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  2. I had a go at doing this. The limitation seems to be that the 4 "speedup updates" can't be successfully integrated into install.wim. I did manage to integrate about 140 cab files. Then run the 4 speedups after installation . WU will then offer the rest. https://www.vistax64.com/threads/update-your-vista-installation-media.305588/#post-1412925 https://www.vistax64.com/threads/critical-update-issued-for-xp-etc-but-not-for-vista.305589/post-1412944 https://www.vistax64.com/threads/critical-update-issued-for-xp-etc-but-not-for-vista.305589/post-1412946
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  4. I appreciate the time, experience, and knowledge you have shared with me Goodmaneuver. Funny, I thought the GF 6200 was AGP. Yeah, I discovered I need to go with AGP anyways. I came across a couple graphics cards which may be of interest to me: the Radeon 9700 Pro and I don't remember the other one. I have not come down to any choices regarding the CPUs yet. I know I want to stick with single core at least to minimize any problems. I do have a question though that occurred to me during my research. Does MS-DOS and W98SE need their own set of drivers each since they are essentially two separate but interconnected systems unlike dual-boot system of today?
  5. OK, I made the same change on AsusTPApi.dll. The error is now that FlsFree can't be found in KERNEL33.DLL. I guess that function isn't in the xompie version either?
  6. Thanks, I made that change, and the same change on "Import Directory" on AsusTPConfigure.exe, but I'm still getting the same error about "LCMapStringEx" when I try to run it.
  7. sorry, I meant import directory, which does contain a table.
  8. I assume this is the file called "kernelxp.dll"? I've renamed it to "kernel33.dll" and put it in the system32 folder. Opening dwmapi.dll in CFF Explorer, I can see something called "Import Directory" and something called "Import Adder", but no "Import Table".
  9. ive already put usb 3.0 drivers into the usb and i dont have dvds
  10. If you saw the FontAwesome github project, they have TTF versions of their webfonts, so no need to convert them ? I dunno about IcoMoon, Bootstrap glyphs. I've only used IcoMoon in one or two projects with very customized icons in web fonts. I still believe the JS problem is due to browser not being able to handle such big JS scripts size. The usage and size of these scripts grew up a lot when jQuery was introduced, and has been growing up every year. That's another reason why I want to ditch jQuery for the projects and try to use more vanilla JS. If someone can manage to make the browser handle the size of the JS scripts, some sort of slow async caching or something like that... then you could avoid the crash, but not guaranteed that the JS would run as expected. We now have browsers for Win 98 that run without JS but can render pages perfectly - They now understand the current modern CSS trends, like Flexbox and CSS Grid. They understand box-shadow, border-radius, CSS gradients and such. I know that, because my website makes use of CSS3 Flexbox and the page was rendered as expected - minus my background images, because they are provided by a JS Parallax script.
  11. My joy was premature - Now zoom shows desktop sharing, but the conference partners will only see a black screen instead of a presentation... :-((
  12. I got tired of Windows 10, so I am attempting to install Windows 7 instead. So fear, I changed the EUFI boot to legacy mode, then proceeded to install Windows 7 through a USB media. But, it appears there is one nearly fatal issue: USB ports will not work. I tried to grab a signed USB 3.1 driver and integrate the driver by selecting the XLM (if I recall format properly) to my Windows 7 installation, but my installation is still usb-less. Any advice to fix the issues?
  13. Actually, there is a solution. At the same link, you will find a wrapper for kernel32.dll; rename it to kernel33.dll, place in system32, and then open dwmapi.dll in CFF Explorer, go to the "import table" and change kernel32 to kernel33. Also check dependency walker for other dependencies and change as necessary.
  14. With that dwmapi.dll now I'm getting "The procedure entry point LCMapStringEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL". That looks much more like the sort of message I'd expect, but doesn't look too optimistic!
  15. Ill try pcem it has full 3d acceleration support
  16. You should try using the dwmapi.dll from this library of wrapper DLLs intended for XP: https://github.com/tumagonx/xompie/ That 8.1 one relies on a tonne of stuff not in XP.
  17. Ah, right! They were set to "0006" and "0000" originally, Vista of course, which looks hopeful that the program will work on Windows 7 if I end up having to go down that route. Now I've changed them both, I'm getting a different error message - "The application failed to start because dwmapi.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." That file does not exist on the XP drive, but does exist on the 8.1 drive in \System32. Copied that across and the message is now "The procedure entry point -CxxFrameHandler3 could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll". Looking at the Asus file in standalone Dependency Walker there are quite a few error reported, as you would imagine. Shall I send you a copy of the file to analyse yourself? If it's possible for that file to be made to work without errors, I think there's a fair chance that the rest can be. It is part of the control panel though, so would it perhaps be better to concentrate on the actual driver files? I really couldn't care if the control panel doesn't work, the important thing is that I can change the settings and they work, even if I have to do it in the registry!
  18. Problem solved, if the proper rpcrt4.dll is used. There are two versions of exkernel rpcrt4.dll, both version 5.0.2195.7291. One has I_RpcBindingInqLocalClientPID in it, the other one not. So always use all files of Exkernel and not only replace different version numbers! Greeting Joe
  19. I'm not sure why you would bother with running MineCraft in Virtualbox in Windows 98 since if you are running it in a VM then your host likely can run it.... 1. Virtualbox is horrible for 9x. 2. No 3D acceleration in a VM for 9x except for qemu or pcem. You may have better luck with qemu than pcem for OGL. 3. 3D software acceleration is slow. Mesa3D for OGL 2.1, Swiftshader for D3D 4. Minecraft 1.13 requires OpenGL 4.4 according to the Internets so make sure you are using an old version of Minecraft.
  20. That is in two places: MajorOperatingSystemVersion 5 MinorOperatingSystemVersion 1 MajorSubsystemVersion 5 MinorSubsystemVersion 1 jaclaz
  21. OK, with some more registry transplants from 8.1 I now have an icon for the Smart Gesture control panel in the Windows Control Panel. That runs AsusTPConfigure.exe, which reports as not a valid win32 application. Started on that with CFF Explorer VII (the version I already had, I hope that's OK) and I have changed the MajorOperatingSystemVersion value in the "Optional Header" section to "0005", and the MinorOperatingSystemVersion value to "0001". It hasn't made any difference, is that all I should need to do? The Dependency Walker section doesn't seem to show any errors. I notice it was built with Microsoft Visual C++ 8. Is that an issue?
  22. Although OTF and WOFF2 can be converted to TTF but how to make them usable substitutes.
  23. ok I will try when I get back home edit: should I still have gldirect enabled in scitech display doctor?
  24. Then there's two options: * Copy where the minecraft.jar file is (i doubt it would be utilised but still worth a try) * copy to the java runtime folder (where java.exe is)
  25. The program I was trying to use was a java program that being minecraft so I think I need to copy it to system32 and is there only one file opengl32.dll? Also I have scitech display doctor 7 installed will it work with it being installed and configured?
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