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  1. heres my latest batch file & lastsession! you would also need to run vlite with the -extreme switch as i also removed windows communication foundation. also i manually removed files from the windows\inf & system32\driverstore\filerepository & the winsxs folder along with the wallpapers & games & optical media disc files & winre.wim from system32\recovery & windows powershell. becareful on what you remove from the winsxs folder tho as that can break some components such as windows search
  2. i think i finally got a proper working x64 install! installation size is about 3.7gb & everything seems ok without event viewer throwing up any errors at all. will post my batch file & lastsession shortly ps after drive compression. install size has gone down to 3.36gb
  3. yes! packages such as mediacenter & tabletpc ae better removed wth vlite than dism?
  4. pps if you try to remove client network drivers & modem drivers with dism, there is a conflict; neither gets removed from the driverstore? but if you only remove modem driver, then they will get removed!
  5. yes! yes! no problems with the batch? removed less with dism but was able to delete more with vlite! i think if you remove packages with dism, the files still remain in the winsxs folder??? ps doing another test now with client network drivers & clipsinthelibrary, disk diagnosis & a few others back in the batch file?
  6. try this session with my batch file?
  7. question for all: is windows communications foundation (part of net3) a key feature on how the hard links filesystem works in windows 7?
  8. i wouldnt recommend using this ini, still some install errors!
  9. ps i also manually removed some drivers such as ati/nvidia/intel, printers, win image aquisition, modem from the system32\driverstore\filerepository & winsxs & inf directories! becareful what you delete tho?
  10. my latest batch (dwm) file & lastsession.ini nb lastsession.ini is untested at time of posting
  11. yes! commit the image before proceeding to stage 2
  12. i think i might have it working now? got my x64 wim down to just over 900mb??? ps do not remove windows search in vlite if you want to keep search functionality in x64?
  13. if you are using x64 b7229, do not remove windows search with vlite! from what i could work out, it does not include desktop search 4 so no need to select for removal?
  14. after you mounted the install.wim, start up dos prompt, go to the folder you extracted the install wim tweak to, then run that command
  15. the /m switch allows you to take ownership of the packages pending in the registry, without that, you will get errors
  16. ive had a similar problem where if i removed it, search doesnt work! if removed with vlite then you cant add it back! it could just be a x64 issue as search still works on x86 if removed?
  17. How many packages you remove now with DISM ? (your mini guide remove 72 packages) i'll post the batch file tonight
  18. after the tweak, dismount with save, then mount again to apply the batch file...?
  19. ...but for some unknown reason, if i remove windows search with vlite, the basic search does not work with 7229?
  20. i'll post, hopefully my final findings, tomorrow! i manually removed some drivers from the driverstore & winsxs, also the natural language from system32 & syswow64 & winsxs, some leftover inbox games files from winsxs, also removed windows powershell...
  21. ive cut down some of the removal with dism such as media center & tablet pc! using both dism & vlite to remove. ps you wont be able to use dism after vlite as you might get errors?
  22. ive managed to get my x64 install.wim size to just under 1gb...lets just see if it works?
  23. if you remove with dism, they dont show up in vlite! tablet pc is the main one that only shows up even after dism removal?
  24. ive been trying to remove manually some files from the winsxs folder such as the japanese ime components, natural language, sample files etc but i keep getting install errors?
  25. if you only need imagex, use waik 1.1 as its much quicker than the one in waik 7

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