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  2. Destro

    [Partly Solved] Installing Windows XP on Bay Trail-M CPU

    xps not going to see more than 3gb ram anyways without a kernel patch, dibya has one hes working on that is supposedly better than the old Chinese 64g one might want to investigate that. maybe message dibya.
  3. Jody Thornton

    Internet Explorer 11 will be available for Windows 8!!

    Now is there a way to regularly go and download the newest MS Edge portable, or was this just someone's side project?
  4. Leifman

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    Well, for now the only solution for me is to use it on a chrome (that is spoofed to latest version) coz then at least the skype for web is useful or rather usable (and not a slow mess) I guess the "why" one can't get it to work on Mypal/palemoon is a mystery hehe
  5. Sampei.Nihira

    Missing email client in the Start Menu.

    Yes, I still have Thunderbird 52.9.1 installed. and I'm not going to uninstall it. Before opening this 3D I also verified that. I had not inserted it as an image because the writings are in Italian and ......... MailNews, although not mentioned, is certainly the default e-mail client. As you see the selected setting says: "Use the current e-mail program". It's not Thunderbird, it's not Outlook, so it's necessarily Interlink MailNews. ________________________________________________________________ Is there anyone who could install Interlink MailNews not forked and check if it creates registry keys? http://binaryoutcast.com/projects/interlink/ TH.
  6. > all possible combined order all possible permutations There is only one word combination (the input), but n! word permutations (if no repeated words). "Any" should probably be limited to 1..6 unique words.
  7. jumper

    What software developed by Roytam1 do you use?

    ...and KG74 (KM74+Goanna 2.2), and builds of FF3.6 and Retrozilla (FF2)
  8. Today
  9. See that's what I would have thought. or if I could take all of the files from the update and replace the IE10 files, then it would. I really don't care to run IE11, and I would have removed it from Windows 8 components (just like I do with IE 10 currently). But I wanted the Trident engine to be updated, and that is still left behind when you "remove" IE.
  10. Mathwiz

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    Yes; I changed it to the latter UA in NM 28 and added the same UA to Serpent. (I wanted them to be as similar as possible.) And in Serpent I can sign on to web.skype.com fine, but NM 28 gives me the same sign-on error as the OP gets with MyPal. Web.Skype.com works fine in FF 48+ (with the aforementioned add-on) and Serpent (with the aforementioned SSUAOs), as well as Chrome of course. But NM / MyPal are lighter-weight browsers that run better on the OP's PC. I was trying to help because I suspect that's a common situation. Well, I doubt they estimate market shares based on UA's reported to skype.com, since that would be a very biased sample. ("How about that; 100% of the users of this Micro$oft site that requires Win 10 are using Win 10! Surprise, surprise!") So even if you did have to report Win 10 to skype.com, you could still report XP to everyone else.
  11. However, please note that its developer is from China, so when you encounter some specific websites, the browser may force you to close the website you are visiting. In addition, your privacy may not be protected.
  12. jumper

    chrome 49 XP

    Try adding to the source code: BOOL QueryThreadCycleTime( HANDLE ThreadHandle, PULONG64 CycleTime ) { SetLastError (120); return FALSE; } or #define QueryThreadCycleTime(th,ct) (SetLastError (120), FALSE) Otherwise try returning thread elapsed time converted back into tsc units (multiply by ~2000000 if ms->GHz?). What were the missing dependencies of Chrome.exe on Shell32.dll and Chrome_elf.dll on KernelXP.dll and Dbghelp.dll (if not listed above)?
  13. Goodmaneuver

    Windows 98 as high quality video player

    Remember M2378111.EXE has to be installed before the unofficial WMP10 if you want to use the 4510 wmp.dll. I would not encourage the use of some WMP updates as the right clicking of video created a headache. The playback preview meant that videos could not be renamed or deleted and it clashed with a version of Haali splitter. I had to delete reg settings to remove the preview idea. There are DMO third party codecs for missing WMV/A codecs and majority of formats have to use third party codecs anyway.
  14. Not quite on-topic, but anyway, I find it practical to ask if anyone can help me access the SSD in my Lenovo. I once was able to locate the drive and open it, but since that time I have never been able to find the SSD disk again. I want to try partitioning the disk and install Win 7 or Win XP on one partition.
  15. tomasz86

    Unofficial SP 5.2 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (WIP)

    I think that we may have a little bit of a mistery here. Your "SETUPREG.HIV" is indeed abnormal. The file has basically its contents doubled, hence it has twice the size of the original. The problem is that even in this state, it does not affect the installation process. I have used the file for my test installation, and there was no difference with the previous one. The installed system was functioning 100% normally, with both IE6 and DX9 present. At the moment, the only way that I can reproduce the IE/DX missing issue is when using that experimental version of HFSLIP2000 from two years ago, but your log file suggests just the standard version of HFSLIP2000, so I am really not sure what may have caused the issue .
  16. @Mathwiz @heinoganda Thank you!
  17. Goodmaneuver

    How you really browse the web on 98/ME in 2019

    VP8 is back with the 12.18 webm decoder. We had VP9 working with 12.02 webm decoder but now YouTube chooses VP8 for this decoder. Its on stats for nerds. YouTube now works with the full 12.18 gstreamer files on highly downloaded files. YouTube selects the video format in retaliation to the browser vs and model. For example using the same highly downloaded file, VLC in XP downloads AVC. Opera 12.18 on XP downloads VP8. Opera 60 (Chromium) on Win7, downloads VP9. The player is still not allowing CometBird 9 from playing. K-Meleon may not be able to decode VP9 as with other earlier Mozilla web browsers. VLC downloads Icecast but I have had no success with YouTube on WinME. Flash used to pick up system codecs as I had the DIVX splash screen enabled on their H264 decoder and one day it showed on a video from YouTube. Divxs' beginings were triggered from not being able to play ASF v 7 in WMP in later OSs. The sample video in WinME used this format and I found an ASF decoder from klmcodec159.exe which allowed playback in later OSs. H264 and H265 are not free for software distributors this is why there is only Theora and Webm video decoders located within most older free browsers. AC1 is the newest free codec that is slightly more efficient than H265 but is early days. I am pleased that VP9 worked with Opera 12.02 webm decoder. Security settings do not stop malware being downloaded and do not protect severs from malware or cyber attacks but do protect data in transit between server and client. TLS 1.2 was defined in 2008 and TLS 1.3 in Aug 2018. Servers choose the highest server/client mutual TSL protocol available and the best mutual cypher. SSL2 and SSL3 are depreciated so I untick SSL3. About SourceForge with 12.18 on XP the cypher chosen is TLS v1.2 128 bit AES GCM ([256, 2048] bit ECDHE_ECDSA/SHA-256). Some sites rely on Java script for page displaying eg Duolingo. FF9 had better compatibility with this site than prior Mozilla versions. Opera uses HTML5 and not Java script as far as I understand with Win9x. Mozilla XUL driver is just that with over 2000 functions. The code was in the jar file and did not work uncompressed. Use jar.exe in Java JDK to compress back to jar (-cf ..\\ omni.jar *) FF9 was the last one to use jar later vs used ja which is associated with Java 1.7 and above. Renaming ja to jar or visa versa is not compatible. The update idea copying 12.18 to 12.02 may not be fully functioning though I do not see why RC4 cannot be prevented with the old opera.dll. The SSL3/TLS1 options are the same. There are not many sites not working. Siria your one character only view in right click menu will probably be to do with the registry. Try saving a file with WinWord if you can. It may have stemmed from a buffer over-run with the icon cache. The only solution I have is to go back to a reg save that was prior to the incidence. I open WinME to safe mode on a roughly monthly basis to reset icon and font caches. This will mitigate icon errors that can eventually occur.
  18. > Though when installing the 4.5.2016.18 package on WinMe(Fresh install fully updated) <sigh>...Please correct your error or refrain from using these Updates. This is currently a project, not a product. Users who either cannot follow instructions or cannot make accurate reports do not qualify as testers and should wait for a product release.
  19. I see. Though when installing the 4.5.2016.18 package on WinMe(Fresh install fully updated) and rebooting nothing works like Opera. I used Safe mode to update the files since i can't reboot in DOS obviously
  20. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    [Partly Solved] Installing Windows XP on Bay Trail-M CPU

    I stand corrected, the system still needs a bunch of improvements! Windows XP will only see 2 out of 4gb of ram, depends on a generic video driver, has really slow performance, needs an audio driver, get ACPI fixed, needs a wireless card driver, and apparently a floppy disk driver as well! The chipset driver especially is annoying! Despite this, the chipset driver and webcam appears to work perfectly xD In the worst case scenario, I could just use Vista or 7 instead and remove components. Maybe Linux, if this whole thing doesn't work out All driverpack suggestions will be highly appreciated! Auto, online, offline, or manual!
  21. you have to recompile 3rd party libraries provided by Nevcairiel with v141_xp since he provides .lib libraries that is not compiled with v141_xp. And those libraries may need to hack around to make new windows API out of them, as well as ffmpeg.
  22. heinoganda

    Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    RAUE In this case, pay attention to the uppercase and lowercase letters!
  23. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    [Solved] Modifying Windows XP CD files? (compress to a LZX format)

    A BSoD will occur related to ACPI
  24. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    [Partly Solved] Installing Windows XP on Bay Trail-M CPU

    It's indeed possible After two days ^o^ You will need the latest bios, these SATA drivers, CABARC or cabpack 1.4, NTLite, WinSetupFromUsb 1.8, Dietmar's ACPI.sys, and a flash drive https://www.win-raid.com/t22f45-Guide-Integration-of-Intels-AHCI-RAID-drivers-into-a-Windows-XP-W-k-W-k-CD.html (site where SATA drivers were found) 1. Press f2 while PC is booting and enable legacy mode, disable any other mode(s). Make USB the first to boot. 2. Get a Windows XP disc, copy out all files except for one that says "boot". 3. Obtain the ACPI.sys file, use cabpack 1.4 to convert the file into a LZX format archive. Then rename it to "ACPI.SY_" and replace original ACPI.SY found in the i386 folder. 4. Setup an NTLite installation for Windows XP, bundle the SATA drivers (Go to drivers folder, NOT the 64 one and click the inf file). Include all drivers 5. Once NTLite is done, use WinSetupFromUsb to create a bootable flash drive. 6. Auto format with FBinst, check add XP to disk, include the folder changed by NTLite. 7. Set pendrive, use in computer, but make sure to press f7 quickly after selecting XP installation. You will have to manually turn off the computer after the partition is set. It may freeze the first time booting afterward, but it's all good. Warning: eye-candy ahead No poor PC should be forced to run a bloated Vista/7/8/10 when there's a perfectly speedy XP Unfortunately, I don't think this will work with Windows 2000 because the drivers work on XP, but 2000.
  25. Damnation

    [Solved] Modifying Windows XP CD files? (compress to a LZX format)

    pressing F7 will skip loading acpi - what happens if you don't press F7?
  26. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    [Solved] Modifying Windows XP CD files? (compress to a LZX format)

    It works! Using the custom drivers, f7, rloew and Damnation's suggested cab file makers to successfully replacing the ACPI.sys file, updating the bios, and f7 made it work!!!
  27. Windows 2000

    chrome 49 XP

    Wait wait wait... you just got me very excited @FranceBB. You're telling me, that even though there is lots of work to be done to get it working, there is hope in getting Chrome 74 on XP? If someone were to implement QueryThreadCycleTime to the kernel, Chrome 74 would be working? Are you guys working on it regularly?
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