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  1. I do not buy any software for personal use this is the reason to run windows 98 in pendrive for use dvd sata drivers using gcdrom.sys probably works i have to find another solution for sata HDD rloew why not put all software as freeware for personal use ? or opensource accepting donations, your domain is free hosting
  2. windows 98 no support sata drivers for HDD, is posible to install windows 98 in usb flash drive (no livecd) ?
  3. is impossible to use openGL with universal vesa driver ?
  4. is imposible to download sata driver from rloew work GCDROM.SYS + windows 98 ?
  5. is AMD AHCI Driver only support windows xp,7,vista
  6. exist driver sata for windows 98 ?
  7. Have you thought of DIRECT SHARING via LAN instead of "Shared Folders"?And I REPEAT! You CANNOT access that Video Card with Win98... PCIe is NOT PCI!!!! NO DRIVERS FOR WIN98! And... I am BETTING that the "Sound Card" is an HD-Audio! GOOD LICK with Drivers for that! NO WAY IN WIN98!!!! Dude - WON'T HAPPEN! Get another PC (with associated Hardware) that SUITS Win98 to do the Capture/Edits. OR GET DIFFERENT SOFTWARE that runs on XP/Vista/Seven. Window 98 supports ISA, PCI, or AGP Video or Sound, and NOT PCI-e (of ANY kind, Sound OR Video, or ANY OTHER PCI-e Card) or HD-Audio (of ANY kind - PERIO
  8. vmware not support shared folders for win98 i need to access virtual machine direct to pci cards: for use with soundcards or pci video capture
  9. my grafics card is nvidea gforce 210 processor is athlon x 2 am3 socket 2 gb ram ddr3 i want to install windows 98 in usb flash drive or buy CompactFlash to sata adapter
  10. Windows XP already supports multi-core. You can run your apps in a VM. windows 98 is excelent for minimalistic and fast OS, i need to use multi-core in windows 98 and other problem is the driver for modern grafics card windows NT (xp,2000,7) is slow similar as linux, my OS for every day use is windows xp,i look other OS for excelent performance and instant boot linux is not compatible with all hardware and wine is slow I see linux is designed for server use, not for domestic use I see windows 98 the only alternative to Windows NT
  11. win32 apps or virtual machine (with windows XP or linux) in second core
  12. i need to use second core for another task
  13. the idea is to use windows 98 in linux with modern computer xen or qemu with kvm for example with xen is posible to access direct to hardware
  14. The idea is to run software not compatible with windows 98 example: firefox 8,virtualbox,wine...
  15. any similar program for windows 98 ?
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