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  2. FranceBB

    What softwares developed by Roytam1 do you use?

    I still use Chromium 54 but whenever it doesn't work, I use Firefox 52 ESR. If it doesn't work either, then I use new moon 28. I really appreciate what roytam is doing, but I'd really like to have a modified and updated version of either Chromium or Firefox, 'cause I prefer the stock versions to the forked ones. Alternatively, if he could integrate Google account sync in one of his forks it would be great.
  3. bluebolt

    XP Pro x64 OS Boot NVMe

    The system now consistently boots timely: the solution was to enable Intel SpeedStep in the BIOS. I disable SpeedStep for Windows 2000 and am nonplussed that the combination of SpeedStep/Disabled and XP x64/NVMe would affect boot reliability, but it does in this setup. Disabling Hardware Prefetcher and Adjacent Line Prefetcher didn't sit well with me because of the performance hit it caused, so it's nice to be able to run with those features enabled now. Current tests are with the Intel 760p Series 1TB NVMe (SSDPEKKW010T8X1). Default voltage for the i7-6950x CPU is 0.976 V. This motherboard has integrated overclock settings up to 4.0 GHz, at which ASRock sets voltage at 1.241 V (according to CPU-Z). I was able to manually raise the clock to 4.3 with no other changes, and low temps. So it seemed a couple of more clicks would be easily attainable with increased voltage, but alas (in my admittedly limited testing), 4.3 was a hard wall. Top-line CrystalMark scores include one lucky shot that cracked the million barrier, establishing, at least, that the gauge doesn't break there:
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  5. deomsh

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    @Dave-H: Yes. According to the ALC883 data sheet 0C should be the Volume Widget all jack's are connected to. Please check if one of the other jack's of your back-panel gives sound, just for testing purposes. Is PCM=$FFFFFFFF in HDACFG.INI? Did you try WAVEOUT.EXE? It's included in HDADRV9j.7z. If you click the waveOutGetDevs-button you should see the same as in my picture in the post I mentioned. I was just testing the Volume Widget of my ALC662 codec: mine is according to the data sheet, is working with WAVEOUT and is independent of settings in HDAICOUT.HDA. Try playing a MP3 with Windows' standard mediaplayer too, and check if the volume slider is working.
  6. Dave-H

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    Is this the post you were referring to? I tried changing VolumeWidget=$14 to VolumeWidget=$0C, and there was no sound at all!
  7. Hi, i would like to warn you about installing april updates for server 2008 on vista. My os is unstable after the april rollup. They are some changes being made to win32k which makes my vista x64 really unstable. Even build number is different now. i will keep you updated, but if you dont have to you should not install it. (kb4493458)
  8. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4025687/microsoft-security-advisory-4025685-guidance-for-older-platforms KB958644 was replaced by KB2705219-v2 from October 2012. KB2347290 KB4012598 was replaced by KB4486465 from February 2019 KB4012583 KB4022747 KB4018271 IE8 was replaced by KB4493435 IE8 from April 2019 KB4018466 was replaced by KB4486465 from February 2019 KB3197835 KB4024323 KB4024402 was replaced by KB4047211 from November 2017 KB4025218 KB4019204 was replaced by KB4493927 from April 2019
  9. Question: kb4012598 is a custom update, to deal with WanaCry problem. Are there any more "Custom" updates for to fix cia-nsa-fbi back door issue? I thought there was a few that came out around the time there was vault 7 leaks, or something like that. Other custom updates that may not show on MS updates!
  10. I mostly just use the editor included inside Ghost Commander. It's pretty basic but serves my needs. Ghost Commander is ad-free, tracker-free and open source. It's also root-aware, though it will work for unrooted devices too for as much access as filesystem permissions allow. There's even older versions in case your android is very old, I use ver 1.54.1b2 on my old FroYo device (this old version is supposedly compatible all the way back to 1.6 Donut), current version is for 2.3.3 Gingerbread & up. Second this! If I can't find something open source, I do make sure to check the IzzyOnDroid app lists to see how snoop-y it is likely to be or if there are alternatives I haven't considered yet. He does list which problematic libraries are compiled into what apps and if trackers are (not) found in them (look for the gold star icon). For instance, Office Suites and Text Editors lists a lot of editors you might check into. Another bonus to open source apps is they are more likely to still be compatible with older devices. A great open source non-google app is Yalp Store. This is a must for androids too old to install the current play store app like my FroYo device (it supposedly works back to 2.0 Eclair), and has active development (a new version was released in response to a bug I posted last fall). For email there is either K9 (for newer androids) or Squeaky (for older androids), both open source from the same codebase. I love CSipSimple for VoIP calling/texting over WiFi, it used to be on both playstore and f-droid (see https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/com.csipsimple) but has gone missing since I found it there. One last location survives, http://web.archive.org/web/20180816022955/http://nightlies.csipsimple.com/stable/ which does have the last version. It's none of Google's business where I hike or drive, so Navit gives an alternative to the preinstalled GPS/map apps. You can pre-download whatever maps/databases you like from several sources (including OpenStreetMaps, or you can make your own) and there is no need for a map server/user tracking/ad serving/whatever. The version on f-droid is older than the playstore version. The UI is rather goofy and takes a bit of getting used to so reading the wiki is a big help. Despite this I found it well worth the time I spent figuring out how to use the app and even extend it a little to show my favorite locations (there are forum posts on how to do this). There is an android section on http://software.oldversion.com/android/ in case you want an older version that is no longer on the playstore, though this is not an open source repo.
  11. Dietmar

    Newer motherboards that support WinXP

    Today I make an update of the acpi.sys driver for Windows XP SP3 32 bit which should work on any compi. AMD, Intel, language does not matter Dietmar acpi.rar
  12. It's not an "intruder", the profile is merely unknown. As they clearly say. It just means the server doesn't recognize that the current browser profile is still the same as at last login. Obviously that browser is better at reducing fingerprinting, has stronger privacy settings. Of course, no fun. A while back I actually had the same prob with amazon, with another browser (KM1.6 due to old OS), and drove me crazy too. Old cookies just ignored. Finally got it fixed somehow, it was some strange setting, but now don't remember anymore which one :( Possibly this one, although makes no sense: network.http.accept.default (am now using */*) Anyway, would compare your settings with your 'working' browsers. Can be anything, from different adblock stuff to cookie settings, storage permissions, indexeddb permission, each global or site specific, useragents, referer permissions etc. Check privacy and security addons. It's all about settings. By the way amazon is playing with their coding again, new quirks for ancient browsers (like my KM1.6) started 2-3 weeks ago: with old useragent string it now shows constantly bot-checks. Weirdly, the frequency seems to depend from time of day?! During daylight hardly ever, at night far worse. When toggling UA, claiming to be FF52, and reloading the page, all is instantly fine again - even without bothering to solve the bot task. But sadly cannot find any workaround for their second new quirk, showing on my old browser search results only as mobile view, 1 column, 320px wide :( Instead of the grid view for desktops. Perhaps "mobile" is their new default layout if the screen size is 'only' 1024px...
  13. hjsuffolk14@gmail.com

    Windows ME Cumulative Update

    I have put all of the official updates for windows 95/98/ME on this link for those who do not want to use unofficial service packs; https://hjtsoft.blogspot.com/2018/07/windows-9x-update-archive.html
  14. deomsh

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    @Dave-H: did you set VolumeWidget=$0C ? Further: please read my post of april, 2 (answer to UCyborg).
  15. I use New Moon 28 as my default browser. I recently installed Interlink MailNews.
  16. Willy Gee

    Setup was unable to create a new system partition

    Yes I want to thank Jaclaz for that great VS 2019 launch…I think I fired up my old Cessna and go, whenever they set a few date. The sad thing about the YouTube video on the sites, is really great but when they show “Windows ME” Sadly it die very quickly. But not like Windows 7 last as long time 10 + years. My old “Clown Suite for Shriners” didn’t last that long! Well Tripredacus I want to said you welcome, I do need a vacation not the funny farm, but the “Sunny land of Las Vegas McCarran, see you there June 2019? You're can put me on permanent vacation. Good Bye!!! Happy flying...
  17. Dave-H

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    Thanks, I will try that later on. I did try changing PCM=$FFFFFFFF to PCM=$AAAAAAAA in the [volume] section of HDACFG.INI and it didn't seem to make any difference to the sound level. Do I need to change anything else as well?
  18. Have a great Easter break, whatever you're doing!
  19. It was a system that was put in place by Microsoft to copy how Windows 10 is updated, instead of small new updates they would be in cumulative updates which includes all previous updates rolled up into one. So most of those KB updates have been superseded by the convienence rollup and the latest CU's. Even did the same to .NET updates and rolled them into CU that is released occasionally.
  20. Goodmaneuver

    How you really browse the web on 98/ME in 2019

    The new ones are VP9 the old ones were VP8 now the old desktop ones are AVC. It would be a big job to convert them all to VP9 but perhaps this may happen. This will be my last post for several days.
  21. deomsh

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    @Dave-H: my congratulations with your HDA sound, you deserve it. Regarding sound quality: did you try Mytimer=1 in HDACFG.INI, so without HDARUN?
  22. I'm not at the same place as my 2000 installation, but yes IE 6 and DX 9 do install, but if you look at the about box of IE 6 it reports as version 5 (but with the IE6 logo), and dxdiag reports the DX version number as 7, even though DX9 files are present.
  23. tomasz86

    Unofficial SP 5.2 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (WIP)

    Could you provide more details on the exact problem? Do you end up with IE 5 and DirectX 7 installed instead of the newer versions? Could you post screen shots? I have personally not experienced such a problem. In my new, fresh installation of Windows 2000 using the FullPack I have both IE 6 and DirectX 9 installed correctly. I have conducted a fresh installation using the FullPack and can confirm that the .NET programs indeed do not work correctly. I am guessing that it is HFSLIP unable to correctly integrate the .NET addons. I will try to do more testing and see if the issue is fixable, either in HFSLIP2000 or the .NET addon packages themselves.
  24. I have 5 mail accounts ( 3 hotmail ,yahoo, gmail ) I am member in 2 discussion forums, 4 international newspapers, avast forum, malwarebytes forum, progrock archives and legrove. I have never ever encountered any of the inconveniences you have mentioned. Cheers
  25. Dave-H

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    I just tried with the new version of Hdaicout.hda, and - IT WORKS!! Thank you so much, I now have sound! It's a little bit distorted, but not badly so, and there is no control of course, but at last it's there. Presumably I can alter the volume by adding the appropriate entry in HDAcfg.ini. Here are the two files you asked for if you need to do more analysis. HDAICIN.TXT HDALOG.TXT The "HDA Sound" entry in the Multimedia control panel item is still sometimes missing, with a blank entry instead, but even when it's blank the sound still works. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  26. Those two videos don't work for me as well, but they actually don't work in Opera 12.18 on Windows XP either! The HTML5 test sites say that the browser doesn't support H.264/MP4, which is strange because that's what I thought new videos were, and they work but older ones don't!
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