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  2. It is his mom's iphone, it is already surprising she allows him to touch it , let alone jailbreak it. Imagine - just imagine - that while attempting the jailbreak process the phone bricks ... jaclaz
  3. OK - so BESIDES the Metro interface and the Start Screen and the lack of the Start Menu - because Classic Shell takes care of ALL OF THAT, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are nearly identical; they really are. Moreso, I can put on an Aero-like Visual Style, that makes it sooooo Windows 7-like. I just wish people would realize that :)
  4. So, does anyone know if PotPlayer 1.7.20977 works without breaking anything? It's a pain to do a reinstallation and set it all up again if not.
  5. I mainly Use @roytam1's K-Meleon, Serpent, and New Moon 28 builds. Some people say they have sites that wont load in these but I have encountered one as of yet. I've never tried the 360 extreme browser, because while I hear some tracking is blocked, it doesn't sound like all is. And I have no real need for a heavy chrome browser anyway.
  6. (The discussion topic here is horizontal scrolling via mousewheel ) Hi ; most members frequenting this thread are on Windows XP (or older OSes), with the exception of the few Vista users like me; not all of such members have ready access to Win7 or higher... I tested several Firefox versions (up-to-and-including v53) that would run in my system, I wasn't able to enable HS in any of them, via either of the following "mousewheel.with_*.action" prefs: mousewheel.with_control.action;4 mousewheel.with_shift.action;4 It turns out that HS was enabled in Firefox only as recently as v58.0: Horizontal Scrolling with Mouse wheel+ modifier key and, mind you, that was a bug originally opened in 2002 (!) ... Mercurial commit that implemented the fix: https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/63b547bb4078 So, pray tell, which was "every other version of firefox" ? Actually, that's quite an interesting story... Horizontal scrolling had been implemented in a perfect way by MCP in the previous PM platform, Tycho, forked off Mozilla ESR 38; New Moon 27.9.x, currently maintained by @roytam1, is built on Tycho ; HS in Tycho can be enabled by setting one of the "mousewheel.with_*.action" prefs to a value of 4. HS in Tycho works on both pages and frames; to test it on a page, zoom the page content until a horizontal scroll bar appears in the bottom of the tab; keep the designated key pressed and by simply moving the mousewheel, that bar should move, too... To test on a frame, just load https://www.bing.com in a tab and then have the bookmarks/history sidebar displayed (e.g. ctrl+B); increase the sidebar's width to the right, so that a horizontal scroll bar appears in the bottom of the bing tab... When PM was ported from Tycho to UXP, that feature (HS) regressed : https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=20119 => https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/UXP/issues/732 However, Moonchild's fix was only partial, in that HS works in PM/NM28 for pages only, not frames; relevant UXP bug is still open: https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/UXP/issues/1173 will have a look later to see if I can fix it or not What you can obviously do is try whether UXP bug 732 (linked to above) applies cleanly in Moebius; of course, it would be just as partial, i.e. only apply on pages... IDK whether Mozilla bug 143038 is a better approach to the issue at hand... FWIW, legacy extension "Shift + Scroll (Horizontal Scrolling)" is available via CAA ("caa:addon/shift-scroll", originally over at AMO ); not tested ...
  7. RyanVM is back up information on the outage: Re: Shutting this down Post by RyanVM » Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:52 am When it rains, it pours.... Sorry for the recent outage. My hosting provider had to take my site offline due to it being under extreme load (looks like it was being DOSed or something). Hopefully a temporary issue....
  8. Could someone please detail (or provide a link) to the process for doing updates via the update catalog for win7 (POSready) after the EOS? When I go to the site and search on "POSready" or "windows 7 posready" and sort by date the updates are all quite old. If I search on "embedded" I get entries similar to: 2019-10 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows Embedded Standard 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4519976) Will these types of updates work for a Win7 pro 64 bit with media center installed? Thanks much!
  9. Notice: git repo update times may be decreased as I need more time on transportation to/from workplace at the moment. #5DN1L
  10. what? for iphones no even FTP server apps? if so - use jailbreak, Luke!
  11. CTR is still available outside of the CAA extension (which is where you obviously obtained that direct link from ) in the author's GitHub repository: https://github.com/Aris-t2/ClassicThemeRestorer/releases If you're using the official Basilisk application on Win7+, then the latest CTR_v1.7.8.2019.10.27 is recommended; if, OTOH, you're using Serpent 52.9.0/55.0.0, then CTR_v1.7.8 is the last (EoS'ed) version for Serpent; the add-ons manager (AOM) is now different between Bk and St (Bk now uses PM's AOM with no support for WEs, while St retains FxESR52's AOM), Aris is currently maintaining CTR for official Bk (and classic Waterfox), only...
  12. Hi, I know you've said your RDD has a Radeon x1950xt, but do you have an nVidia card to test on? The latest release of the patch causes horrendous stuttering while scrolling with my GeForce 6600. This can be observed in FF 45.9 ESR, as well as Pale Moon 27.
  13. For music I recommend XMPlay, latest version works natively on 98SE: http://www.un4seen.com/
  14. If the computer is powerful enough, then now the best browser is 360 Extreme. Firefox 52 is becoming obsolete, while Serpent, Basilisk and Pale Moon, although updated, can’t provide full compatibility with new sites that are primarily made for Chrome. Lack of translation, this is a solvable problem, for example, there is a fully translated Russian version in which a part of telemetry is blocked and Chrome Add-ons Store is made by default. There is a list of IP addresses that can be blocked to disable tracking: - Amazon - - - Block sync. - - - - - - - - - - - Block sync. Block sync. - - - - Alibaba - -
  15. Update for root certificates: New: CN = A-Trust-Root-07 OU = A-Trust-Root-07 O = A-Trust Ges. f. Sicherheitssysteme im elektr. Datenverkehr GmbH C = AT Those using heinoganda's Cert_Updater.exe should run it ASAP. Others needing a redistributable rootsupd.exe should follow his instructions for creating their own, or PM at 5eraph for an updated EXE file.
  16. WinCert seems to be the next place for that kind of content that was at RyanVM. They have a files section that have many of the repacks integrators famous reuploaded from RyanVM (such as ricktendo and user_hidden). RyanVM was most famous for its repacks (switchless installers and lite installers) Recommend everyone post the files they have from RyanVM there on the WinCert files subsection that has file storage functionality.
  17. Wunderbar98, For codecs there is a post here. as mentioned DivXDecH264.ax should register OK.
  18. The actual AOL website notes that the chrome version of shield has NO XP/Vista compatibility
  19. @blackwingcat There are some more problems with exkernel v30e slipstreamed into w2k with hfslip. Registry acl get buggy, Subinacl has to be used. But for "restricted" in german we have to use "Eingeschränkter Zugriff" in additional.cmd - file. This will not work because of "ä". It produces Error (chcp standard - 850). For examination, I copied exkernel files into a w2k machine (not slipstreamed). I did "cmd" and wrote "ä". It displays "ä" . Then I tried with a .cmd text file (notepad font is lucida console, script in german "Westlich" (western europe, no.1): If I execute the .cmd - file, it comes out as something else: o with "tilde": This error is an old one. It is also present with exkernel versions kernel32.dll v5.0.2195.7254 in year 2018. I did not notice, because I did not use .cmd files too often. Suspicious files (examined with process explorer: advapi32, cmd, gdi32, kernel32, msvcrt, ntdll, rpcrt4, user32. ctype.nls, locale.nls, sortkey.nls, unicode.nls are original w2k DEU source dated 20.06.2003. I also changed advapi32, explorer.exe, cmd.exe, ntdll.dll, rpcrt4.dll and user32 to original w2k DEU. No effect, the error remains (and more errors come up, as expected). I could not change kernel32 to original -> BSOD. So most suspicious is kernel32.dll. Could you have a look on it? Greetings Joe PS: Thank you for giving new advice for localizing kernel32 in 2019!
  20. Yesterday
  21. I have now tried these python runtimes compiled for vanilla 98, they fail similarly with KernelEx disabled and don't do anything with KernelEx enabled as far as youtube-dl is concerned, assuming they are buggy. Python.dll from official Python 2.7 is dependent on msvcr90.dll and so requires KernelEx to run, there is no point trying to make hybrid installations, it won't work. Wget works on some but not all difficult SSL sites using the --no-check-certificate argument. ZoomPlayer Basic is a great free (DirectShow) multimedia player IMHO and current version may still support vanilla 98.
  22. that could be the cause why they are making a browser in english for international users..... anyway I don't care because when you download Android apps you get to share a bunch of personal things. this is not the cause for which I don't use W10
  23. Hi jumper, a link for those Pythons was provided by loblo a few posts back, already tried and failed. Goodmaneuver the official python-2.7.1.msi would not install, a DLL required for the install could not be run. I don't plan on swapping parts from a newer OS, will just let it rest. Looked at a bit of custom coding to replicate youtube-dl functionality, even just for one specific website. Went through JavaScript, Windows Script Host, Unix utilities, crazy .BAT file. Too much effort with limited success, as running vanilla even has issues with wget due to SSL. Thanks all for trying to help. Provides insight into the limitations of an old OS on today's internet. Access to a modern browser and youtube-dl is just a reboot away. Initial intention was to get some online access to browse and download gaming related files, mission accomplished. Tried Winamp, liked it back in the day, not so much anymore. My VLC is okay, sometimes flaky compared to their newer releases. Any suggestions for a vanilla Windows 98 multimedia player that handles most codecs please let me know.
  24. Windows XP SP4 thread (along with a few others) has been mostly archived, but some pages are missing: https://web.archive.org/web/20191105073426/https://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10321 We need a full snapshot of the site.
  25. Try the "Classic Theme Restorer" add-on: https://ca-archive.biz.tm/storage/472/472577/classic_theme_restorer_fx29_56-
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