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  2. Hello , A warm welcome to MSFN
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  4. I guess it's not a good idea to fix the checksums of .vxd files? After fixing all files with "PEChecksum" (from n7Epsilon) Windows 98 prompts me with a "protection error" "while initializing device CONFIGMS".
  5. This ThinkPad T60 is the machine I end up using most of the time, because I'm seldom at the place where my desktops are located. Chipset: Intel i945PM (ICH7) CPU: Intel Core Duo T2400 1.8 GHz RAM: 2 x 1 GB DDR2-667 GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 (64 MB internal, 192 MB shared RAM) SSD: Crucial CT120BX300 120 GB SATA-III (running at SATA-I due to controller limitations) Optical: HL-DT-ST GCC-4247N DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional The battery died a few weeks ago (planning on getting some more), but it works good for web browsing and productivity applications. In fact I use it for web browsing while doing more hardware intensive/9x stuff on my desktops! It is also not flimsy unlike my ultra-thin Kaby Lake win10 disaster with its failing hinges!
  6. It actually *is* the v., so (thanks for the info!) it actually *is* the latest version of it, in my sole x86 7 ultimate that's not using v. 4.4.304.0... and no, no nags for me (yet ???). However, since the definition files have to be created for Defender anyway, and 7 still commands a healthy 30% of maket share, it's possible that MS keep the MSE definitions going for one or two more years (after all it's in their own interest to do so at least until it falls below 5% or even less).
  7. Some marketing goon said "thinner is better" and for some reason people listened. Now we have laptops, tablets, and phones that have gotten so thin you can hardly use them or even hold them. So thin a keyboard can't possibly be ergonomic. So thin you drop them (after which of course you have to buy a new one). And let's not forget that the keycaps can get snagged and pulled off requiring no less than the replacement of the entire device. Not long ago I got a heavy, thick Cat S61 phone with grippy rubber and raised edges that doesn't try to slip out of my hand or pocket every chance it gets, and if it DOES crash to the ground it survives. The battery lasts most of a week. Turns out it wasn't just a frivolous thought that extra thin, slippery devices are optimizing for something decidedly different from usability, and that when someone makes usability a design goal it actually CAN be achieved. And yeah, there are only USB-C ports on new MacBook Pros (not sure about other models). I have a nice little short female USB-A to male USB-C adapter cable that has saved my bacon a few times. As a society we're not only not learning from the past, but the folks who seek to sell us stuff over and over are actively changing things away from stuff that worked just fine. And here we are applauding and rewarding those who make such changes by buying even more crap from them. Kinda seems like we consumers ought to try to be smarter about what we throw our money at, eh? I think that would entail never listening to any Marketing info - something that's clearly impossible. -Noel Welcome, my son Welcome to the machine What did you dream? It's alright, we told you what to dream -Pink Floyd
  8. I've found that disabling most of the "gee whiz" new features tends to make Windows more pleasant to use. That being said, my Taskbar on my v1903 system now flickers when I type into the Open Shell search box. Sigh. My icons go to weird places intermittently about every month or so when I connect into a multi-monitor system from another multi-monitor system with the same monitor layout. Aero Glass just goes away after a week or two and that ugly flat stupid Windows look returns. Aero Glass has to be reinstalled. I presume it's being scrubbed out of the system by Microsoft in the name of "security". What hare-brain came up with the idea that stuff has to get worse and more irritating to use as time goes on? -Noel
  9. Speaking of Apple and keyboards, the "butterfly" switch keyboards on recent Macbooks are the worst ones I've ever used. Press the keys and they are only depressed by like half a millimetre if even that! I think they're also trying to drop full-sized USB ports but never paid much attention. What a way to lock everyone down. Those keyboards are not to be confused with the ThinkPad 701 butterfly keyboard, which is probably far better than any Apple keyboard. Six months ago I talked about the broken taskbar icons on my school PCs. They haven't gone away and I think they've deployed 1903 (there's a lighter Windows background on some of them; but again didn't pay enough attention to look into the System control panel applet. oh wait the OS version was moved to Settings. keep things in the same place the first time). Someone changed a laptop's background to Bliss but an improvement in the appearance of the desktop was not appreciated by the IT staff.
  10. Personally, I prefer real-time protection that can consistently detect a file that is known to be included in definitions for testing purposes; but as you have said, to each his own... Regarding your one Windows 7 installation with an MSE version that is less than 6 years old: Has MSE started to nag about "support for this operating system is ending"? Even the latest version is now 3 years old, so MSE might perhaps be described as abandonware - and btw I have searched in vain for any promise from Microsoft that definition updates will continue after January 14. Judging by the tray icon, an update was being attempted; but my July tests convince me that it was doomed to fail (although dencorso proposed a solution for that problem, as you know).
  11. I just clicked it , i use win7 as main so it's not surprising to see it being so outdated
  12. Thank you for the suggestion VistaLover. I think it should work. Another thought: Not as on desktop I prefer to use Serpent 52, I can try various browsers on my Android 9 phone. Is there any other Android browser that is known to have import|export bookmarks feature? I also searched other sync addons, but nothing satisfactory. Raindrop.io has an old version that could install on Serpent 52, but it is a CPU hog and has bug in login forever. p.s. Importing feature for Firefox Android has been requested 7 years ago https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=837229
  13. Change is inevitable. Necessary. We have increasing needs for tech. Embracing change is not what this is about. Creating incompatibility to suit business goals is not right. Our parents were appalled at planned obsolescence. Now we're told to accept it. Embrace it. Our tech becomes obsolete even before it can wear out the batteries! Using Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in the name of "security" as a way to herd people into doing what they would not do is deplorable! Yet for the most part we find ourselves powerless, because people who predicted this and warned against ceding control were marginalized. Ridiculed. Pushed aside. -Noel P.S., the latest incompatibility I've noticed: RDP from an older system into a Windows 10 v1903 system and your mouse jumps around when the cursor graphic is changed. It didn't do that remoting into v1809. The protocol has been good enough - indeed excellent - for decades. It doesn't have to change. Aero Glass just gets shut off and requires regular reinstalls, even though it works fine. Presumedly because some jerk inside Microsoft wants us NOT customizing our Windows look, because that goes against their current Marketing direction. Who the &%$& do they think they are? We could talk about the atrocities Apple is pushing on people... No more 32 bit programs. No more putting things where you want them on your disk. Can't reach your Documents area even though you've shared it? Oh, right, that's security. P.P.S., I'm typing this on a perfectly good Digital LK250 keyboard circa 1985. And there isn't a better one built today. Stuff doesn't HAVE to go bad just because it's tech.
  14. Ah, so this is why I looked at it for the very first time when it was already been edited (not knowing that it was cropped by you) and I thought it was 100% legit xD
  15. ... and I honestly hope that isn't a recent screengrab, because the Engine Version and AV+AM definitions are very outdated ; http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/defenderupdates latest Engine Version: 1.1.16400.2 latest defs version: 1.303.1880.0
  16. i am indeed using 4.4.304.0 , also dropbox wont work like we already expected , although my local files are still accessible https://imgur.com/a/KsOlmgP
  17. I have not checked it yet. Does it occur on VMWare environment ?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Hello again ; I have never used the Android (mobile) version of Firefox, Quantum or pre-Quantum, so can't really tell if an import HTML bookmarks feature ever existed there; however, casual on-line searching dictates that the only way to import bookmarks from a desktop (Firefox) browser version is through Mozilla Sync. I guess you can still achieve what you want - if you limit your syncing to only a transfer of Serpent 52 bookmarks to mobile Firefox - if you use Firefox ESR 52.9.x on your Windows XP desktop as a sort of man-in-the-middle; you can still keep Serpent 52.9.0 as your daily browser, but only use Firefox ESR 52.9.x (with a simple default profile, without extensions) when you want to transfer bookmarks... Transferring Serpent 52's bookmarks to FirefoxESR 52 should be a trivial and straightforward process; I think both the HTML and JSON formats are supported (export to HTML file is the obvious route, but you can also create a bookmarks back-up file in JSON format, which can then be loaded/restored in FirefoxESR 52). Once you have successfully migrated your Serpent 52 bookmarks to FxESR 52, you can then use your Firefox Account credentials to log-in to Mozilla Sync, and then selectively sync the bookmarks present there with your Android Firefox version on your phone/tablet - should work! Of course, you are at the mercy of Mozilla, as I suspect at some time not far away they'll disconnect old & unsupported versions of the Firefox browser from their Sync servers... Greetings
  20. UPDATE! I have been doing some other changes to all the versions of the Patch and the Enforcer. Most of those are improvements and refinements of existing features, but my biggest efforts have been focused in the improvement of the way images are rendered in the browser. After messing with the decoding settings, I might have finally found a way to load picture-heavy websites without hammering the CPU too much. On my machine, this allowed me to get an almost lag-free scrolling experience when a picture-heavy webpage is loading. I also have tweaked the pipelining setting to 128, which again, seems to be better than the previous attempt, when it was set to 150. As always, please update and let me know how your old computer behaves with this new version, and I apologize for updating the Patch and the Enforcer so often.
  21. We all knew this day would come. M$ has really been working overtime this year, killing any old OS features they possibly can. Early in the year they went after XP with a vengeance; now they're doing the same to Win 7. But there's a silver lining: I've read good things about EPG123. The Schedules Direct guide is from Gracenote, which supplies guide data for Zap2It.com and used to supply guide data for WMC before M$ switched to Rovi (which later bought Tivo and took the Tivo name for the merged company). The software is free but (as you noted) the Schedules Direct subscription isn't. The subscription is only $25/year though; a lot less than Tivo (unless you get a Tivo with a "lifetime" subscription), and I've read that you get a 21-day guide for your money; a nice improvement over the 12-day (at best) M$-provided guide.
  22. I use MSE 4.4.304.0 in two x86 and one x64 setups of 7 ultimate, and they do work all right. I have another x86 setup of 7 ultimate that uses a much newer version of MSE, but not necessaruly the latest (I´ll check which version it is). Both seem to work quite equivalently, IMO. However I do think AMTSO overparanoid and you take it seriously, so to each, his own...
  23. An invalid checksum indicates a PE file has been hacked or otherwise corrupted. Correcting it hides the fact it was hacked, but provides the ability to detect later corruption. I believe the checksum only needs to be valid for system drivers.
  24. Thank you for clarifying that detail, VistaLover. I suppose we both have too much time on our hands. Burd is probably using 6-year-old MSE 4.4.304.0, which I couldn't recommend after my July tests.
  25. I've seen in various threads that users modding/hacking Windows 9x files recalculate the PE header checksums of the modded file. What's the purpose of that?
  26. Of course @burd is the one to clarify things, but I've seen this orange colouring of the MSE tray icon (in my sister's Win7 x64 laptop) when a System (quick) Scan hasn't been performed for a certain while - in an otherwise fully updated MSE installation; manually initiating the scan and after its successful completion, the icon colour should return to green (barring any issues found) ... Not very surprising if that is just a remnant of a prior Dropbox installation, at a time when the OS was still supported; for a brief period after the end of official support, the following post by @WinClient5270 was relevant: but that hack soon ceased to work ; if you look closely at the screengrab posted by @burd: you'll notice the dropbox tray icon being grey, meaning the desktop client can't connect to the service... But then I could be way-off-base... Regards For reference: https://www.dropboxforum.com/t5/Installs-integrations/When-will-Vista-no-longer-be-supported-by-Dropbox/td-p/261493
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