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  1. These errors above are caused when you have WAIK for VISTA or VLITE installed. Its also why services disappear.
  2. Even only using dism I get this error
  3. Has anyone succeeded in shrinking a N version, cuz thats what happens in mine : Note: this happens even when I remove just one component like notepad on vlite
  4. dridzz

    hidusb.sys bsod

    Where is the dump file saved in win 7 ? Thx
  5. dridzz

    hidusb.sys bsod

    Hey there, My custom install works perfectlly on virtual box, but when i m going to install it on my computer I get a blue screen of death about hidusb.sys, anybody knows what is going on ? Did a couple of tests: When i remove all usb devices it works, but when I put any of them it crashes It only happens when I remove any component with vlite or dism. EX: I removed just paint and the error appears
  6. Hey blue, don't know if this will help you, but according to this thread HERE, vlite uses globalinstallorder.xml to remove stuff. Might want to take a look at it
  7. Cool thx for the info. and is it possible to do everything vlite does mannuallly ? and programs like 7custumize and Topic has attachments Se7en_UA be able to do the same stuff vlite does ?
  8. But would we be able to remove everything that vlite does like games(not disable like dism does)?
  9. Will your program be able to entirely remove packages(languages, games, ) like vlite or will it just disable some of the features it like dism does ?
  10. Nice work you're doing blue I currently use this guide HERE, to slim down windows 7 How will the removal components part in your program work ? Will it it use dism/imagex commands like on the link above but with a GUI ?

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