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  3. Well it would be fairly pretentious to drop 7 from a project that's a distant relative of ESR 52.9, but alas they did just that with XP and Vista sooooo... But Pale Moon seems fairly reluctant to drop 7. There were forum responses about it in the past. A rather beat-around-the-bush way of saying no, there's no real incentive to do so as long as it doesn't halt development or some such. Kind of hypocritical but annnywhooo. On the bright side, profile data across the originals and RoyTam1 variants are shared. So switching between them can be done in seconds in any event. Btw. Could you maybe share the RT1 installer script you mentioned earlier? I had one in the past but it didn't work quite right. Thinking about that actually kinda p***ed me off, so I just switched out Interlink for MailNews and PM (which is only a backup browser for me anymore) with NM Still a consolidated installer would be epic.
  4. I know it doesn't help a lot with driver support, but it's the only thing that currently exists that extends Vista's driver support.
  5. Yeah the update servers have been back again, but who knows for how long.
  6. Yes. And thanks, that looks less depressing, so I can just get rid of PendingFileRenameOperations registry value and run the BAT in WinPE. Among other things, I noticed entries that are supposed to delete Program Files and System32 directories. I tested the functionality behind the registry setting some time back myself and indeed the folder has to be emptied first in order for it be removed anyway. BTW, you left those two... DEL "C:\Program Files\AVG\Antivirus" DEL "C:\Program Files\AVG" ...in there. That doesn't really make sense, right, deleting all files (and only files) in those folders? Probably just another glitch in AVG I suppose. Like with original entries in the files I uploaded dealing with System32 and Program Files folders, which would be a no-operation since those folders wouldn't be empty. That's some messed up auto-update...who knows if AVG will magically work again after this.
  7. Personally, I just use the Roytam1 programs, always. Even though W7 is supported now, in the future it might not be, so I just started using them there as well to sort of "future proof". Since the Roytam programs always work, it just simplified inventory for me since it's the same program on all operating systems, back through W2K, whereas the others are not, and my installer solution works quite nicely with all of them.
  8. Yeah, Outlook is great but it has some weaknesses. In particular, it's pretty bad at actually doing email. Message quoting is something that is basically broken in Outlook. You can't use HTML email at all, it must be plain text, and even then it has massive issues. Numerous people have complained about terrible message formatting when sent this way. No issues in MailNews. Here's an example from O2K7: https://w2k.phreaknet.org/o2k7/ I use Outlook for calendar and contacts, sometimes reading, almost never for composing or replying to email, unless it's the Exchange account which I use mostly for calendaring/contacts these days and "read only" email. TB/derivatives have turned out to be much better at supporting the email standards, so MailNews just works better. Initially it was annoying to have both open all the time, but I've kind of gotten used to it; sometimes I'll close Outlook after the workday is over and there's nothing left on my calendar for the day. On the other hand, Outlook obviously does Exchange, which TB doesn't. Effectively, both programs are required so I've just made peace with that. Yup, exactly! I tried TB itself out and had some bad experiences with it, though that might have been XP + TB and not TB itself. But it sort of went the way that FF did, so MailNews has been much nicer. At one point on this site I think I found an unofficial installer script for the Roytam programs. Problem was it didn't quite work right, since it assumed UAC would always be disabled and only admin users would ever use it, plus it didn't work cross-NT platforms. I added some patches so it works as a proper installer now - works from W2K through W10, and installs programs for all users (technically portably still, but in the Program Files directory) and adds desktop and start menu shortcuts in the appropriate places. Just used it to put New Moon on W2K. If the program is already installed, the installer just overwrites the files, so if the batch script were a startup script via GPO, the roytam programs would all get updated automatically on reboot. I haven't done this, though; I just manually update once in a while. In the future I think it would be nice to mirror the repository locally so if I did this update mechanism it would pull locally, not over the Internet.
  9. It's made by Roytam1, it's listed on their website. http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/2020/08/weekly-browser-binaries-20200801.html Ctrl + F and just search MailNews, grab the latest binary from the list. But if you're not using XP or have Vista kernel patched, you may as well grab the unmodified version from BinaryOutcast. https://binaryoutcast.com/projects/interlink/
  10. I can't find much about MailNews when searching for it, could you give me a link for it?
  11. That's pretty ironic, given Microsoft's reputation for being the 'enterprise' solution. It was used in my prior workplace too. I have very little experience with Exchange though. Thunderbird is pretty powerful, shame Mozilla doesn't invest further into it. Really enjoying Interlink/MailNews though. The UI feels like Thunderbird 3.1, but with all the creature comforts found in newer versions.
  12. I can confirm vista is updating fine at the moment. I have just installed and updated ultimate. I don't know if Robsterr tried running the 4 so called speedup updates. That might do it.
  13. Oh, that was it! Then there's Chromium for W2K, which is version 54, and still has SSL issues so it doesn't seem to work. I was doing some testing earlier in W2K. Apparently, with Firefox 52.9, it seems to think (or maybe it really does). As a webmaster, it came to my attention recently that apparently phasing out TLS 1/1.1 is a thing. I wanted to look into whether that might be problematic for W2K/XP. Based on my testing, it seems now. Could be for 9x but I don't care too much about that. So it looks like requirements for TLS 1.2 should be OK, unless I've missed something. Actually, I don't theme my New Moon at all, I just use it as is. I'm kind of a vanilla guy, I use KernelEx on W2K but I usually like things themed the default way. I use Microsoft Exchange for my calendars, but I have a calendar feed subscription on those published so they are read only in MailNews. Ironically Outlook doesn't support multiple calendars in the righthand pane natively but TB/derivatives do, which is a laugh. When I need to edit stuff in my calendar I'll open up Outlook 2010 on W7+ for that. Can't remember quite where it came from, I think it was from reddit which I don't usually use, but it showed up in a search result. I saved it in a folder called "IE8_aero" so maybe look for that? I honestly did it more to see what it was like in Windows 10; I haven't gotten rid of but I rarely use that Firefox so that's mainly why. I was having some issues with a few sites in Iron 70 which is why I looked into FF, but then those sites started behaving again, so I forgot about it. Main reason being is that New Moon, Firefox, etc. all use more memory than Iron. Iron seems to use the least memory, except maybe Internet Explorer in certain scenarios.
  14. This only shows us how to get a specific few drivers working, not Nvidia, AMD, or other major drivers
  15. I'm not sure where it's developed, but the source code is publicly released on their website. And the developer is very receptive to inquiries and feature suggestions/fixes. It's close to vanilla, just with some design cues from older Chrome. And Skia fonts have been modded to look more like pre-DirectWrite. A user recently helped port it to Linux too, using the public source code. So no, I wouldn't call it sketchy. Maybe you're thinking of that fishy 360Extreme crap? New Moon / Pale Moon does have some amazing themes, so I'll tip my hat there yeah. Agreed, MailNews (forked from Interlink) is pretty great. Even has bidirectional Google Calendar support. Very interested in this IE8 CSS theme though. I modded Aris' script to look a bit like IE7 and Firefox 3.6.
  16. It seems to be up once again, but for how long though? Might be the best moment to reverse engineer this s*** while it's still alive, and mirror updates that haven't been archived yet in any form.
  17. Not perfect, but these replicate the design of Chromium 48 somewhat with Firefox/Waterfox https://www.reddit.com/r/waterfox/comments/bn75ow/userchromecss_themes_for_waterfoxfirefox/
  18. I actually played with that a few times, I found one userChrome that made FF look like IE8. I'm not a fan of the modern Firefoxes much myself though. I use New Moon on Windows 2000 and sometimes on W7 as well. Iron 70 and W7+. Once in a blue moon I get a notification in Iron 70 my browser is outdated, but I've never had functionality issues. More up to date than IE11 probably so I figured not much harm done there. Isn't Advanced Chrome that sketchy program from China? I'm not set on one browser necessarily, but I prefer the original Chrome/Iron when using a Chromium browser, not really interested in a different fork. Also, just wanted to throw out MailNews works fine even in W2K, so it should work in Vista even without the new extended kernel, considering it works natively in XP.
  19. I partially agree. But you can't stick with an old browser indefinitely. IMO either find something you can tweak to your liking, or find a specialty fork of Chromium that has better defaults. I haven't used official Chrome with the blue and green logo in years. Advanced Chrome has great tab styling, similar to pre 70.x. But it's based on 74 and 84 rn. Plus x86, so that leaves Vista kernel out for the moment. Maybe look into userChrome styling with Firefox? Just my two cents
  20. I second this. Just grab the community Winapp2.ini for ccleaner/bleachbit, and that will greatly increase the application detection in older clients. Modern CCleaner is quite literally spyware.
  21. Should be OS-agnostic, or to be eexact, for OS supporting Windows Update v6 and up
  22. This is most excellent! Even on Windows 10 systems, as well as Windows 7, I use Iron (fork of Chrome) 70. They removed the old UI option after that, so I refuse to use anything Chromium newer than 70. It's a year or two old now but most things still work fine.
  23. Is that link only for XP or does the same version work on Vista?
  24. You mean that each of the two files is a copy/paste from Regedit of a single “PendingFileRenameOperations” REG_MULTI_SZ value? It isn't however IMHO that bad. The copy paste seemingly creates: 1) an empty line (line feed+carriage return) in case of deletion 2) a line starting with "!" in case of rename This allows importing to (say) Excel and re-order/deduplicate lines. The "queer" thing seems that AVG for whatever stupid reason creates a "delete line" for directories just before the delete line for a file (which accounts for a lot of entries and that cannot possibly work). A quick test seems to me like producing some 2000 lines (as opposed to the more than 32000 given by appending the second file to the first), that could still be "too much" to import via reg.exe or regedit (let alone Copy/paste). Since the DEL command only deletes files (and not directories) it is safe to use it on a batch, it will throw an error but won't make damage, and the batch comes out as 634 lines. If I were you I would make a batch and run it, possibly from a PE/Another booted OS. Attached is what I came out with. jaclaz delfiles.txt
  25. Windows Update v6 not dead https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MzNoy_hUv3gIcm35JkoQTlKbUSTNrh2S/view?usp=sharing Maybe it was a little maintenance, thinking that Microsoft did the same as Windows Update v3.1 and v4 in this month but in 2011. Sorry i'm fixed permissions
  26. Thanks! I didn't realise that WUMT would work from a local file. I always assumed that it had to have a live connection to the update servers.
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