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  1. Excuse me, loblo,can you tell me what is your config in win98 that make 7950GT 512MB work ? I also have 7950GT 512MB and RAM Patch,but whether what config I try,they always fail to work. My mainboard is Gigabyte 8IPE1000-G (Intel 865PE Chipest), So...I guess even use the RAM Patch, only specific mainboards can run 7950GT 512MB successful in win98 ...
  2. Because to see that there are examples of success to let 7950GT 512M worked with win98. So I try to upgrade my videocard from 7950GT AGP 256M to 7950GT AGP 512M I used RAM Limitation Patch already and also try to edit MaxPhsyPage in config.sys with various numerical or change AGP aperture in BIOS , but finally,I failed again and again ..........no matter how I set are not successfully boot.... Has anyone can give me opinions ? Does there is any other way I can try ? My original spec.(except shutdown problem,it works perfect) OS : Win XP SP3 & Win 98 SE MultiBoot CPU : Pentium 4 3.4G Mainboard : GIGABYTE 8IPE1000G Rev 4.x (Intel 845 chipest) Memory: 4 G (1G x 4) Video card: Gainward Nvidia 7950GT 256 MB AGP 8x with unoffical 82.64 drivers & AGP aperture: 64 MB Voodoo 2 12MB SLI Sound card: Creative Audigy 2 ZS TV card: Leadtek TV2000 expert config.sys: DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEMX.EXE /NUMHANDLES=64 /VERBOSE autoexec.bat: no relevant entries system.ini: ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 vmm32.vxd (real mode), vcache.vxd, vmm.vxd: with RAM Limitation Patch 7.01 (with /M /A Option)
  3. Of course, I didn't mind certainly that you may use it freely .
  4. Sorry.........I can't sure...........because I don't have Win95 now.
  5. Unofficial Xbox360 Controller Driver for Win98 Download : http://www.zshare.net/download/143540581df9be2a/ http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3054/261778...8613bca3e_o.jpg P.S. The original driver is Japanese version which programed by Masahiko Morii (http://www.katch.ne.jp/~morii/). I reprogramed the driver to English version by Mr.Morii's agree and help.
  6. Today,I took my 7950GT AGP 512MB to exchange a 7950GT AGP 256MB,and install it in win98 again and then the test result was wonderful .Because it was successful to install it in win98 with 3G RAM which use himemx.exe. So now,I can sure that win98 can't handle VideoCard with 512MB VRAM with AGP actually(whether the PCIE can work or not ?). I tested the VideoCard with 3DMark2001 & 2003 in win98, and both of the test results are all pass,it works fine.The only problem is like the other ones who use MDGX's Driver with Nvidia 7-Series VideoCard,the win98 can't shutdown normally but can restart.So it's not a serious problem for me,because I can restart my PC to WINXP and shutdown it. Finally,here are some pictures that captured from my win98 system about the 7950GT AGP 256MB test result . 1. The win98 install 7950GT AGP successful . but in Nvidia Control Panel recognizes as unknown. 2.3DMark 2001's test result. 3.3DMark03's test result.
  7. First ,you can see this topic http://www.msfn.org/board/NVidia-drivers-8269-t97140.html But,it has some problem with 7950GT... Did your 7950GT AGP has 512MB or 256MB VRAM ? I also have a 7950GT AGP with 512MB VRAM, but I failed to install it in win98 with MDGX's 82.69 Driver...I guess it because the 512MB VRAM that win98 can't handle it. So.. If your videocard has 256MB VRAM,you can try the MDGX's 8269 Driver , maybe it will work.... The link to download MDGX's driver in the topic is dead, but you can download it from here http://soporific.dsleague.com/downloads/DP_w98_3.01.exe ( http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?pid=20235 ) Good Lock
  8. Yes,I had tried.... I had already try to remove 2.5GB only keep 512MB RAM ,but it also failed to install.....
  9. I got a GeForce 7950GT AGP 512MB from friend.But while I install this videocard in win98,it's has the same problem like DirkDP ,the win98 can't boot successful.... I have already use himemx.exe so I can boot win98 with 3G RAM,but it's also fail to install the videocard.... So...I guess it's because the 512MB VRAM that win98 can't handle it..... I had try many methods to install it , but thay all failed..... Did anyone have any suggestion how to boot win98 with 512MB VideoCard ?
  10. Thanks for xrayer I also multiboot Win98 and WinXP with 2GB RAM successful while use HimemX.exe Here's my win98's modify steps 1. Download HimemX from http://japheth.de/Jemm.html 2. Copy himemx.exe to win98 directory 3. Add the line in config.sys DEVICE=C:\WIN98\HIMEMX.EXE 4. Here's my lines of system.ini: [386Enh] MaxPhysPage=48000 MinSPs=16 ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 DMABufferSize=64 [vcache] MaxFileCache=65535 ChunkSize=1024 After these step, I boot win98 with 2G RAM successful In winXP, the sysem can detect 2GB RAM And in win98, the system can detect 1150MB RAM
  11. Does anyone use 2G RAM and Video Card with 256MB RAM can boot win98 successful ? My Video Card is GeForce 6800Ultra , and I try to edit system.ini with any possible config but I can't find anyway to boot win98 successful...........................
  12. I try to use this driver in Japanese Windows 98,but I got error message on setup screen and can't install this driver successful. Does this driver only use in English Windows 98 ?
  13. Thanks for reply I have try the method which Eck said to change system.ini But it also can't boot successful ..... So.... I think it's surely impossible in my computer to boot up win98 with 2G RAM and 6800GT...
  14. I have 1G RAM(512x2) before, with 1G RAM,I can run win98 perfectly.. but while I add to 2G RAM(512X4),the system can't boot success anymore......... I also try any way to config system.ini or use xmsdisk...but I can only boot win98 success in safemode while I try to boot Normal Mode it's always failed in display card driver... so...the fail reason is because my display card?? my display card is Nvidia GeForce 6800GT 256MB AGP.. please help me can anyone know how to boot success in Win98 with 2G RAM and this display card?
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