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  2. What ever happened to that effort to port stock chromium?
  3. My first that I really owned was a Compaq Presario 1065. I got it in maybe 2011 or so. (For the curious: Win95A, 16MB RAM, 1-ish GB hard drive.) The second, a couple years later, was a V2 Premier system (P4 3.4GHz, 512mb ram, 180GB hard drive, XP Home) The Presario lives on but the V2 Premier POSTed more and more intermittently until it outright refused to. Pretty sure it was the CPU that died, but the motherboard got damaged in storage so i couldn't verify that. These systems were both hand-me-downs from where my parents work.
  4. Even with a default "full" install, the Embedded OSes often leave some piece out, and then again there are SKU specific add-ons required in some instances.
  5. ... and, as stated, a "minimal" installation of it: ...which suggests some OS components have been omitted...
  6. ESET's website is almost as aggravating as Comodo's website. As I mentioned in my May 6 post, ESET's early warning of end of support for Vista was buried in an article about the Windows 10 May 2019 update. As for Comodo, I mentioned in my September 14 post that CIS no longer supports Vista or XP, but the list at the beginning of this thread still does not reflect that. More recently, there has been a Notice of Comodo Cloud Antivirus discontinuation.
  7. My first computer was an Apple IIc. My second was (I think) an IBM PS/2 Model 80.
  8. Are you talking about MiniTool Partition Wizard 11 Free (file pw11-free.exe) ? This doesn't seem to be the case with pw11-free.exe :
  9. Remember that this is not XP, it is POSReady 2009. There are differences and it cannot be expected that programs (or even MS updates) for XP will work properly with it.
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  11. Sentences were already good. Not seeing any edit re NN 3.04...what is it? Link doesn't connect or Google.
  12. UPDATE! I have enabled some WebGL features that seems to improve the general performance of the browser, especially during scrolling. Keeping the WebGL implementation running at minimum capability mode seems to make scrolling less jerky in graphically intensive pages, making the entire browser feel faster. I also have reduced the amount of warnings to 0, reducing the CPU usage (when set at 32, there might be a sudden spark in CPU usage since the browser sends warnings related to the WebGL engine.). The build number of this new version of the UOC Patch is N2J. Please update to the newest version of the UOC Patch and happy RDDin'!
  13. @jumper If you found my sentence hard to understand, see correction above. In case you are interested in the test, see: https://web.archive.org/web/2018*/http://win3x.conforums.com/index.cgi?board=net&num=1517876379&action=display&start=49
  14. Now try to set webgl.min_capability_mode to False. Let me know if you notice any improvement.
  15. Here's a side advice for OP: In my opinion it is better for you to use this small patching utility called simply "WINXPPAE", made by daniel_k (same guy behind the modded creative drivers and behind the effort to get XP to run on modern systems by ACPI.sys modding). One is that compared to other PAE patches it manages to replicate the same PAE behavior (almost if not exact) like in Server 2003 (thus no need for the /PAE switch in boot.ini, since due to how it's patched properly ntoskrnl.exe automatically chainloads it's own PAE equivalent - ntkrnlpa.exe). Second is that it allows you not only to patch the files to enable PAE with unlimited RAM, but also to patch the files to enable PAE but with the 4GB limit (results: RAM should be mapped more efficiently, thus more RAM is available AND due to the 4GB limit it avoids stability issues). Recommend checking it out.
  16. SHELL32 if its possible, please add SHCreateQueryCancelAutoPlayMoniker to run Movie Maker from XP
  17. He's edited his first post since it was first posted. I was pretty sure that Partition Wizard was in the list originally, and CPU-Z, and I thought it was a list of things that didn't work! Partition Wizard has now been removed from the list. Sorry if I misunderstood it!
  18. > speedtest with NN 3.04 If NN is Netscape Navigator, how did you speedtest with it?
  19. With: map --mem (hd0,0)+1 (hdn) you are in theory mapping the first partition of hd0, i.e. (hd0,0) to a "whole" disk (hdn) So, the first sector of (hdn) would be the first sector of (hd0,0), i.e. a bootsector (or PBR/VBR) and not a MBR. whilst with: --map --mem (hd0)+1 (hdn) you map the whole disk hd0, i.e. (hd0) to a "whole" disk (hdn) In theory the first one shoudln't work , but grub4dos automagically (I believe this may depend on the specific version, I seem to remember that it was added somewhere in 0.4.5c, but I may be mis-remember) does a few things: 1) copies the MBR from the source disk to the mem disk 2) writes to the MBR on memdisk a new single partition entry (with an offset of 63 sectors, normally) for the volume, 00ing all the others (if any) partition entries 3) copies to mem the actual volume 4) corrects (if needed) the sectors before in the BPB of the volume I am attaching a couple of screenshots that should help explain the above, I am mapping, for the sake of the example to two different mem disks to show the differences. Everything is fine and dandy . jaclaz
  20. I dont know if this post will be read again but man, i got a asus laptop with a mobility radeon X700. I try your solution but i may fail, i find catalyst 4.11 but not sure its a good one. I had this : "RADEON X700 Series Secondary " = RV410_ENU, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653&SUBSYS_0940103C&REV_00 "RADEON X700 Series Secondary " = RV410_ENU, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653 but i looked in the inf there is no RV410. So i looked to the xp version and the model is : "ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700" = ati2mtag_M26, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653&SUBSYS_11B21043 "ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 " = ati2mtag_M26, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5652&SUBSYS_18811043 "ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 " = ati2mtag_M26, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5652&SUBSYS_19621043 "ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 " = ati2mtag_M26, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653&SUBSYS_11221043 SO i make a copy of the catalyst driver 4.11 and i add the last line. Well its worked but i got limited to 2 color and 16 color and the c panel for ATI no want start. I edited the xp driver with making a copy of all the register files, ini and inf than i rename from C2 to C9X. Then again drivers is taken but not possible to install the ati software and use it. The color is still limited to 2 or 16 color. If you read my message can you help me or make me a package with your driver for this graphic card ? THanks you
  21. R410 is obsolete, so I update the driver to 431.98. Now I can play Quake II RTX demo at 20 FPS. FurMark test result: http://www.ozone3d.net/gpudb/score.php?which=825921
  22. Thanks! I don't need it yet but I want to be prepared for when these changes hit stable, just incase my manifest workaround stops working one day
  23. It is always worth the five minutes it takes to try and change the major/minor OS in the executable. A number of executables are perfectly fine running in XP BUT they are compiled with a "default" setting targeting 6 (Vista). This results in the error "This is not a valid Win32 application". Get CFF explorer: https://ntcore.com/?page_id=388 Open with it the (copy of the) executable and select "Optional Header". Then change: MajorOperatingSystemVersion to 5 MinorOperatingSystemVersion to 1 MajorSubsystemVersion to 5 MinorSubsystemVersion to 1 and save. No idea if this applies specifically to Inno Setup executables, though. jaclaz
  24. 1) You will need to read "dictionary" as "directory". jaclaz
  25. It gave some better performance on my Pentium M laptop, heavy sites load better without hanging the browser :)
  26. The task manager shows not only the memory consumption, but also virtual memory, the swap file. Therefore, applications can use a lot of virtual memory without consuming RAM.
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