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  1. does anyone know why bitlocker still shows up in win7 pro even though its not supposed to be there?
  2. I have tried to edit and build only the Professional edition but "No images available" after the installation boots up. i think i may have found a workaround? if you remove the other editions keeping only professional & then edit the ei.cfg file from ultimate to professional, it should install...testing now ...just finished & it installed correctly will try 2moro to see if vlite works properly on it?
  3. I have tried to edit and build only the Professional edition but "No images available" after the installation boots up. looks like the current build only contains ultimate?
  4. after some thoughts, i think windows 7 professional is the way to go since we're removing most of the ultimate stuff anyway?! theres not much difference between the two aside from bitlocker & the use of 35 different languages?
  5. pps anyone know of a good program that can create a list of all the files & folders in a specific folder? never mind, google was my friend!
  6. 64bit just testing build 7600 now... thats the final plan to fit on a cd! ps i think i may have hit under 3gb footprint?
  7. same same j! hoping to get the wim down to 800mb! can the boot.wim be edited btw?
  8. finally got the x64 build to just over 3gb after compression! would prefer it uncompressed tho? im still hoping to get the iso down to under 1gb with install size at around 2.75gb or less? i will continue once i return from my holidays
  9. this should be the final version of my batch file & last session for x86 build: i may keep WCF tho?
  10. did you remove the network diagnostic package with dism? also did you keep wlan support?
  11. ps i was able to get the x86 iso down to 500mb, installed in vmware in 5mins, everything seemed except for dotnet & some mmc snapins!!!
  12. thats odd as i never had any problems with the wim tweak on b7264 x64?
  13. could u make clg file with whereisit for this wim file ? basically all i did was disable the netfx feature & then remove dotnet with vlite! it does cause some problems with event viewer not working & probably other programs. i tried installing dotnet2 but it wouldnt install? il probably keep dotnet but remove WCF with vlite on the next install... ps i removed files manually similar to the files listed in post 332 above by gendo
  14. looks like with b7264 you'll need to keep the photopremium package if you still want to have photo/image viewer working otherwise keep paint as a picture viewer? ps just trying a x86 install of wim size 404mb! ...install size 1.79gb
  15. those are the files that i remove! you've done well to reduce the x64 wim, usually x86 is much easier to shrink ps did you keep ie8, media player, printer support & wlan support to get your wim to 860mb?
  16. did you apply the wim tweak first before trying to remove with dism?
  17. it is! i try & compare the files with winsxs, inf, manifest, driverstore & with the files in the original install.wim, to make sure i dont remove the wrong ones!!!
  18. i just remove them manually!
  19. here's an extreme last session which can still be further customised? use it after my recent batch file... you might get a few errors which is mainly due to WCF removal but almost everything else is working fine? ps i would probably still recommend using my last session from post #316 though as theres not too much difference in install size...
  20. wim size 518mb, iso size 653mb, could have made it smaller if i removed some of the media player components! will test in a bit after supper
  21. just did an install of build 7264 x86, iso size just under 700mb, install size 2.2gb, kept printer & wlan support & some services! could go under 600mb by deleting a few more such as printer & wlan, wcf... ps working on an extreme vlite edition now, will post in a few mins...
  22. what operating system are you using? if you are trying to run dism for x64 in a x86 environment, then you will get that error? I guess that's the problem. I'm running DISM for 7 x64, but am running XP x86. Is there any way I can get a DISM to run this way? no! not unless you run a 64bit os!!!
  23. version 1.16 supposedly supported server 2008?

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