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  1. Sorry guys, almost everything works great for me except fot bluetooth support and I have not been around lately... @Junior2613: If they can not be removed, then it is not a big issue if the other packages are removed (otherwise image is "broken"). @sxxin: I hear many people on this, yet I have only encountered such errors with my .NET cleanup. @pletwal_blekitny: the language packages also can be integrated by my tutorial, if you include multiple languages then you can choose the one you want to install
  2. Beside 1 issue I had with my batch-file I have had another go on the final version of Home Premium (Dutch) I bought 2 days ago. I do need to perform the installation 1 final time, but it seems to work great. ISO is a bit, smaller but the wim-file is abou the same size.
  3. @franner: batch-file updated @dridzz: You are using these commands by hand, I think what you should do is replace %%i by %i (at least twice!) in each "for-loop". When using it in a batch file it needs to be %%i, when manually entered on the prompt %i. Using rd on wildcards does not work, that is why I created a for-loop in the first place.
  4. @Rommsey: I make use of findings by other people and try to share that information here, if you look through my starter topic you will notice I do not use the word guide anywhere. I also state that I can only check the issues Cr4z33 is having when I have my own local version of Windows 7. Finally for someone with only 12 posts on this forum I think you should ease up a little, you have contributed next to nothing to this community and I suggest you adjust your tone as it is quite provoking.
  5. @Rommsey: I intended to share my findings here and to make it easier for others where possible, I had/have no intention of writing a step-by-step guide. @Cr4z33: sorry but I am not going to look through your entire batch file to see if there might be a mistake in it. @frabber: thanks, starter post updated
  6. Errorlevels are not that problematic, you need to know how they work. It is always a greater than check (if errorlevel 1) or a lower than check (if not errorlevel X). If you want to check on errorlevel 0: if not errorlevel 1 .. If you want to check on errorlevel 1 or higher: if errorlevel 1 ... Check the help (help if) for further information.
  7. @gendouhydeist: I used the one delivered with vLite and I would use the one from Windows Vista AIK SP1 if I would need it now. @Cr4z33: I do not even need to check, I now I always use mountrw in my batch-file and never mount.
  8. @gendouhydeist: I do not understand the complete question , but as my opening post states, Vista SP1 WAIK should be used (and that is what I am using).
  9. @SausageHack: echo 1 do this echo 2 do that echo 0 do nothing choice /C 120 /N /M "Make your choice" if errorlevel 3 goto exit if errorlevel 2 goto dothat if errorlevel 1 goto dothis See help on choice and errorlevel for proper usage.
  10. @ricktendo64: please discuss this in a sperate topic as it is not directly related to the guid I provided (on the subject: I can only state the obvious components). @iceangel89: You need WAIK from Vista SP1, see main post not sure if it is WAIK 1.1. Build 7600 is the final build limited to certain Microsoft subscriptions. Everyone else will have to wait or check elsewhere (no discussions on this here). Editing the removal.bat is something you know or you learn (google for guides).
  11. @gendouhydeist: I will check for winsxs what the ownership is. Maybe we can explain it from there. I would rather know why it does not work before trying some random solution.
  12. @Junior2613: No that is no issue, the removal might be better to check if the files exists before performing the actual removal, but it is fine for me as it is. On a side note: I do not think vLite will get a successor from nuhi as both his domains are down (nliteos.com and vlite.net). edit: guess I was wrong, read here.
  13. @mena_mon: normally I would agree, but this guide is more or less commanline stuff. It is provided as is, images will not be added @gendouhydeist: I have performed dozens of these removal actions on 4 or 5 different builds and never did I need to take ownership of the files. @Junior2613: you are correct, I updated the removal batch file @iceangel89: packages is what you get from dism Microsoft-Windows-Client-Features-Package is a package that onvolves a lot of vLite-components Other vlite components are those components in vLite that I can not link to a package The 4 columns are related (per record), the last 2 need to be seen seperate N-edition is a "European"-edition without IE, WMP and such. Blank means I keep the packages for certain reasons (not removable, required) vLite mean removed by vLite with my preset, dism means removed in my removal batch-file. Hope this clears things up.
  14. @cybpsych: within Ultimate you can perform the langpack action on the online-installation if you have the language pack. Otherwise you can not.
  15. @kawe: I saw it, but I will not participate in illegal distribution. @Cr4z33: sorry, but I can only help you out once I have my own non-English release. I had no issues when integrating Dutch, removing English and that performing the additional actions.

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