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  1. yes it is! just not worth the hassle for a few extra mbs! btw is your search working properly in the start menu when you click more details?
  2. bingo, just done a restart & now the install drive is showing up as 1.98gb!!! heres my latest batch & lastsession...this is only for x86 only!!! not sure about x64?
  3. was thinkin about it but thought keep it for any compatibility reasons! its probably best to use dism to remove it tho?
  4. **** i was hoping to go under 2gb...install size after drive compression with 512mb page file...2.03gb! im sure if i removed printer support or WCF, i would hit under 2gb!!!
  5. i dont think vlite removes that many drivers! i usually remove them manually ps install size now 2.14gb plus i was able to remove file & printing server
  6. install.wim now 555mb, iso@689mb...installing now... i still keep getting error messages if i dont keep tbs.dll?
  7. ps my wim is now 568mb as i had a slight install error! got my b7260 finally working...i think! just installed it...very nice & new wallpaper...no more fish! install size 2.19gb after drive compression 2.08gb gonna try one more build with some more files removed from the winsxs folder...? ps decided to keep virtual pc in this build
  8. basically what i did was to remove some of the contents of those folders in winsxs after dism ie with winocr, inbox games, wallpapers! remember all of these are hardlinked to files in windows & system32 folder
  9. im having some problems with b7260 x86 so will go back to 7229! will try the 565mb wim again...
  10. Whaaaaaaaats ? How can you do it ? 565 MB but i cant seem to install it, keep getting image information not found error?
  11. hmmmm....just got my x86 b7260 install.wim down to 565mb? oops looks like i may have to keep manual install?
  12. normally the backup folder is about 500-600mb in size, after vlite it shrinks to about 366? so if vlite could delete some contents then i shouldnt see why you couldnt clear it completely?
  13. After applying DISM, vLite DON'T show correct packages leftover. even tho the tweak shows 364 packages, a lot of the packages are interlinked! also, most of the packages have 2 or 3 instances of each such as client wired drivers & client wired driver en_us & client wired driver tk_tm etc
  14. looks like my search function on the start menu doesnt work fully! if you click on more results, get a search:query class not registered error! could this be due to removing some of the search components with vlite or is it linked to the removal of WCF? looks like i may have to do one more install before i test out b7260 x86...
  15. ps only reason i kept the client wired drivers was for internet access for my network adaptor
  16. i think those packages contain system drivers! you could remove the client wired drivers but they still remain in the driverstore so you still have to remove them manually! no idea in regards to RDC! ps my install size is now 2.9gb after removing the hiberfile.sys run cmd powercfg -h off
  17. hmmmm...the new batch file is more suited to x64 as i havent tested it with x86 yet which i will now be turning to...
  18. unfortunately i didnt keep a note of those files but its usually some of the display drivers, tuner drivers, printer drivers, network drivers
  19. thats just drivers only! on x64, vlite does not remove the printer drivers so dism is the way to go with that package! also after you done that with dism, you could manually delete the printer driver files from the winsxs folder while the image is still mounted
  20. on my current build with the above batch file/lastsession, everything works including windows update! some of those components do not show up in vlite so i removed them first with dism ie if i remove Microsoft-Windows-Shell-InboxGames-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7229.0 then i could remove game explorer with vlite, or if i remove Microsoft-Windows-PeerDist-Client-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7229.0, then the branch service is not shown in service tweaks?
  21. try keeping these & see how it goes? Distributed File System (DFS) File and printer sharing (Server) Network Explorer Jet Database Engine
  22. After applying DISM, vLite DON'T show correct packages leftover. see my new batch file, a few posts above! it removes less with dism but deletes more with vlite
  23. you will need to keep the client language pack & the foundation package! you will need ie too (for the moment) as it can cause some problems in windows explorer?

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