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  1. Hello, Due to a change of computer I am now obliged to quit the x86 architecture to adopt a x64 one. But I am not fond of windows 7 and I enjoyed my unattended XP. I have my unattended cd of winXP 32bits and I have a cd of winXP 64bits (normal). Question: Can I, anf if so how, modify normal-winXP 64bits to be the exact copy of my unattended 32bits XP (in terms of services, components deleted...)? Thanks Gilou
  2. Actually I found my first CD of unattended windows XP. And at that very moment, my motherboard crashed completely (no kidding)
  3. I set all the services as I did the 1st time I made an unattended xp and I could connect normally. I will try to set all services back to default as you suggested
  4. Hello, Since I lost my previous unattended windows xp, I had to remake one, which I did. However, I cannot connect to the Internet (wireless or cable) and I do not know what I did wrong. The issue is : I cannot connect - the yellow dot moves back and forth indefinitely in the icon, and when I try to repair the connexion it fails at the renewal of the IP address I would be grateful if you could help me sorting this out. Thanks Gilou PS: I do not know if the ini will help you a lot since I mainly used nlite in French. I still attached the last session in French too Last Session.ini DERNIÈRE SESSION.INI DERNIÈRE SESSION (205804.22-14.35.32).INI
  5. Hello there, I have been trying 7 for a few days now (before I was on XP) and as planned it is always annoying to have small things different. But 7 is more secured than XP. Security is the only reason why I tried 7 But in the end, is it worth it? Considering that the most "dangerous" website I go to is gamecopyworld, that I have a good firewall/antivirus/antispyware and that I keep XP up to date, would you still advise me to use windows 7? Would the difference of security provided likely to have an impact on me? Thanks Gilou
  6. Gilou

    Windows codecs

    Hello there, I vlited windows 7 ultimate and installed it. I removed some stuffs including the windows media player codec. I installed the klite codec after the installation. And when I launch any video I got 2 of these messages (see picture enclosed). Is it linked or not? I think it is but before reliting I wish to be sure. And if it is linked, I will remedy this by reliting it. Now, I assume that it is not possible to re-include a removed element from the win folder before the iso is created. However, is it possible to generate a sort of list of elements we have removed in order to do the exact same copy again (except the mistakes) ? Thanks Gilou PS: if, in another post, I make the list of elements I removed and services I desactivated, would you tell me if I made mistakes if can remove more, if I undermined the security of the OS, or is this kind of posts part of 100 others like this per day?
  7. Hello, I tried to integrate updates and hotfixes so I selected them. But once I click on "Appliation", a pop-up window informs me that there are: "Missing needed files, integration aborted". Since vlite does not provide any other details, i give you all the details I can think of: - It is for Windows Seven Ultimate 32bits - I am under Win XP Pro 32bits - The hotfixes I wish to integrate are: -KB973525 -KB973874 -KB974332 -KB974431 -KB974455 -KB974571 -KB975467 -KB917607 -KB958559 -KB947821
  8. I've tried to load Ulz, but even if I put them in the folder, it won't load OK it works now
  9. Hello, I may be stupid be I do not understand how to integrate the ULs. The '+' symbol directs to the website and there are no win7 list. And once downloaded from here, I cannot figure out how to integrate them. Could anyone help me please? Gilou [Edit] Ok it works
  10. Thanks How can I find out the KB references?
  11. Right now, I am under win XP. Is that why I cannot find the updates on the microsoft download centre (which is not the windows update site)? Is there any loophole?
  12. Hello there, I have tried to download the windows updates published so far to prepare my version of windows, but I haven't been able to find them: on the download centre, all I see are pre-beta updates. Could you tell me where I can find the updates for windows 7, elsewhere than on the windows update website? Thanks Gilou
  13. Gilou

    Order for drivers

    If I select the .inf files of the sata drivers with nlite, will it be fine ? PS : I can't use F6 because I won't have any floppy on that laptop. BTW, how come we download drivers of 14MB with 10h of files and select only one ?
  14. Gilou

    Order for drivers

    What I mean is : The BSOD is due to the incapacity of a normal WinXP to detect sata hard drive, the advantage of Nlite is to integrate these drivers to WinXP. SO these drivers must be installed first so that all the other drivers and Win XP can get installed on the SATA drive Is it really necessary to have them installed first ? And if yes, how to do it ?
  15. Gilou

    Order for drivers

    The benefit with Nlite is to add sata drivers to Win XP installation, among other things, because the hard drive may not be detected. Does it mean sata drivers have to be installed first ? and if yes, how ? Thanks

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