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  2. Thanks for the new 1.1.9 version. Would be nice if these additional 16 pixel for DarkMode could be optional.
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  4. > I'm quite certain you are wasting your time. As stated in... We are already quite aware of its OOTB limitations. The question now is: can it do anything after a bit of tweaking? RegGetValueW can be hexed to RegGetValueA. AcquireSRWLockExclusive and AcquireSRWLockShared can be hexed to SetLastError.
  5. I can access iTunes on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, macOS High Sierra and macOS Sierra (These macOS' on my normal PC, not another Mac PC. I just "hackintosh"ed my PC.). I think this is the end or my iTunes installation just corrupted.
  6. It may be XP Embedded Enterprise.
  7. i am ... So sorry for your Loss i just now found out when i recommended your father's Work to a Youtuber i watch trying to build a Windows 98 PC. my one Windows 98 PC (minus its current issues) wouldnt be here if it wasn't for your father's work, i wish i could of supported him more. understand you have a big family on these forums and many others out there, if you feel the need to help i wouldnt doubt that there wouldnt be a person who wouldnt mind helping where they could.
  8. The first solution doesn't works, but the second solution yes. BUT, after restarting Windows (to be sure that the drivers are loaded). I played a little with some USB 3.0 devices and the average speed never go beyond 25 MB/s. The 3.0 USB ports are always in 2.0 mode. Any idea ? Best regards
  9. Lav70 install error, does not happen with Lav69. Lav69 installer works with XPsp3 or above mode and is OK with KexBases23. Lav70.2 needed 2K3 or above modes & all modes were tried. I get mixed results with Depends profiling programs; for instance LAV70.2-16 will not profile correctly with KEX22 when it truly works. Also my profile of HD Video Converter Factory on page 43 is not to be trusted as it stops where as running without profiling it runs and the GUI window appears. Comparing KEX22 with KEX23 with Apilog on LAV70.2 there seems no difference except that instead of the GUI for install window appearing the error message appears, see the LAV70.zip containing KEX22 & KEX23 text results. Riched32 I believe is irreplaceable but Riched20 14.0.7155.5000 has only one missing import GetGyphIndicesW. Works with OfficeXP MSO.dll 10.0.6870.0: - no missing imports from this library. NB It did seem that CloseHandle was correct for NtClose but it did not work, so I tried DeleteObject & works faultlessly so far. The Handle to the object would be closed first. If there was another handle to the same object, would the object stay in memory because the object handler does the checks? NVopenGl needs disabled again now. & working great; KEX23. "NtClose is a generic routine that operates on any type of object. Closing an open object handle causes that handle to become invalid. The system also decrements the handle count for the object and checks whether the object can be deleted. The system does not actually delete the object until all of the object's handles are closed and no referenced pointers remain." LAV70.zip
  10. This looks nice, I love your sidebar and nice Reimu wallpaper! To make it look nicer you could use Stardock Fences to clean-up your desktop icons, FalconX to center your Taskbar icons: https://chrisandriessen.nl/web/FalconX.html and Advanced System Font Changer to try a different font if you like: https://www.wintools.info/index.php/advanced-system-font-changer
  11. I'm not concerned that much anyway. Viewtube works well on Firefox 45 ESR SSE, only the WMP plugin crashes. The VLC one does its job without any issue.
  12. Since you mentioned this; Around that same time (little earlier; May 22) Rudy told me something interesting in an email that I don't think was mentioned publicly or expanded on elsewhere. So we have yet another interesting bit of work from close to the same period. Hopefully this will turn up as well. I know he collected a lot of data. Most recently we were both working on backing up the content of Windows Update for XP as there was a rumor that it would shut down. Too many things for the older systems have been lost over the years, and he was well aware of it. I know he also had an archive of HP's entire printer drivers library before they disappeared all of the 9x files. Who would have ever thought a drivers CD would be valuable.. but now in many cases they are for us dinosaurs. Whatever makes setting up the page and getting everything uploaded easier for you works for us. We're just glad you're doing it. (Although it would be nice to not use anything that doesn't work properly with XP compatible browsers, lol.. )
  13. Ok Bro I got my new LapTop and setting all Desktop now is more batter then my Desktop.Finlly i just need to use you tell me use sofware to nake it more nice
  14. I think I'll have to set up one of his computers to find it. I have a feeling it isn't in the "active" set of stuff I'm looking at. Thanks! Uploading them without going through them would not be a good idea. Right off the bat, there is customer information scattered in there. I already seen some family photos in the mix and even some code that I know is not relevant. I wouldn't want to just throw it out there. I can hold my own in regards to programming knowledge so that isn't a concern. A repo can be made at any point and anyone here could do it if they felt inclined to do so. I can't offer support for it anyway - I just don't have the time. My option was to upload source without a build system or to not upload source. I would like to think you can see what the better option is. In any case, the logic in the code is more important for anyone to try to learn or extend his work. Regarding who my dad was, I'm uploading his resumes so you get an idea of what he felt was appropriate to say he did. He did a bit of consulting work for Aerospace Avionics (I think that is the name, I have a pile of hardware schematics from them but they were absorbed into another company) but pretty much was consulting for the last 30 years and living off investments and tax liens. My dad was phone phreaker in his youth and actually got arrested for it (I'm quite proud of him for that) and was forced to write a public apology to avoid jail time. He was also responsible for this article: http://explodingthephone.com/docs/dbx0431.pdf I'm pretty sure that I'm about the only person he would trust with this. Although, he would not be pleased that I'm just giving away his work and that is a point where we differed in opinion, I think it is the best option for me to preserve his legacy. I never got into Windows like my dad did but I do take after him quite a bit. I wish my dad followed more modern standards for organization and such but the major issue is that there is just a massive amount of data. I brought about 60TB of stuff back home with me and that might only be half of his recent stuff (last few years). He has tape archives going back at least 20 years but I am pretty confident that stuff isn't related to his Windows endeavors. HTML by hand fits my dad so well. But I'm thinking about using React for the long-term of the page. Newspaper Article for Rudy.pdf resume.txt RESUME.DOC
  15. Yeah, the only branding difference in all of the XP derivatives is the classic login/winver banner. Everything else is the same. I don't see why one would vouch for the enabling of the welcome screen in a business environment though. It doesn't easily work with domains. Embedded devices may be a different story, as there are other pictures circulating of the welcome screen on payphones. Perhaps they were using XP Pro for Embedded Systems, which appears to be XP Pro, welcome screen by default and all, just with special licensing.
  16. The current issue with signing in at the iTunes Store discussed at itunes login and authorization error and elsewhere does indeed resemble the May 30, 2018 incident I mentioned above: Many older versions of iTunes (perhaps all) are affected, but the problem can be solved by updating to the latest version - which you cannot do if you are running Vista. I wonder if @i430VX has noticed this issue?
  17. You can enable that login screen on POSready, and probably the other derivatives, too. IIRC it has normal XP branding.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Well, there goes that idea. I guess your only hope is a plug-in, but Flash is obviously out (YouTube dropping Flash is what caused the problem to start with). Is your processor SSE2? If so Microsoft's Windows Media Player plug-in for Firefox might work. (It seems to just lock up on SSE processors.) You can get it from FileHippo: https://filehippo.com/download_windows_media_player_ffplugin, or similar freeware sites.
  20. A Boots shop in the UK I guess, looks a terrible mess! I wonder why it's apparently actual XP and not Windows POS/Embedded 2009 as I would expect on a self-service till? We have loads of places still using ancient equipment!
  21. According to @redfoxcz FF 48.0.2 is your only hope: You'll go backward on security a bit, but at least it should work with ViewTube, the WMP plug-in, etc.
  22. what kind of "intel centrino duo" cpu does that computer have, Raheem? use the CPU-Z tool to identify the exact model of that Intel CPU chip.
  23. 45 is earlier than 48, so it won't work. (I know FF 45 ESR has security fixes up through FF 54 or so, but that won't help you run an add-on.) Edit: Well, I stand corrected. WMP Plug-in seems to date from 2015; FF 45 was released in 2016. So it should work. Perhaps WMP Plug-in requires SSE2....
  24. KB3177467 V2 is now obsolete like KB3020369. use KB4490628 or KB4516655 instead [both these updates replace KB3177467 and older servicing stack updates] very first update to integrate/slipstream is either KB4490628 or KB4516655 as either one is required to install new updates created in Aug. 2019 and later.
  25. I'm sorry I was kinda vague in my previous post. What I meant to say is that the KB4524752 update will be offered to Win7 Professional users thru Windows Update while those using Home Basic/Premium or Ultimate of Win7 editions will be offered the KB4493132 update instead of KB4524752 on the list of available updates thru WU. And of course neither KB4493132 nor KB4524752 will show up for those using Win7 Enterprise & Server 2008 R2 editions.
  26. So Roytam was probably right: I haven't wasted *that* much time on this trivial pursuit, if it makes you feel better. Only took 20 minutes to download, install, run Dependency Walker, and uninstall again.
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