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    I released v2.9h5 for English http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1979961.html
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    Here are two UL's that will let you download the custom Post-SP1 updates up to: 8th February 2020! Here are two UL's that will download ESU updates up to: 18th June 2020! All Downloads will remain active until 21st October 2022. ESU update lists are seperate from the Custom lists. Please note - ESU update lists will be supported until 15th July 2021! After this date no further updated ESU lists will be released. Info on how to install ESU Bypass v7 AIO tool can be found here Custom Post-SP1 update lists have been removed, but are available here win7-sp1-esu-x86.ulz win7-sp1-esu-x64.ulz
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    Apple actually sued Microsoft, claiming that Windows' look and feel was too similar to Mac OS. The case got dismissed on the grounds that they both copied the Xerox PARC graphical user interface. Apple also sued HP over their NewWave GUI and they lost all claims except that NewWave's trash can and folder icons were too similar to Mac OS. That case didn't have anything to do with Windows, but Microsoft probably took it as a warning to avoid using a trash can icon in Windows 95. Apple's lawsuit against Digital Research over GEM never went to trial, because DR was fearful of a prolonged legal battle they couldn't afford, so they changed GEM to be much less Mac-like, except in the version used in Atari ST computers.
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    Well, I installed VSE 2015 on my home PC last night. Didn't yet get a chance to do anything else, though, because the installation took the whole evening! Man, that is a huge piece of bloatware - even including a Windows 10 SDK (which didn't even install for some reason - just as well - but nevertheless wasted about an hour trying, and I think the install file is still wasting space on my HDD)! Also, with VSE 2015 M$ now makes you create a M$ account in order to get a permanent license key . I'll do that if I have to, but I may give VSE 2013 a try on my work PC, just to see if it's a bit more reasonably sized and/or licensed and still up to the task.
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    Changed my "Fast" Win 10 insider PC from a 64 bit laptop with an older slower 32 bit laptop. To my surprise, the older slower 32 bit PC updated Win 10 much faster. I wonder if Win 10 has a coding issue of 64 bit code versus 32 bit code? When I run Ccleaner on a new updated install of Win 10, it finds and removes around 100-150 tracking pieces of code?! That code comes straight from MS. Side business? Just talking crap.
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    Well, the Sword of Damocles has been removed from my VSE 2010 installation - I found a valid registration key - but I do have Win 7, so I'll give VSE 2015 a try. If it works, I'll still target XP but the build should work with later Python versions. I'll also add the libcrypto-static and libssl-static .libs to the build archives, so you can build Cryptography either with or without the .dlls.
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    Google Chrome version 49.0.2623.112 m. Today I was unable to log in to Netflix - the "Login" button is dead. I fixed the problem by uninstalling KB4490501. It's weird because KB4490501 seems to be about print spooling (files: localspl.dll, win32spl.dll, winspool.drv).
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    Have to ask NoelC are you feeling ok....
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    Is that supposed to be a "Power Point " of view?[1] jaclaz [1] I know it is actually terrible, but it was stronger than me ...
  10. 1 point
    XP still seems fresh as a daisy compared to the wilting goutweed that is Windows 10.
  11. 1 point
    Whoever did this must have a lot of free time... It's an "Excel"-ent way to get bored out of one's mind! c
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    I see, well I'm happy enough, the random Steam and other Aero Peek crashes are fixed for me!
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    I am not sure if that is a good or a terrible pun Just in case I will preventively retaliate jaclaz
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