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  2. I don't have access to an installed copy of Windows 2000, but I did have the setup files. ntkrpamp.exe is ntoskrnl.exe but for a multiprocessor system with PAE. Setup renames the selected kernel for your configuration to ntoskrnl.exe when installing the OS.
  3. someguy25

    Beware of Office 2010 Updates!

    So, what updates are broken on XP as of today? KB4462223, KB4462157 and KB4461614?(please correct me if im wrong)
  4. I'm going to try it now, but why do you have ntkrpamp open?
  5. Velbone

    Instagram videos not working in Firefox 52 ESR?

    Thanks @mixit having to use a different browser to view Instagram videos was very irritating. So irritating that when I came across this thread and it mostly solved my problem I felt compelled to sign up to convey my thanks personally. I'm a regular on a forum where many interesting Instagram videos are embedded and up until recently all was fine. Then one day the embedded videos weren't playing and neither were the same vids on Instagram. They still won't play within the forum, unlike previously, but at least I can click on the video and it opens the original Instagram location in a new tab where they play fine.
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  7. Vistapocalypse

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    It is generally possible to remove updates via Installed Updates - however that one may have made extensive registry changes. I have avoided it. (I did install the latest update for IE9, which did not change the build number or break anything.) If you have an up-to-date backup image, this might be a good time to restore from it. Have you noticed any broken applications?
  8. dencorso

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    It's OK! It's sorted out, now. Take care to post in the right thread in the future, though.
  9. Jaguarek62

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    im sorry, i was just little upset cause i can´t use my vista laptop properly now. I hope next update will fix it.
  10. Vistapocalypse

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    @Jaguarek62: Those changes have already been noted in Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista, which would be a better place to post about instability. Edit: VistaLover was a little quicker than I! Any applications broken?
  11. VistaLover

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    ... Thanks for the heads-up; Vista SP2's build number change has been already reported: In fact, I do believe your post should've been originally submitted to that thread (Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista), as the one here is marked "Last versions of software for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008"; please submit any follow-up to that, more appropriate, Vista thread... I'd be keen to hear from other Vista users as well about eventual OS instability as a result of installing KB4493458 (but, please, in the dedicated thread I linked to...)

    What software developed by Roytam1 do you use?

    New Moon 28 here, and occasionally Serpent/Basilisk 52
  13. You have two options. The first option is: -make a copy of your NTOSKRNL.EXE, rename it and open it in CFF Explorer -find XP or 2003's (x86) NTOSKRNL.EXE, "add" it in Import Adder And then rebuild import table, rebuild PE header and update checksum. Add a second boot option to your boot.ini (by copying the existing one), and add a line to load your modified kernel (/kernel=filename). If it fails you'll have the option on falling back on the unmodified kernel, to check for additional unresolved imports from hal.dll or bootvid.dll Alternatively, you can try an older, less complex release of the extended core.
  14. Dave-H

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    Strange, I just tried again changing VolumeWidget=$0C and it worked! I don't know what I did wrong the first time, but it seems to be OK now, and I can control the level. BTW is the above graphic posted by @ABCDEFG on April 2nd actually correct? My testing indicated that it's the first four characters that control the left volume, and the last four that control the right volume, which is actually more what I would expect. The Windows Media Player volume control works fine. It was actually rather good to remind myself that I can play MP4 HD videos on Windows 98 with it, thanks to K-Lite, and they look and sound great, even in full screen! There's a bit of a delay with a series of pops from the speakers before anything plays, but I guess that's normal. So, the only outstanding anomaly is that the "HDA Sound" entry doesn't "stick" in the "Multimedia" Control Panel applet. When it's not there, I can't use the test facility on the "Sounds" applet, the test play button is greyed out, although the sound is actually working. The way to get it back, which is still very hit or miss, is to go to the "Devices" tab on the Multimedia applet, open up the HD audio entry, click on settings, and click OK in the settings box. This usually, but not always, returns the HDA Sound entry in the playback devices, after closing the applet and reopening it. Very strange! Anyway, I now have sound on Windows 98 with HD Audio hardware, and for that I'm extremely grateful. Yet again this forum has proved that what was thought to be impossible, is in fact completely possible!
  15. Just a general note regarding cipher quality in old browsers: on 98SE with kernelex my old main browser always was K-Meleon1.6 (engine FF3.5), which of course is the most horrible regarding ciphers. Those original old browsers now get kicked out by about half of all websites today, number still growing rapidly, and that means no access at all. It became absolutely disastrous only since 1-2 years, when google used its monopoly to force even the most harmless and public sites to switch to httpS only. And obviously most use only the most modern and strict TLS versions, providing no fallback for older browsers. Result is no access to important tools and resources on sourceforge anymore (except direct download links, if known), no info on dev-mozilla anymore, and MS killed github-access too after buying them, major disaster. So when a site now is blocked for FF3.5, the best solution used to be Opera12.02 (early TLS1.2) for many years. What I sadly learned far too late. Same for Firefox9. Both needing only basic kernelex for 98SE. If sites are blocked for Opera12.02 too, the next better browsers with modern TLS1.2 are now roytams old Firefox versions (retrozilla /FF2, Fx36, seamonkey). They even run on original old systems, without KernelEx. But if even those are blocked, which now slowly happens on a growing number of sites too, the only chance for 98SE I currently know of is roytams TLS-updated PaleMoon26 engine, which I'm using as KG74 (KMeleon-Goanna74 for Win2k) Definitely the best browser now for today's ciphers. The big prob is it's meant for Win2000, not 98SE, where it only works partially and often crashing, and also needs a very recent KernelEx version. But today this browser is often the last rescue when all else fails with broken ciphers, luckily. Just not usable as daily browser yet, crashing on me after a few pageloads, even without any JS. But I do feel it basically WORKS, there's not much missing yet! Just a little glitch somewhere... The engine itself seems to run fine, the prob is rather the browser shell or msvc-dll-stuff. Have zero dev skills, just suspect this because it happens mostly when right-clicking or opening some menus, and the titlebar can only show 1 character. Then again, am still on KernelEx v16, which is quite buggy itself. Meanwhile KernelEx v20 is out, probably better, just couldn't test it yet. ----- As for youtube, am mostly downloading them for viewing, with a userscript (gantt) and a macro in KM1.6 Until recently 3gp was among the choices too, great for small files with bearable image quality, but now killed by google too, arghh. Now only bigger mp4 files are available in desktop view. 3gp still exists on youtube's mobile view, but find no size choice there, only tiny "stamp" size. But unlike desktop view, this 3gp link on mobile view can be clicked to open in VLC and runs as stream. ----- Just sharing some experiences on 98se, by no means "the best ways" or anything.
  16. In fact, an early build of chrome51 works fine on vista chrome51 2679
  17. Legit future for viewing youtube on 98 is for them to be opened in VLC, however this comes with its own headaches, possibly somthing like this but it needs alot more development.
  18. No, Sourceforge doesn't work with Opera 12.02 on Windows 98. It's fine with Opera 12.18 on Windows XP.
  19. Commodore

    How you really browse the web on 98/ME in 2019

    Just a question. Aren't the new cyphers inside opera.dll? Is (e.g. sourceforge.net) available with this "configuration"?
  20. See: https://msfn.org/board/topic/176224-wpa2-works-in-windows-2000/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/173922-need-a-wireless-client-for-windows-2000/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/175965-windows-2000-wireless/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/175486-wpa2-for-windows-9x/ jaclaz
  21. Well, Windows 2000, XP SP1 and 2003 RTM supports wireless connections but the only type of compatible encryption is WEP! WEP is a headache first the password has to have those exact characters I do not know what to put and I forget it, and second WEP is sooooo unsafe and vulerable. Someone knows an update/patch released by Microsoft especially for Windows 2000 so at least support WPA, or a tool/utility/plugin to connect to networks WPA-TKIP or WPA2-AES because I do not want to change my encryption method to WEP only to access the internet in Windows 2000.
  22. Time has passed but I discovered the problem, it is that NTOSKRNL does not have 3 functions that the SYS needs which are in the following screenshot, maybe it could be solved using PEMaker that unfortunately I do not know how to use it, but I leave the link of the driver here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ulPvj46eAcIPtScRF6DcrNKokjGqRL_9 I have installed SP4+KB891861+KB951748 on my LGA775, I can not go the way of installing the Extended Core since it leaves my Windows 2000 unstable and when installing the driver I get a BSOD. What I want is to install the driver without any unofficial NTOSKRNL, but if I edit the SYS that is causing the problem.
  23. https://github.com/JustOff/pale-moon-localization/releases/tag/28.5.0_RC2 Yes. From this page, I choose language xpi and install it in palemoon 28.5. In about: config set general.useragent.locale en-GB. So much.
  24. Destro

    Seaching for Intel 218V XP 32bit driver

    they say win 2k drivers but they might work on xp PRO1000-v2 folder http://www.mediafire.com/file/033zeq5l06w30bk/BWC_PRO2Kv3.zip/file Anyways from what I understand it is hit and miss, and it's not going to work on all motherboards and it maybe more chipset related for it to be working than the NIC. What i mean is it maybe not work how it is implemented on one chipset like a x99 or somthing else but work fine on a z370 also might depend if a bios has legacy support vs one that doesn't
  25. MVoloshin

    KernelEx for Win2000

    Do you recommend installing any unofficial post-EOL updates before installing Extended Kernel?
  26. Server file updated to install the latest builds as always keep me updated on problems and requests
  27. New regular/weekly KM-Goanna release: https://o.rths.cf/kmeleon/KM76.1.1-Goanna-20190420.7z Changelog: Out-of-tree changes: * update Goanna3 to git 6e57ba34..b68d61fda: - dom: change `override` to `MOZ_OVERRIDE` to match ArcticFox (a5f7ce22e) - import change from rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - Bug 1141905 part 1. Make it possible to CreateScopeObjectsForScopeChain with a given non-global scope chain terminator. (f511987e7) - Bug 1141905 part 2. Make the 5-arg version of CreateScopeObjectsForScopeChain non-static so it can be called from multiple files, and move it to a possibly-saner location. (8eb583d35) - Bug 1141905 part 3. Use CreateScopeObjectsForScopeChain in DebuggerFrame_evalWithBindings. (00ccdc430) - Bug 1141905 part 4. Add some assertions about what enclosingScope can return for non-scope objects. (efcdac5da) - Bug 1137844 - Part 0 - Add docs for Debugger.Memory.prototype.onGarbageCollection (5db93db6c) - pointer style (c329881dc) - Bug 1137844 - Part 1: Make {get,set}HookImpl not rely on a Debugger instance in the 'this' slot (934d19578) - Bug 1137844 - Part 2: Add a Debugger.Memory.prototype.onGarbageCollection getter/setter pair. (4ea252a53) - Bug 1137844 - Part 3: Fire the Debugger.Memory.prototype.onGarbageCollection hook after GCs (3f549a594) - Bug 1137844 - Part 4: Test the Debugger.Memory.prototype.onGarbageCollection hook (1e82dc1ea) (9dcfc17d2) - import change from rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - Bug 1142311 part 1. Stop parenting self-hosted objects to the intrinsics holder. (3cb7980c4) - Bug 1142311 part 2. Rename the parent arg of NewScriptedFunction to enclosingDynamicScope, and make it optional. (27c00cbb2) - Bug 1142310 part 1. Stop parenting scripted functions created via the NewFunction APIs to non-globals. (46f6521fd) - Bug 1142310 part 2. Stop parenting scripted functions created via CloneFunctionObject to non-globals. (f164e8c49) - Bug 1136486 - Simplify the SVG text rendering callbacks by getting rid of NotifyBeforeSVGGlyphPainted and NotifyAfterSVGGlyphPainted. (fc76dffd1) - Bug 1142865. Remove the parent argument from NewObjectWithGroup. (211d191b7) - pointer style (c83032f78) - Bug 1142859. Don't parent the object created by JS_DefineObject to the object we're defining on. (7a91bf02a) - Bug 1135731 - fix encoding inconsistency in NS_NewXBLProtoImpl (9d5d99022) - pointer style (53f1a2cd1) - Bug 1142309. Remove the parent argument from NewObjectWithClassProto (472a00e66) (19f4294af) - import change from rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - pointer style (b6253e08b) - pointer style again (9a39bc621) - even more pointer style... (f28b6f2c4) - Bug 1066234 - Part 1: Parser support for 'extends' in ES6 Classes. (7782e671d) - Bug 1066234 - Part 2: Implement JSOP_CLASSHERITAGE. (d29afcf6d) - Bug 1066234 - Part 3: Refactor js::CloneFunctionObject to take a proto argument. (0cc6f6048) - Bug 1066234 - Part 4: Implement JSOP_FUNWITHPROTO. (2e0c04103) - Bug 1066234 - Part 5: Implement JSOP_OBJWITHPROTO. (2f3980885) - Bug 1066234 - Part 6: Emitter support for 'extends' in ES6 Classes. (361d75fb4) - Bug 1066234 - Tests. (c06dccce7) - Bug 1066238 - Part 1: Parser support for static class methods. (53315d021) - Bug 1066238 - Part 2: Emitter support for static class methods. (3dc069679) - Bug 1066238 - Tests. (78470ee78) - Bug 1142296. Remove the parent argument from NewObjectWithGivenProto (plus adaptations for Goanna) (918202ddd) - Bug 1142304. Remove the parent argument from NewObjectWithGivenTaggedProto. (036d97369) (81d2deb5a) - backout bug 1134280 for fixing yandex search "Read more" link (980f33dae) - Revert "backout bug 1134280 for fixing yandex search "Read more" link" (01ed5ad3a) - finally fixed yandex search "Read more" link issue. this seems to be an accidentally changed line in upstream(s) that is fixed in bug 1141455. (6a3c759b1) - ported mozilla changes: bug1143506, bug1143509, bug1144899, bug1145560, bug1162350, bug1189593, bug1124084 (ea571e456) - import change from rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - Bug 1142864. Remove the parent argument from NewObject. (2e4cce561) - Bug 1281596 - fix evutil_rand.c for clang/android builds clang apparently dislikes |return func(...)| in a function which returns void. Remove the return to make everybody happy. (beab9a4b3) - Bug 1282141 - compensate for arc4random_buf not being available on Android; (db344c525) - Bug 1181026 (part 1) - Reformat libevent's README.mozilla file. (2816f11ef) - Bug 1181026 (part 3) - Fix libevent constants for 32-bit Linux/Mac/BSD builds. (979920fdc) - Bug 1181026 (part 2) - Clean up libevent patch handling. Add a missing one to the docs, and move them from their current two locations into a new patches/ directory. (40911a1f5) - Bug 1259218 - don't use arc4random_addrandom on Android, since NDK r11 doesn't provide it (ab8a3fcdf) - Unbreak bundled libevent on FreeBSD 12 without upgrading it - hack of existing Bug 1259218 for Android. This patch needs to be reverted when livenet is upgraded and Bug 1497169 applied instead. (4a29b331d) (7f760bdaa) - nss: update nss to hg rev 2d6adc7d8bfc with vc2013 hackfix (a81b41088) - import change from rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - Bug 805052 part 1. Remove assertParentIs. (4c5d44eb8) - Bug 805052 part 2. Stop using the shape's parent to get the object's global. (6da3560dd) - pointer style (e2545c9a5) - Bug 805052 part 3. Remove parents from SpiderMonkey. (8ca3b3643) - Bug 1143706 - Allow BaseShape's global to be null when tracing (8e45cec9d) (b68d61fda) * Notice: the changelog above may not always applicable to XULRunner code which K-Meleon uses. A goanna3 source tree that has kmeleon adaption patch applied is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon27/tree/kmeleon76
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