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  1. Ahh okay, thanks for helping me out. Now I certainly know not to use brackets in these file names. I found out that your start command would actually also work with some moidification. {START} cmd /c "%wpipath%\..." But its much easier code when skipping brackets.
  2. I just tried your code, it opens a command prompt but dosen't execute the bat file, any idea?
  3. You probably need some more files (if you want to run the batch file). The bat file runs fine here btw. 7-Zip-(32-bit).txt
  4. I have downloaded the latest WPI but I get some wiered results when running my test app. When I run it from the desktop, %temp%, %systemdrive% it gives the error: command 1 failed. I have tried with running as admin as well as folders without spaces and with spaces, all gives the same result. But if I run the same thing inside %programfiles% it will work and have success on install. I have tried on windows 7 x64, x32 and xp same result. Is there a way to make the WPI work from any folder?
  5. Anyone got a method to install version 4.x with his method? When I edit as told (and exchange 3.0 with 4.0) , it gives errors when compiling the script. Would be nice to know if anyone got a solution to silent install ConvertXtoDVD. I figured it out, the error was because "{code:GetVideoStandard}" need to be replaced with "vs_forcepal" OR "vs_forcentsc" (Use PAL or NTSC)
  6. When I run this in windows 7 x64, I get this error: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/LoH9drjeUuAOZlubhNPA70uc3U4kJO_gt3-dTBRcFic?feat=directlink Anyone know if you need too install any software to make it work? I get no error in windows xp, but in windows 7 I get that error just when It reads the database.
  7. have you tried too search through google? It doesn't looks like, as it can answer all your questions regardless silent/unattended install of certain software. Another good software to find out is "Universal silent switch finder".
  8. Right now I cannot access the files from WPI website: http://www.wpiw.net/ could someone upload the original 8.1.0 WPI. Thanks
  9. Thanks both of you CoffeeFiend and mritter you are great. In the end what solve the issue for me was the one provided by CoffeeFiend. It works and does the jobs thanks for pointing it out. Unfortunately the method by mritter worked great on windows xp, vista and windows 7 x86. But on my windows 7 x64 it didn't work for me (but on mritter's windows 7 x64 it worked). I don't know why, but this method by CoffeeFiend worked on all editions I tried (windows 7 x86, x64, windowws xp and vista when I tested it). Thank you both nontheless for solving this issue you are great!
  10. I'm not so used to javascript (I can read it and do some editing) but have no idea if I should code it up myself. Could you explain which lines should be replaced in which files for this to work? Thanks alot for your kindness to help and figuring this out. I am really greatful for both your help.
  11. That is correct, that is the way I understand it too. in alt+G if true = online in alt+G if false = offline WPI > options > features > "Allow check for Internet Connection". This one needs to be checked right? correct
  12. So WPI is kinda bugged ATM when checking connection to the internet? I have tried on fresh install serial times now, with windows xp, windows 7 x32 and windows 7 x64. All have samme issue as mentioned above, maybe you can look into it or know a solution (I have tried what you said but it does not solve the issue unfortunately).
  13. It still doesn't work in virtual machine or in different folders. Then I tried disable internet - disable LAN, unplug cable so no connection on main pc and in my virtual machine all connection is disconnected. I started all over. Downloaded fresh, and nothing have been changed by me. Copy it to my virtual machine. Then I start wpi - internet connection - true go to options - features - "allow check for internet connection" - alt+G - internet - false. But now when I close wpi and start it again and alt+G - internet connection - true. Here it should have said false instead. Then I try edit api.js as u mentioned. where I replace // if (AllowCheckForInternet) // CheckForInternet(); with this: if (AllowCheckForInternet) CheckForInternet(); start WPI - internet connection - true I don't see why it don't work on my main or in virtual machine. I have now tried different combinations but none seems to work everytime. If it works internet connection should say false and not true. I have tried in windows xp and windows 7. I have restarted my PC and virtual machine and that doesn't help either. Its strange that it doesn't work the way it should
  14. I got it figured out after a few tries. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately it didn't solve the issue. Not when moving the folder or try again elsewhere on the PC.

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