nul del /f /s /q "%mount%\Windows\Winsxs\%cb%_wia*">nul you also forgot to check the windows\inf folder & the winsxs\manifest folder?
  9. are you using one of the builds floating around on the web? looks like the iso was not created properly from the vhd file?
  10. to be honest i only kept those coz i thought activation would not work without scarddlg, & for cosmetic reason with the remote settings link in system properties! didnt know they were causing install problems
  11. i just delete all the prn folders from winsxs! vlite removes some drivers but not all
  12. yes it removes less with dism but removes more with vlite! as for the printer drivers, dism does remove it but you have manually delete it from the winsxs folder! i think thats the problem with dism, it removes from windows but doesnt delete the backup from the winsxs folder? basically i just delete the printer drivers starting with prn...
  13. dead0, underxp or anyone else have more information on this. A log-file that is created, stating the package or file that is missing? which package or what error are you getting? ps heres my latest lastsession & batch file for x86:
  14. with that one, i removed netfx also a lot of drivers from system32\driverstore\filerepository & winsxs. deleted windows powershell from system32 but couldnt remove from winsxs as i kept getting install errors. also removed the opticalmediadisc files from winsxs, wallpapers, some leftover drivers & games
  15. i would be careful of which files you nullify as they are hardlinked to the system32 folders & elsewhere?
  16. still cant figure out what's causing that error? wonder if this could be due to DTC removal? duh!!! looks like it was due to removing search in vlite!
  17. if its 32bit then i shouldnt see why not? well i run it via right click on winsxs folder icon i get black windows open and closed very quickly and the bat file in doesnt create is its possable cos my windir is c:\win not windows ? edit: found the file in temp what should i see in the bat file ? possibly but i cant really say as i havent the need to use it! best wait for underxp to reply?
  18. if its 32bit then i shouldnt see why not?
  19. gonna try by keeping net3 in vlite but its removed with dism!!! for some reason it still shows up in vlite after dism?
  20. just tried installing dotnet2/3, not working!
  21. looks like its not DTC thats causing the search problem? installed very quickly, running smooth...sort of! install size 1.72gb before compression & windows updates working but some of the mmc consoles are not such as event viewer?
  22. btw install.wim is now 401mb! i will let you know in 20mins or so after i had me dinner!
  23. still cant figure out what's causing that error? wonder if this could be due to DTC removal?
  24. still cant figure out what's causing that error?

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